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Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Girls Rock: Loved It!

I watch Black Girls Rock last night with my daughter and loved it...after having experience so much frustration over the present day images of young black women... this event was a breath of fresh air.....the over "sexualzation" of today's young black women have become a marketplace gold mine....lets not forget the effects it's having on the minds of today's youth...God created women to be "help mates" and nurturers and not a doll object.
I just read that the "Black Girls Rock" awards have never been televised before...so for the first time ever,last night  BET hosted the event.... the event honored a select group of exceptional women, for making a difference in their career and in their community.
BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc., was founded by celebrity DJ and former model, Beverly Bonds. Starting out as just a simple vision of a place where young women and girls could go and develop into self-assured and confident adults, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc., is a nonprofit organization focusing the total empowerment of women everywhere. Mentors provide young women with encouragement and tools to changing their outlook on life, broadening their perspective, and believe in themselves.Check this young lady blog!!
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