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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What' Wrong With Tyler Perry Sharing His Faith?

Other  directors in Hollywood make movies about things they know about and love all the time....We support them without saying one word....They feed us nothing but silliness,foolishness and  nonsense all the day long we eat it up and  never say a word about it....If you can't relate to Tyler's movies it’s  ok....Every thing ain't for everybody....His movies are not design for everyone.... What’s wrong with Tyler Perry  sharing his faith and religion in his movies and shows? Tyler movies and shows deal with  a subject matter that is close to his heart which  just happen to be Jesus Christ Christianity.

Now the  episode of The  Boondocks in which  a number of  blogs  are calling hilarious, smart and even brilliant satire is nothing but a form of  disrespect and hate...I believe McGruder went way  to far in  attacking Tyler Perry  the person... McGruder  could have attack Tyler work and left off all the personally attacks...It was cruel and mean spirited and I think very unnecessary!   I actually like Tyler Perry movies and shows....The fact  that I'm  a Christian I can understanding  why  Tyler  makes  the  movies and plays he does about faith....I can  also understand why  un-educated Jesus loving folks like myself    flock to his films...(1) We don't have to subjected  the Christ who lives in us to cursing ( 2)We don't have to subjected  the Christ who lives in us to  nudity (3) We don't have to subjected  the Christ who lives in us  to violence...If you have the heart of Christ  in you like I believe Perry does.... It should show in your work also...I admire and applaud  Tyler for not subjecting  God's  people to the filth of Hollywood.....And I pray that he continue to fill that  void that's missing in Hollywood today....God is Love!(“In all thy ways acknowledge him”)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When Is A Church No Longer A Church?

A prominent Spring Lake church removed its cross last  Tuesday and has changed its name as part of a series of moves intended to make it more inclusive....The church was formerly known as Christ Community Church.... The Rev. Ian Lawton, the church’s pastor, said the name change and removing the cross were designed to reflect the church’s diverse members....The pastor claims The cross has become a negative symbol for a lot of people.Our community has been a really open-minded community for some years now,” he said. “We’ve had a number of Muslim people, Jewish people, Buddhists, atheists. ...We’re catching up (to) ourselves.”

A Church is a  body of Christian believers, who hold the same creed, observe the same rites, and acknowledging the same ecclesiastical authority....Now I don't know about you but for  me this does not qualify as a true church... Jesus was the center of the cross that's why  the cross has become the center of Christianity. “.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Why Can't Black America Forgive Chris Brown?

I watch the BET awards last night because of the  tribute to Prince....I also watch the tribute that young Chris Brown did in honor  of Michale Jackson.....Chris Brown has amazing talent.... His tribute was awesome and he has  natural talent.....He has always said how much he loved and adored Michael Jackson.... It's sad to see  how some people in our community...Who   can't seem to forgive him for something I believe he has paid for....The young man have  apologized, did public service and even tried to talk about domestic violence...I don't believe violence is right in any form.....Chris is only 21 years of age....If he's learned a lesson and taken responsibility for his action that's wonderful...Chris Brown can/will never be able to  change what he did....But I strongly believe he should and can receive forgiveness for his action....Especially from Black America! Satan is a thief! Unforgiveness   is one of the windows through which he enters our lives...Unforgiveness  is the single most  dangerous thing that the enemy uses against our  people.....When we have been wronged, we like to pick apart our wrongdoers.... We emphasize all the bad things about them, we twist anything that looks remotely good, and we are quick to attack  their every motive, we see them only and always in one way.

Forgiveness requires that we begin to look for the real person behind the hate we’ve created in our minds.... We need  to see that they are weak, needy, and fallible.... We need to find reasons in  our hearts to turn toward mercy instead of malice... This don't  mean we grant them victim status and excuse all their wrong....I'm saying  forgive not excuse... It mean that we begin to treat them as another participant in this messy thing called life....We are doing for them what God did for us... God could have simply seen our sin and said, “I’ve seen enough, that’s all I need to know about them.” But God looked beyond our sin and saw something worth loving.... And that’s what we’ve been called to do as well....And it is one of the deadliest thing a person can do not to be able to  forgive....And the only ones that can close that window is us.

