What' Wrong With Tyler Perry Sharing His Faith?

Other  directors in Hollywood make movies about things they know about and love all the time....We support them without saying one word....They feed us nothing but silliness,foolishness and  nonsense all the day long we eat it up and  never say a word about it....If you can't relate to Tyler's movies it’s  ok....Every thing ain't for everybody....His movies are not design for everyone.... What’s wrong with Tyler Perry  sharing his faith and religion in his movies and shows? Tyler movies and shows deal with  a subject matter that is close to his heart which  just happen to be Jesus Christ Christianity.

Now the  episode of The  Boondocks in which  a number of  blogs  are calling hilarious, smart and even brilliant satire is nothing but a form of  disrespect and hate...I believe McGruder went way  to far in  attacking Tyler Perry  the person... McGruder  could have attack Tyler work and left off all the personally attacks...It was cruel and mean spirited and I think very unnecessary!   I actually like Tyler Perry movies and shows....The fact  that I'm  a Christian I can understanding  why  Tyler  makes  the  movies and plays he does about faith....I can  also understand why  un-educated Jesus loving folks like myself    flock to his films...(1) We don't have to subjected  the Christ who lives in us to cursing ( 2)We don't have to subjected  the Christ who lives in us to  nudity (3) We don't have to subjected  the Christ who lives in us  to violence...If you have the heart of Christ  in you like I believe Perry does.... It should show in your work also...I admire and applaud  Tyler for not subjecting  God's  people to the filth of Hollywood.....And I pray that he continue to fill that  void that's missing in Hollywood today....God is Love!(“In all thy ways acknowledge him”)


  1. I like Tyler Perry's work too. I prefer his movies to the sitcoms though. At the same, that episode on the Boondocks was hilarious.
    Quick question, did you get a chance to watch the episode in it entirety?

  2. @Rchelle thanks for your comment....Yes! I watch the entire episode and thought it was more of an attack than funny...I don't like his tv shows...So I don't watch them.

  3. your welcome. I remember when TP first came out with the play, those were hilarious. Love love his plays. And yes I see where your coming from regarding the attack of TP personal life and preferences.
    Love you blog btw, I'm a big time lurker

  4. I like Tyler Perry movies. I don't understand the attacks people give on his movies. I totally agree with you that he is not following in the filth that Hollyweird normally puts out and I know this is the problem. My sister and I were having a conversation about how people are rebuking anything that mentions the name of God. I haven't seen this episode yet but McGruder needs to keep his eyes on that ghetto toon he created and clean it up. I personally think all this anti Tyler Perry stuff is an attack on him personally and there is jealousy about how well he has done.

  5. I LOVE Tyler Perry's work, and I just cant understand for the life of me how can someone see the Boondocks and laugh. Its disrespectful and ignorant. But if this same episode was about THEIR child,THEIR mother, THEIR sister, or THEIR brother, these same people would be ready to fight and kill.

    Most of these people are our own who laughed and thought this show was so funny. I see how it goes, as long as "THE SHOW IS NOT ABOUT THEM" its funny. SMH

    Ive been a admirer of Tyler's work since I first say his play in 2003,Im very proud of him.

    Again I say...... its funny as long as its not US OR OUR FAMILY MEMBERS. SAD SAD SAD.


  6. If BoonDocks follows the South Park model, then anybody and anything will be in their sights for comedy. This kind of comedy sometimes is on the mark and often goes to far. But, that's this kind of comedy. Be prepared,
    I like Tyler Perry's work, especially his movies. I have grown to really like Tyler Perry TV sitcom. Never liked his plays or Meet the Browns show.

  7. I dont see where Tyler Perry shares his faith in his movies. Do people get the idea that wthouth Christ they will go to hell.

    Does his movies talk about the cross, faith, salvation, repentance.

    I actually think he does a grave diservice to the Christian faith beacuse he is not precise in his presentation of the Gospel and sin is a big joke in many of his works.

    Its can be entertaining but thats about it.

  8. @Paul thanks for stopping by...What is faith: A strong belief in a supernatural power that control human destiny.

    "God is faithful," Is one theme I see running through all Perry movies.

  9. Ann, I think you said it all. Perry does show his faith in his work without being preachy or judgey. He shows it through his characters and life situations good or bad, and how faith, though not always obvious, plays a part.

  10. I love Tyler Perry...whenever Im having a bad day I just put in one of his plays and my troubles go away!!!!


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