Is Cam Newton Responsible For The Action Of His Father?

It's not looking good for Auburn's quarterback Cam Newton's Heisman Chances...The Auburn quarterback is facing allegations that he and his family sought money for him to play at Mississippi State and that he cheated on his school work while a student at Florida...Now my husband is the football fan in the family and he in agreement with this husband is crying foul and claim Cam is the victim here....If he is, he might turn out to be a "victim'' of his father, of what Cecil might have done to get his son into Auburn.....I don't know about that....but if the report is look like Cam father Cecil Newton did receive some kinda of financial help....Cecil Newton 50  is a bishop who oversees five small Pentecostal churches in Georgia, including the church in the picture where he's also pastor, and another in Savannah, which is led by his sister-in-law, Gail Norwood.

The church has been in the news in Coweta County, Ga., often in the past year. According to stories in The Times-Herald newspaper, Cecil Newton's church was in danger of being demolished by order of the Newnan City Council in 2009 for failing to meet the city's building code. One story said Cecil Newton told the council last September the building would be brought to code "inside of six months." After numerous delays, extensions and compromises from the council, renovation work began last spring and The Times-Herald reported last week that the church is in compliance with Newnan's building requirements.
It sounds like his father got some cash from somewhere....the bishop couldn't get the building up to code then all of a sudden he has the funds to do it.  


  1. I don't know why parents do this it is always going to get outed. I don't think he is responsible for his fathers sins but he benefited from them in a way. His father was given money and he was sent to that specific team in exchange. He was old enough to tell his father no unless he didn't know and the father suggested he join that team but I doubt if he was in the dark on what was going on.

  2. I live here in Alabama where college football is a religion(no pun intended). People in this state live and breathe college football and I'm no exception. I disagree with your husband though. Cam is no victim in this nor is anyone trying to "bring down a black quarterback". My dad and I argue about that last one all the time! I've been following this story since the summer and anyone who halfway follows college football knows that this kid didn't just choose Auburn 10 days before signing day.....without knowing any of the coaches, without his father-who controlled his recruitment stepping foot on that campus. The way that it's being reported here and will probably hit the news next week is that Mr. Newton or someone close to him went to Victoryland (a local casino) and was allowed to hit jackpot after jackpot by the owner, a man by the name of Milton McGregor. That's supposedly how the money was being funneled to his church in time to make sure it wasn't condemned. This story is about to get so ugly that it will almost be impossible to say that Cam didn't know. There are rumors that the Mississppi State coach saved an audio tape of Cam calling to tell him that he wanted to go to MSU but his dad is making him go to Auburn because the money is too much. As an Alabama fan, I HATE AUBURN, but I like Cam. Unfortunately, his father has destroyed the one thing he will have after his football days are gone.....his name!

    I'm not surprised by any of this. We are living in a season where God is tired of people using him as a platform.So the truth HAS to come out! I wonder if it ever occured to "Bishop" Newton that maybe God was testing his faith. Maybe God was trying to see how he would respond if he lost that church. Maybe if he would have handled it the right way, God would have given him a BIGGER church. But there lies the problem. Many people get so caught up into the "church" that they forget about the true owner of the church.

  3. @Anonymous I agree Cam's father may have hurt him with his action.

    @Mod, thanks for the comment and information...My husband and I are both from Dothan Al, so we know how the people are in Alabama about husband and I are chit-chat-in now about the comment you have posted about Milton McGregor...we haven't heard about that one.

  4. Milton McGregor owns a casino (bingo hall) and dog track here in the state. He gives a million dollars a year to Auburn. Currently he is under indictment for trying to bribe politicians to vote YES for legalized gambling.The reason this story about Cam Newton came out now is because the FBI heard about it while listening to wiretapped converstions. That's how this thing blew up so quickly! If you get a chance, google Milton McGregor and Cam Newton and the stories should come up!

  5. Now Ms Ann, you know your're one of my favorite bloggers, and you have the best Christian blog, and we've shared a few struggles, so I think I can say, watch your step. :-)

    We don't know what money, or how much money it took to repair "the" church. Consequently, the following has the hint of gossip.

    "It sounds like his father got some cash from somewhere....the bishop couldn't get the building up to code then all of a sudden he has the funds to do it"

    However, if the allegations are true, the crime rests in the fact that they got caught. I mean, college football is business... BIG BUSINESS, and I don't think I'd be too far out on the limb if I said most major colleges has some form of play for pay.

    Listen, when a college considers the fact that 19 million dollar's is given to an automatic BCS bowl qualifier, money is the name of the game. It's not about football, degrees, nor morals, it's about packed 60,000 seat stadiums and TV contracts. And that smells like money. So I would venture to say Cam's father could also be a victim, in that, money was probably throw at him from various sources. And when I think about it, they didn't commit a sin, they supposedly broke a college rule, in which btw, is presently under discussion for major changes, some of which, would allow athelets to be paid.

    So, is he a villian? I'd say absolutely not.

    If the allegations are true, is he the only father that sent his son to the highest bidder? Nope, no way. Considering all college sports, in particular basketball and foorball, he is probably one of hundreds... in this year alone.

  6. I'm going to pose this question to the previous comment. What if a white high school coach was shopping his black football player for money? Jesse Lackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of the usual suspects and for that matter, most people in the black community would be saying this is a modern day slave trade.
    The money that these colleges make is well documented. But as someone who has followed this case, nobody twisted Mr.Newton's arm and made him ask for money. Even if they did, he knew it was wrong and could possibly jeopordize his son's season. Are we suppose to ignore that? At what point do we began to hold our own accountable for wrongdoing. There are thousands of executives who bleed the books and illegally take money from their banks. But does that mean it's ok for me to commit a bank robbery?
    No,this may not be a sin but what does that have to do with the rules of the NCAA?
    Just curious!


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