There's no doubt about it what Chris did was wrong...But by the same token our sin offends God....But our unwillingness to  forgive others  offends Him even more....And that's what we all do when we remain stuck in that place of not letting go...God never intended such a waste of life! The way to honor God after any failure is to get back up....In which I believe young Chris Brown is trying to do.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"How can an African American person, evolve from a white person?"

 Here’s a clip from a BBC documentary “Science Friction” which aired back in 96....Why watching  the clip...I was  truly  loss for words...Not just from the incredible lack  of knowledge of  the students, but the incredible ignorance of the teacher...What kind of science teacher doesn't understand that wolves and dogs are the same species? Also, how about  the hint of subconscious racism? The white kid automatically assumes that black people “evolved” from white people we’re different skin”…implying inferiority....He didn't  say it the other way around....I guess when you have been taught that everyone in the bible is/was white, especially Jesus, despite where they were located...You get this kinda of thinking.
Do people really believe  that black people  and white people  are two different SPECIES, not races? Do people still believe the myth that  “Noah put the animals in the ark two by two, according to their kind,” as a way of arguing against interracial marriage?
What are your thoughts? Should the teacher have taken the time to explain to the young man that Africa is  believe to  be the  cradle of creation?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Most Christians Cannot Explain Their Faith! Can You?

For the most part  I can understand how/why our young people can't  explain what they believe and why...But for a pastor to not be able to explain it is a concern....According to Josh McDowell because of  pastors’ inability to present biblical truth comprehensibly and relevantly...It  has led to children from Christian families leaving the church early as 18 years of age according to research....In the United States, the age at which nearly all such children leave church has decreased to 18 years.....Not even the children of many successful ministers are spared.

McDowell made his comments at a recent networking dinner among various men’s ministries organized recently by Men-in-Covenant. MiC is the men’s ministry of Covenant Evangelical Free Church.
He recalled speaking with the pastor of one of the largest U.S. churches, a man known for his expository preaching. Confiding in him, the pastor said their church was losing its youth right after high school graduation.
In his 50 years of ministry, McDowell has asked several thousand pastors and leaders how they could be certain Jesus Christ said “I am the truth” and not one of many truths or a truth.
“Not one person has ever given me an intelligent, biblical-based answer,” said the author of The New Evidence that Demands A Verdict. Article Here!


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Black Church and Single Women!

The work of the true church has nothing to do with dating and getting folks hitched, that's not what the true church is about.... And I’m sorry that some people  feel the church is a place to find a mate....Now Ms.Deborah Cooper, who writes an  advice column  on dating issues.....Has come  up with the  idea "The Black Church" is part of the reason that many  black women are single and lonely....I don't believe for one minute The Black Church has any thing what so ever  to do with black women being single...Now  the single black young women who I teach on Sunday mornings are not lonely women....So, my question is why would any woman marry a man  who do not believe as she?....I believe  this bible verse to mean just what it says:Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness 2 Corinthians 6:14...So why would  a young  woman who's serious about her relationship with her God  marry a man who's not?....Why is it ok for  Muslims to  marry Muslims, Jews to marry Jews etc...But it's a   problem when  black women want a Black Christian man? Why can other cultures and religion marry people of like mindedness, but when it comes to black women and  the black church there's a problem....Now, Ms  Deborah uses a PEW study that  found over half of black Americans reported  that they are religious....And that it was  "very important" in their lives....She also stated  that  a number of   black Americans "interpret scripture literally," in comparison  with the general population.... She goes on to say that men are significantly less likely to consider religion to be important in their lives, meaning that they aren't going to be in the churches that black women are attending every Sunday....Again!!!The work of the true church has nothing to do with dating....I believe  The Black Church to be  a reflection of the black community...Black Men are missing from the home, church and their children lives....When will we stop blaming The Black Church for  Aids, Homosexuality,Obama and every thing else  that's  wrong in our community? Now we're  blaming  the church for young women  being lonely and single.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The StoreFront Chruch: Re Post!

