There's Yoke Breaking Power In The Whoop!

"I love it"  In my opinion, whooping is a large part of our own African American heritage....and it shouldn't be put down by CNN those who don't understanding it....there's yoke breaking power in the's heard mostly in our Baptist and Pentecostal which the elites among us have abandon for the hold up your bible type of church.

If whooping wasn’t a part of your faith tradition then of course you can't/don't  understand it....I'm one of the few black folks left who have mad respect for the power of the whoop....and if you're a pastor who's gifted in whooping like Pastor E.Dewey Smith is....then that's what you use what God have gifted you with to incite,move,prompt,propel motivate His people....if Pastor Smith can explain the message of a particular biblical text with whooping then what's the problem? if Pastor Smith is whooping about Jesus is the wheel in the middle of a wheel....I know what he's talking  about our lives are just a big, old wheel spinning, and Jesus is the hub in the middle of the wheel.....we might not be able to see him or touch his face, but we know HE'S always there...HE'S our ever-present  help in time of need....HE'S our hope and rock in times of doubt.....when  visiting family and friends in the Atlanta area...Greater Travelers Rest is our church of choice...I agree 100% with the following statement:
""More black megachurch pastors are classifying themselves as "teaching" or "word" ministers. Their sermons resemble lectures, complete with studious congregations taking notes...Smith, the Atlanta pastor, says some of the discomfort blacks have with whooping springs from "self-hate." They're ashamed of an authentic expression of black culture.He cited E. Franklin Frazier, the black sociologist who wrote "The Black Bourgeoisie." "Frazier wrote that the higher we climb on that social and economic ladder, the less intense and heartfelt our worship becomes," Smith says.""
Don't get it wrong some of the greatest preachers do not whoop, but then again some great preachers of today and yesterday do whoop....It is a part of our heritage that have been a effective tool for the preaching of the gospel.


  1. i definitely agree...whooping is a large part of our culture and heritage, and honestly a cultural thing period! i live in a very diverse community (i mean VERY diverse) and the latino population here simply whoop over everything it, the parades, the birth of a child, and it is embraced among their culture, something we need not be ashamed of.

    sometimes the joy we get from worship causes words to be a whoop is a great thing!

    i also love the fact that you clarified, some great preachers don't whoop and some do. i believe in our society there's nothing wrong with preachers "teaching" moreso than "preaching" because honestly, i believe that is where this world has led people in general to come to not only listen to, but to actually need. teaching that is something that we need in our churches because so many of us arent being given the tools we need to make it in this world, we are in desperate need of being taught, not preached to. however, i must admit, when God gets hold of even the most stoic of TRUE Godly preachers, even they jump up and down...and whoop!

  2. Not long ago, BBC did what I believe is a more accurate story of singing the word:

    Many Christians seem to have forgotten that our worship is unto God, and not man. Almost every other religion sings their words to God. The Bible encourages us to sing unto Him. Psalms are songs. I'm going to continue to sing songs of delivers. It worked for the children of Israel enslaved in Egypt and it worked for Africans enslaved in America.

  3. why do african americans emphasisize the fact that they are african american so much? why does it have to be called the black church? why can't it just be called the church? isn't that is what you would call elitist? thinking yourself superior to others and their cultures just because of the color of your skin? or some other shallow meaningless thing? i just don't understand why it is okay for african americans to express such open mouthed racism especially in the church...if it is wrong for the white people to be racist which it is than it is also wrong for the african americans to be racist, right?

  4. First let me say I don't have a problem with whooping. Those who can, do...smiling. But sometimes a pastor will whoop and not be saying anything at all. The pastor whoops, the church can; & in my opinion most of the time, get caught up in the emotion of the moment only to leave the same way we came. Face it, most of our homes do not have "family & secret devotion." Most folks do not pick up their bibles and study their word on a daily basis or spend private time with G-d. So Sunday becomes that time to learn of Him and be in His presence. How much are you learning if the pastor is whooping and you have no idea what he is speaking of? I guess what I'm saying is, there's a time to whoop and a time not to whoop. A wise pastor knows his audience and can discern such. Yes, my bishop whoops, and not one does it better! First Church of God, Bishop Timothy Clarke; making ready a people prepared for the L-rd. - Diamond Emory, Columbus Ohio

  5. "it's heard mostly in our Baptist and Pentecostal which the elites among us have abandon for the hold up your bible type of church."

    and the elites among us would be whom?

  6. Some like gospel and some like quiet hymns. It's all good, whooping included. I don't think it says anything about your loyalty to your culture one way or the other.

  7. I really enjoyed this post! Many times megachurches quote that "this is not your Grandmother's church." We have become so progressive that basic church order and reverence has been lost.

  8. I really enjoyed this post! Many times megachurches quote that "this is not your Grandmother's church." We have become so progressive that basic church order and reverence has been lost.

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