Training In How To Be A Church Snob!

What's a Church Hospitality Expert? now I’ve never been a member of a church that had a huge or large staff....usually in the smaller churches were I come from....people carry out multiple jobs, with varying degrees of effectiveness with a heart to, when I saw  this unique  flier on-line advertising a conference for EXCELLENCE in ministry workers I was some what surprise:

   ""fine tune the skill set of those that serve "YOU" as Armor Bearers,Ushers/Greeters,Security,Parking and Administrator"" 

    Bishop Lester Love who's a well known and never heard of him res pected pastor....will be teaching a workshop on the subject of Armor Bearing....I will admit I didn't know folks were been train in how to serve God tell me men are actually  train in how to wipe the brow of the “man of God” when he sweats? or the proper way to  take his jacket on and off? how to carry his bible, take away his bible or other books when he's done with them? running to get things he left, picking up things he drop etc....COME ON!! if we are true servants of God we don't need to be train in how to serve HIM...God uses people that are devoted to Him no matter how much they know!


  1. Foo-lish-NESSS!!!! This kinda mess is why church folk around the country know church structure like the back of their hands but can't rightly divide the Word or recognize false teaching even if the preacher started by saying "What I'm about to tell you aint no where in the Bible."

  2. Wow, that's incredible! Wipe the pastor's brow, etc.? Training professional valets for the pastor? That IS foolishness.

    Now, a church hospitality expert (like an usher)? Well, I think that is a good thing.

    You wouldn't BELIEVE how many people in churches that we visit (my husband and I travel a lot and if we are on the road on Sunday, we make time to go to church someplace), have NO IDEA what to DO with a visitor.

    We are not always handed a bulletin (they are on a table, but we don't know that), or shown where the Sanctuary is, or where the Sunday School rooms are, or where the rest rooms are or where we can hang our coats, etc. We are left standing there, looking stupid, to fend for ourselves.

    When this happens, you feel awkward and like nobody cares if you are there or not. Church people obviously need training in this area. Hospitality is important, not just at home, but at church.

  3. I'll continue. The ONLY church we were ever visiting that took care of us as visitors was St. Mark's Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Yes, it was a Black church. That was the church we happened to be driving by at 11 a.m. while we were visiting in Little Rock, Ark., so that is where we went. We usually pick churches at random to visit when we are on a trip, as long as they are of Bible-believing denominations/fellowships.

    Anyway, they had six usherettes, all wearing white suits and shoes and gloves (I mean, you KNEW who the usherettes were; they looked proper; you knew who to go to for help). They sat us, gave us bulletins, gave us a visitor packet with a CD of the pastor's sermon and a tract and a visitor's card to fill out. They told us where everything was. They showed us what to do during the service. We weren't left to sit there looking and feeling stupid. After service, everybody in the church greeted us and welcomed us. We were not ignored.

    The sermon was great, very Bible-oriented, and had an altar call.

    I wrote them a letter after we got home thanking them. Maybe this church, or at least the usherettes, took this course on church hospitality you mentioned???? If so, it was worth it.

    The little country churches that we have pastored over the last 12 years have good ushers (men), thank Goodness, but St. Mark's Baptist in Little Rock was top notch!

  4. Maybe this explains the scripture, depart from me i know you not for you were workers of iniquity

  5. Few churches have a real hospitality ministry. Biblical hospitality is meeting the needs (acts of love) of the saints and the unbelievers. For most ministries their form of hospitality means pandering and slaving to the pulpit. There are a few churches in my town who follows a certain Texas bragger (can't call him a preacher, since he only talks about all his possessions). These folks are robots (cults), where people run around driving everyone crazy for mandatory Fiji water, bling microphones and a bunch of other nonsense (but they won't spare a dime for the homeless or hungry), and that is what they call hospitality. These folks have missed the mark by more than a mile.

  6. This may be off the subject a bit.
    (I wont be mad if you delete this Ann)

    If your ABLE body pastor can't(or wont) carry his own Bible to preach the word. It's time to leave.


  7. If people would pick up the Bible and actually read they would find out exactly how to serve God. But as long as people are caught up in these fake churches they will be a servant to the men that lead them instead of a servant to God.

    The Apostles taught that they were just like other men and they were not to be worshiped only Christ had that right.

  8. Hey! I think we're listing this event on our site! LOL

    I had this discussion just yesterday. There are many, many, many, many, and MANY churches that can stand to use help in the hospitality department. I wouldn't agree with certain themes that were discussed earlier in this post, but I get tired of calling churches for basic information and SOME of the receptionists or greeters act as if I am bothering them. I thought they were there to offer help and assistance to those who are calling for help?

    This isn't the first, and rest assured it will not be the last of these types of gatherings. I do hope that the churches who attend can use the information to give great service to the people who attend the churches, whether they are visitors or members.

  9. This elaborate training. I do agree with Mary R that hospitality is important especially for visitors. Monica and I are ushers at our church and our dutied include greeting and informing as well as before, during and after service duties. It's important to make everything run well so I suppose if there are mega worshippers there's a need for this grand scale training?


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