You can find a storefront church in mostly any city in America but mostly in Black communities. During the era of Jim Crow Black churches were a important source of social and spiritual support for many Southern blacks. Even the poorest church was an institution that was black-led and provided a much-needed space for community participation. Black churches in the South formed separate congregations and associations after the Civil War, refusing to join white-led churches, where segregated seating arrangements and patronizingly racist sermons were the norm. During the time when thousands of blacks migrated from the rural South to seek work in cities, both in the North and the South the increased churchgoing population, was more than what some city churches could handle . Some southerns felt unwelcome at the larger black churches, which had predominantly middle- and upper-class parishioners many of whom looked down on the poorer newcomers and storefront preachers for their lack of theological training. In response the newcomers soon assembled home-based and storefront churches that resembled the churches of their hometowns. Decades later, despite increased secularism, storefront and community churches have remained strong influences in black America, offering educational and financial resources in addition to religious ministry. Today, storefront churches are still around and in a lot of neighborhoods. The storefront church is also a product of economics: many poorer neighborhoods lack the funds to build a church from scratch. Many have recently been established in Latino- and Asian-dominated neighborhoods, as well as poorer rural communities, typically serving similar functions as the storefront churches in historically black communities. These new places of worship are by no means limited to Christian denominations you have mosques and temples of faith too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Wrong With Pay Day Loans?

 Congress is  finalizes language in a  massive financial overhaul bill, in which  lawmakers will be debating whether and how to regulate payday loan stores....Some critics say that predatory lenders  take advantage of desperate people...Some say the stores offer a service that helps people get through short-term financial emergencies.Question: What's your opinion on payday loans? From what I have read about pay day lending I don't see them as being a big problem....I would like to know why congress is so interested in payday loans instead of banks overdraft  fees? An overdraft courtesy is not a courtesy but an automatic loan....Overdraft fees are highway robbery....With payday loans you know what you are getting...The real crooks  in this business is/are the banks.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Generation X Church.

It’s amazing how much the culture of the African-American church has changed in just the last 60-70 years. Today, you cannot have enough dancing and music, whereas before you were sinning for waving your hand!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Do People Who Commit Suicide Go To Hell?

Do you believe once save always save? Do you believe people who commit suicide go to hell? I'm  asking  because someone who  worked at the same  facility as my self  commit suicide last week...Now I heard a number of people repeat that old saying he's going to hell for killing himself....Because of this incident I've been given an opportunity to explain salvation to some people.

I have never seen in the Bible were it states, if you commit suicide you are going to Hell....Nor do it state that you can become unsaved.... It's not in there...How can you unbelieved a belief? I tried to explain to  my co-workers that  the Dr. could have been saved as a young man growing up....And if that was the case how could he be hell bound? Yes! I believe in once saved always saved.
The Scripture clearly states that there is only one way to get to heaven.... In John 14:6, Jesus said: "I am the way, the truth and the life....No man come unto the Father, but by me"....I believe suicide to be  a personal act were Salvation is an act in which the Father do.... If you're a person who  believe that you can lose your salvation, most likely you believe that by a suicide personal act, one could  lost their salvation.
According to Dictionary.com, suicide is defined as "the intentional taking of one's own life."

Question: What's your view on suicide? Can a saved person lose his or her salvation?

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Bible As A Self-Help Book!

I meet a young man Monday who let me know  he was a Christian but didn't care for  the Bible...He said he prefer reading other people  books...I ask him like who:Jamal Bryant, T.D.Jake's and Eddie Long...I thought about that!! You know what you can’t walk through a Christian bookstore without seeing these books along with the Bible...It's seems like the Bible have been  made into self help book.....You got  Biblical steps to weight loss, overcoming addictions, steps to business success  etc...There's Biblical  advice books for marriage, dating etc....I ask the young man  wasn't he missing the point of the Bible?Jesus is the  whole focus of the Bible....It's through Jesus that we are able to do all things....I told him that  the main story of the Bible is Jesus.... The purpose of its thousands of words is to point us to God’s final Word: JESUS CHRIST!  It's not that the Bible doesn’t have a lot of great information about living a fulfilled life.... It’s useful, Timothy says, for teaching, correcting and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16). I tired to explain to the young man that the Bible is a self-help...And other books don't have nothing on it...But  you  can't  jump into a passage, yank out a principle about  what every you think you're dealing with...Then try to apply it to that  situation the Bible was not meant to be used in  that way. 
Question: What  would be your reaction  to a young Christian  who made a statement like that?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do Black Folks Pray To Much?

