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A Shelter Require Homeless Women To Attend Megachurch And Tithe!!

Reader this is a doggone shame, a homeless woman says a shelter required her to attend Church of the Highlands, even though a church where she was a member was about a block away.
A women's shelter in Birmingham requires all residents to board a
van and attended worship services at the Woodlawn branch of the Church of the Highlands each Sunday. They're not given the option to attend any other church. They're also required to tithe every week, despite being homeless.


The Water Proof Bible.

The floating Bible is published by Bardin & Marsee....and it's being advertise as an old school book...the kind with pages that must be turned manually....The Water Proof Bible! is suitable for missionaries preaching in the rain, soldiers on foreign battlefields, pastors baptizing new Christians and duck hunters....The Waterproof Bible's pages are impermeable....but verses can be underlined with a ballpoint pen or marked with a dry ink highlighter....It’s durable and in case of a flood it  floats...Nov. 1, it will be available in all the popular translations: English Standard Version, New Living Translation, King James Version and New International Version.
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  1. This a a great idea. When we've ministered to the street homeless, the one thing I notice is that most have with them their Bible and family pictures in the backpacks. Those are usually they only belongings they have of value and when they are destroyed by the elements, they are very hurt over the loss.

  2. LoL... I have never seen anything as creepy as these dolls. They aren't cute and they don't remind me of a real baby.

    Just strange.


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