Juanita Bynum Back To The Threshing Floor!

After listening to Ms Bynum new release over at Torrence blog For some reason  I don't believe God gave her this  song  for His people....What and where's  the message? I believe she needs to get back to that  threshing floor prayer room   she built a couple of years ago for her devoted followers...A  place  she said she go  to on behalf of the world...I'm  not feeling  this piece...The truth be told Ms. Bynum is more of a worshiper than an entertainer....There's something that's  missing from this song that  was very much   present in her  past music...I Truly believe the one thing  that is missing from this song is  the power anointing...I read some were that her  last 2 worship Cd's were written and produced by members of  her  FORMER record label FLOW RECORDS.... Both project were geared toward passionately worshipping God....I believe this new project is  more for  mainstream America.

"The night the song came  out of me, it poured from my soul during one of the worst seasons of my life. Being overwhelmed beyond tears, I laid my face on the counter and began to sing.... Every word, every line flowed uninterrupted as to assure me it was an expression from the souls of many around the world. This song voices the true sentiments of those who can relate to a soul’s cry-a pain that no human hands can heal and a cry that is rooted from a hurt unimaginable to the human life. The only sound I could get out of my mouth in that season was  hear my cry Oh Lord!"

I'm sorry!! I'm not feeling  "Soul Cry" (Oh, Oh, Oh)" I'm  hoping   the other songs on the CD are better. Just my opinion…..No way will  this take you "behind the Veil" nor will you be able to ask "Him To Show Me Your Face."


  1. Nothing surprises me about her anymore. I just see her as another of those apostate leaders in the church leading people towards end times delusion.

    The bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. They try so hard to prove to that their true motive is to give glory to God, but when you examine the fruits, you see nothing but selfish ambition, mainly the seeking after wealth and notoriety

  2. It appears that something is very wrong somewhere The song sounds bad, no disrespect. She seems so absent from this song, it seems so empty. But I get the feeling that she released this one first as a teaser. I would hope the rest of the songs have some of her passion in them, if not any annointing.

    Maybe it't time for Juanita to run away from the world, and back to the arms of the Lord and repent and humble herself, and remain silent until the Lord restores her.

  3. Ms. Bynum is no different than most of the so-called church today. Everybody wants to re-invent themselves, but no one want to repent. The rebellious: hearing, they don't hear; seeing, they don't see; they don't understand: they must turn to God and He will heal all broken places.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  4. @Marlon thanks for your comment...I too believe it could have been the love/lure of money and fame that cause Ms. Bynum fall...I'm a lover of worship music and I've always thought of Ms.Bynum as a true worshiper.

    @Anna Renee thanks for your comment..."She seems so absent from this song" I agree there's no passion what so ever in that song.

    @Carey thanks for your comment.
    I agree where's the love and passion that was present in her Behind the Veil text to click on

    @BLUEBUTTERFLY thanks for your comment...I agree Ms. Bynum maybe trying to re-invent her self with this new project.

  5. She is fake. She was called out years ago by a comedian who said in so many words that she is a sells woman and the church was her business and I totally agree. Any and everything she does is to make money. She is one of many fake Christians using the church as their personal business to keep their life styles. Nothing godly could come from this woman because she doesn't know God.

  6. In the old church OPEN sin (adultry, fornication, pregnancy w/o the benefit of marraige) required OPEN rebuke and OPEN repentence especially leaders! None of these church celebrities are required to adhere to this principle and why? Because there is no fear of God anymore and because they are crowd drawers which equals money. PROFIT-tess Bynum and her exhusband made a PUBIC mockery of the Kingdom. Therefore they BOTH need to publically repent. Not to satisfy man but for thr benefit of the many SOULS that have lost faith in God because of their mess! Until they do.....the blood will be on their hands!

  7. Juanita is a great woman! I watched a recent video interview (http://bit.ly/azAY8g) and found out a few other things I wasn’t aware of about her. Really looking forward to the album!

  8. I think when your focus changes your agenda changes.Sometimes we fail to see what our achiles heel is,and we fail to deal with it.It will always result in the rise and fall of what God has done through us. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees,meaning the thing that made her popular and mainstream was the unconventional,speaking in tungues,praying in the spirit on records.And this sold and made her #1.If it aint broke don't fix it.God can cause the same thing to crossover to a wider audience.

  9. I will say this with as much respect as I can. Dr. Bynum is God's property. I can remember in 1999 writing letters to her ministry where I disagreed with her teachings and wanted to prove her wrong. I just found myself 11 years later looking right into her eyes face to face. God is nothing to play with and we can judge Dr. Bynum all that we want to, but we better remember who the ultimate judge is. Yes we are to test the spirits but if she is not doing things out of order, I would watch my words spoken against her in a negative manner. God is listening to everything spoken and typed. Be Blessed


  10. It's funny how people often throw out "judge not".... "you're being judgemental", often quoting this infamous portion of scripture out of context when the entire context of the verse was never condemning judging on a whole, but hypocritical judgement. If you were to read further you'll see that it continues by telling us how we are to judge, by first removing the beam from our own eyes, if we are guilty of the same thing that we are judging another person for. It then continued by showing us how we are to judge righteous judgement in telling us that a corrupt tree cannot bring fort good fruits; hence, by their fruits we shall know them.

    Now, as for the subject of Juanita Bynum... by her fruits we have judged her and marked her as a false teacher because she does not consent to sound doctrine. And another thing, she is no more God's anointing than any other believer in Christ. The apostle John, in his epistle, says the same anointing dwells in all of us who are believers. There are no special class of God's anointing outside of Jesus Christ himself, who is the anointed one.

    People who preach the gospel are not above reproach, they are human just like you and me, and this is why we have to question what they teach; measure their teachings against the word of God. If it is found that they preach contrary to the word, the word tells us to mark them and label them a heretics. If we fail to do this then we become bind followers of blinds. Consequently, we will end up in a ditch with them.


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