Most Christians Cannot Explain Their Faith! Can You?

For the most part  I can understand how/why our young people can't  explain what they believe and why...But for a pastor to not be able to explain it is a concern....According to Josh McDowell because of  pastors’ inability to present biblical truth comprehensibly and relevantly...It  has led to children from Christian families leaving the church early as 18 years of age according to research....In the United States, the age at which nearly all such children leave church has decreased to 18 years.....Not even the children of many successful ministers are spared.

McDowell made his comments at a recent networking dinner among various men’s ministries organized recently by Men-in-Covenant. MiC is the men’s ministry of Covenant Evangelical Free Church.
He recalled speaking with the pastor of one of the largest U.S. churches, a man known for his expository preaching. Confiding in him, the pastor said their church was losing its youth right after high school graduation.
In his 50 years of ministry, McDowell has asked several thousand pastors and leaders how they could be certain Jesus Christ said “I am the truth” and not one of many truths or a truth.
“Not one person has ever given me an intelligent, biblical-based answer,” said the author of The New Evidence that Demands A Verdict. Article Here!



  1. How can we expect them to explain what they do not know? Most people are familiar with a religious institution or a spiritual movement, but have no knowledge of or relationship with God.

  2. They don't seem to be interesting in developing their relationship with Jesus, but with other, more pressing worldly things. Then they expect to be able to draw the youth, as though they are Jesus. He's the only one who can draw all men to Himself, including the youth if they have HIM preached to them, and lifted before them!!!
    And the Lord watches these pastors as they travel slowly and surely along the wide road to failure.

  3. @Bluebutterfly thanks for your comment....I agree with your statement...Also, if someone cannot articulate the gospel would that not indicate that the person does not know the gospel?

    @Anna Renee thanks for your comment...This is sad because many churches today entertain youth rather than educate them.

    A whole generation of kids are growing up without having ever heard a gospel sermon.

    When you feed young people nothing but stories, anecdotes, and jokes and then throw in a couple of Scriptures, taken out of context, to make it Biblical...Then call it a sermon, you get amused and confused people.

  4. I know I've said it before, but Church is not designed for people between the ages of 12 and 24.

    Twelve and under can sing songs memorize and recite, and be happy off of making the adults around them happy. When the adults are happy, they give them presents and praise. 24 and over have some kind of testimony to relate to stuff that has happened in the Bible. They have lived some life and had some failures, and are opening to listening to some other way because their way ain't workin'.

    That middle group is dealing with discovering who they are and trying to deal with the day to day pressure of a peer dominant world. They don't want to sing a song, unless it gets them the same level of respect from their peers that a secular song gets. They haven't been through any of the stuff in the Bible, and if they have they can't make the connection between B.C., A.D., and last week.

    Pastor's need to learn to relate their messages to be practical enough for a teenager/20-something to "use". Those who can't do that usually don't understand it enough to do it. That was the age group that Jesus used for his Disciples, 'cause Jesus understood that investing in that age group paid the most dividends down the line.

  5. Every one that calls themselves Rev
    Knows that there are direct contradictions in the bible (KJV). No Black minister will talk about them in bible study. From slavery we were taught not to question.LEV 11:7-8 Deut 14:8

  6. How do you compare the old black church to the new black church, as far as serving the needs of the people?

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