Gone Are The Days When A Youth Day Service Was A Worship Service.

Today was Kingdom Business Youth Sunday at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church....I just read that  Bishop Long had a hip hop concert for the Sunday morning  8 o’clock service....Rumors are when the 8 a.m. service began, all the lights went dim, then hip hop gospel singer Canton Jones took to the stage pulpit with AKA Young Dirty young Edward Long on key board...There's rumors that it's no surprise that New Birth had the concert there because it caters to the “young folks” and Bishop Long believes in the hip hop gospel movement.

 Gone are the days when a youth day service was a  worship service designed for and by the youth of the church.....I remember growing up were the youth day service were used to encouraged youth creativity....Youth day was a way to offer the youths the opportunities to use their crafts and gifts in serious leadership roles with in the church and community.


  1. Mixing Christianity with secular life is not Christianity.

    This is what is wrong with the youth. They are taught you can blend the world with the gospel and still be a Christian. Jesus would not allow for "hip hop concerts" to be going on in church. It is the same as money changers. Things that have nothing to do with God. People need to stop being lukewarm Christians because Jesus says he will not have anything to do with them.

    Church show not be a place of entertainment but a place of learning about God and how he wants you to live life.

  2. Many churches are trying to teach secular success instead of sanctification, surrender and service to God. Most young (and old) folks now have no Godly foundation so inevitably their "success" is not rooted and ground in soul prosperity and will not stand.

  3. You can call it church you cannot called it christian (after christ). It is like when someone wants you taste a food you would not otherwise eat by telling you "it taste just like chicken". Maybe so, but I just do not want to taste rattlesnake meat.

  4. Well I am a young person and my spirit never took to seeing alot of gospel rap and gospel reggae with secular beats. If I hear a familiar beat whether it is a gospel song or not, I will always be having the original secular song in my head! Rap songs make me want to dance and not in a Christian way! They need to go back to worship, not have fun. Church is about worship, giving God thanks!


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