The Hip Hop Generation And Their False gods!

Someone email me this comment in a reply  to a post I did in 2008   "I am a 30 year old Christian and a  proud member of Freemasonry.... Freemasonry is a FRATERNITY, not a religion! You do have to believe in God to join, but you can be Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim....We do not discriminate against any religion... We do not discriminate against race.... Freemasonry is not for men of low moral character.... Freemasonry makes good men better through fellowship with other good men.... That is what we are about."

Wow! This  young Christian have not done his homework...."The Christian  God is a jealous God.... He hates the worship of  all false gods.....When the  people of  God were about to enter the promised land, God gave them specific instructions".(Exodus 34:11-16).

Now I don't know  if this  young Christian understand that any time you  gather around a strange altar...The altar of Freemasonry, to worship and offer a prayer in a Lodge to the Great Architect of the Universe GAOTU...You are not  praying to the God of the Bible...Any time we  Christians  make a treaty with  people who worship other god's, namely the ones he had mention....That's nothing but  false religions....Freemasonry disagrees with the teaching of the Bible and claims that they are praying to the same God that Christians worship.... That fact alone demonstrates that Freemasonry does not know the God of the Bible... Why does it have to be a secret to make you become a great man, sounds like something very satanic and deceitful to me? Christ hides nothing, the Gift of God is free, not a secret, oath,  etc....


  1. with freemasonary, does Eastern star belong in this catagory too? i remember my mother saying she was an Eastern Star. and my father was a mason. i did research and this does sound like a satanic cult. i now see why my mother and father's relation ship was doomed. he was married and she was one of his jumpoffs,which produced cursed offspring. i truly believe this. my mother revealed the sect's password while she was drinking and told me not to say it anywhere,and when i did, she looked so scared as if someone or something was going to come after her.this is nothing but a cult to me,that has nothing to do with THE MOST HIGH.

  2. @bococalady thanks for your comment....The Eastern Star is the sister organization of the Freemasons.

  3. ok thanks jj. i know alot of black people from the south back in the 50s and 60s in my neighborhood in brooklyn use to talk alot about being a mason or an eastern star.

  4. You know...I was going to ask email you and ask you about your thoughts on this subject, you beat me to the punch though. Thanks for posting =]

  5. Hey JJ,
    The debates on Masonry have been going on forever. It's not Secret it private. Any Man can join over 18 providing he be of high character and believe in a supreme being. The Elks, Moose, Eagles, Kiwanis, Rotary all have ritual and take oaths. That does not make them anti Christian or Satanic. It also does not mean that they are good. Christians should follow whatever the Lord counsels them to do. Masonry and Fraternal membership is not for everyone. If you feel something is in conflict with your Christian life then stay away from it. Funny how the Masons ask on the Application does your Family or Church have a problem with Masonry? If it does you can not join.

  6. Here is an OPINION on why a man cannot be a Freemason and a true Christian at the same time.

    The legend of Hiram abiff, the Tyrian Widow's Son who Sent To King a ritual acted out in the lodge.

    Look at what Freemasons say about the ritual at this link:

    Now, look at what Christians believe to be the truth of the matter at this link:

    You weigh each opinion for yourself then decide on whether a true Christian can be a Freemason.

  7. You know...I was going to ask email you and ask you about your thoughts on this subject, you beat me to the punch though. Thanks for posting =]


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