Is prayer a waste of time for "Black Folks"?Is prayer our first response for all thoughts and encounters in your life? Is it just a placebo to boost morale and make us  who pray feel good? Is all prayer alike? If prayer doesn't work why do we continue to pray?
"O Lord take the lead of our minds, place them on heaven and heavenly divine things"
I believe prayer is a vital force in the in the life of Black folks... I believe God calls us to seek His presence in every thing we do... I also believe prayer do mighty things for us... I don't think it change God's intentions but it may change His action...Black folks have a strong tradition of praying  and our prayers  reflect the various elements of our community.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Text that Tithe!

Would you be interest in texting  your tithe to your church? Last year  in Finland, churches were asking the government to OK their congregations to donate money to their churches via texting...Currently, it is against the law for churches to raise money through texting, however as more people listen to services on the radio or watch on TV or from the Internet, churches are beginning to argue how crucial this form of payment is. So text now to 1-800-Tithe-01…

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creeping In The Church.

 Marital infidelity is a common occurrence in society these days....And we who have been touched by this pain no what it does to the ones who are involved and to their friends and loved ones.... Some think that it is completely personal and private matter…the reality is that it is not....I believe when you start  flirting with someone other than your spouse you are headed toward trouble... It’s a serious relationship matter, especially to the offended spouse....I'm wondering do the church treat creeping pastors/leaders and music artist  differently from the person who sits in the pew? Do we get silent when our leaders stray? Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery, But almost every month we are hearing of another minister or gospel superstar who has stepped out on his marriage....Is the black church giving the Christian "celebrity" a pass, when others might be talked about from the pulpit?

 I watch Tye Tribbet on BET  Lifted Every Voice this past Sunday morning. ....It was a good interview.... Tye really did a great job of  explaining  how the power of God is able  to restore us when we believe our lives or loss...

"I would be lying if I told anyone  this wasn't sad, and that I'm not disheartened. it's a loss and sad situation on so many levels and yet...in Christ Jesus there is always hope." 

But I was remind how we can hurt and stop our own testimony by our  choices whether good or bad....I believe pastor/leader and those who claim to speak to us through gospel   music  are call to a higher standard than the person who sits in the pew....No!!I don't think the person in the pew can sin and the man of God can not....That's not what I mean....The fact is that we are all sinners and in Jesus Christ we can all become new creations and leave all sinful desires behind us through obedience to Jesus Christ and his teaching...I just believe if we're going to speak into God's people lives...Then we should have behaviors worthy of that honor.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Juanita Bynum Back To The Threshing Floor!

After listening to Ms Bynum new release over at Torrence blog For some reason  I don't believe God gave her this  song  for His people....What and where's  the message? I believe she needs to get back to that  threshing floor prayer room   she built a couple of years ago for her devoted followers...A  place  she said she go  to on behalf of the world...I'm  not feeling  this piece...The truth be told Ms. Bynum is more of a worshiper than an entertainer....There's something that's  missing from this song that  was very much   present in her  past music...I Truly believe the one thing  that is missing from this song is  the power anointing...I read some were that her  last 2 worship Cd's were written and produced by members of  her  FORMER record label FLOW RECORDS.... Both project were geared toward passionately worshipping God....I believe this new project is  more for  mainstream America.

"The night the song came  out of me, it poured from my soul during one of the worst seasons of my life. Being overwhelmed beyond tears, I laid my face on the counter and began to sing.... Every word, every line flowed uninterrupted as to assure me it was an expression from the souls of many around the world. This song voices the true sentiments of those who can relate to a soul’s cry-a pain that no human hands can heal and a cry that is rooted from a hurt unimaginable to the human life. The only sound I could get out of my mouth in that season was  hear my cry Oh Lord!"

I'm sorry!! I'm not feeling  "Soul Cry" (Oh, Oh, Oh)" I'm  hoping   the other songs on the CD are better. Just my opinion…..No way will  this take you "behind the Veil" nor will you be able to ask "Him To Show Me Your Face."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bayside Pastor Uses Church As Bail Collateral!

 A Bayside pastor used the church he leads as collateral to post his bail after being indicted on rape charges in an alleged incident involving an underage girl, a spokeswoman for the Queens district attorney said...Phillip Joubert, 48, paid $350,000 bail in December by putting up the Community Baptist Church, at 46-19 206th St. in Bayside, as collateral, a spokeswoman for Queens DA Richard Brown said...In November Rev. Phillip Joubert, pastor of the Community Baptist Church in Bayside, was arrested on charges of raping a 13-year-old relative -- possibly his daughter, though reports have been sketchy. Joubert has pleaded not guilty (Wikipedia.)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sex In The City Has Nothing On The Women In The Bible.

Do a film like Sex in the City help glorify sin? Do a film like Sex in the City help  lead us further down a path that calls good evil, and evil good?...Could a film like this breed lust?There's a local church advertising this  film as  some kinda of outing for their women group.....I always thought  the idea  of this show was built on fornication....I believe Christian's can have wild, wonderful sex but with their own spouses....Sex outside of marriage is NOT okay....Infidelity, not okay...Infidelity and casual sex are so rampant in our culture--so rampant in fact that parts of the body of Christ seem to accept it as the norm....WWJD  I don't believe Jesus would sit down and enjoy this movie based on scripture....I think Jesus  would mourn the lack of morality in our society....I'm just saying, the Bible says to be like Him, holy.... Perhaps the strongest Christian women out there could watch and not be affected, but the Holy Spirit in them should craves righteousness..Judging is sin; acknowledging & avoiding bad fruit (movies, journalism, etc) - is wisdom and discernment... When are "Christians" going to say enough to glamorizing immoral behavior?There are some "Christian" sites giving the film  "positive reviews"...Sex in the City is a story that follow the lives of four successful New York City young women..."Who  have nothing on the women in the Bible"!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Did You Say?

I know we think our words or a bunch of meaningless talk....Not true!  Our words are a big deal and they do mean a lot!...I was at work the other day and witness a mother who was out of control with her words ...This young lady was sitting in  the waiting room area of the hospital  with a little boy who look to be about 3yrs old...She was giving that little boy "hell"....I mean the  words  she was speaking  was embarrassing to me and anyone else who just happen to be passing by....I don't like to here words  like that  spoken to a child....It"s wrong!

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks” (NKJV).

Our  words have either negative or positive impact...If negative  they can wound people to the core.... “There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword” (Pr 12:18 NAS). They can break down a person’s spirit, stripping them of the courage for living.... “Perverseness in it [the tongue] breaks the spirit” (Pr 15:4 NKJV). Carelessly spoken words between people can destroy relationships.... “The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor” (Pr 11:9 NKJV). Emotional, and possibly even physical death, can result from words. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Pr 18:21 NKJV).

Positives  our words can spark life into a relationship.... “A soothing tongue is a tree of life” (Pr 15:4 NAS). The right words can help heal wounded relationships. “Pleasant words are…sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” (Pr 16:24 NIV). Well-chosen words can help us to understand each other. “Sweetness of the lips increases learning” (Pr 16:21 NKJV). Words spoken at the right times can bring us closer together. “The right word spoken at the right time is as beautiful as gold apples in a silver bowl” (Pr 25:11 NCV). What you say matters, so mind your mouth!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's The Message?

Omarosa’s "Ultimate Merger” is a dating Show that will  air  on TV One in June....  TV One is a cable television network that generally shows classic movies, news and all kinds of African-American entertainment....But come to find out  the  man behind the show is Donald Trump....It's being reported that TV One was a perfect pick for  a show like this...Talk is the channel will be making a “huge impression on the cable landscape” and “despite its small size, the budget for TV One show is comparable to the shows on Bravo or E!”....Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger” dating show was announced in 2008 but the decision that it will be aired on TV One has been recently broadcast.....The show  will have a dozen men vying for Omarosa attention and attraction.
 Pastor Jamal Bryant will serve as Omarosa’s spiritual adviser and will be on hand to provide guidance and support to the bachelors when needed....Plus  there's a young man who's a  Christian Rapper  tells why he chose to appear on the show.

"Anywhere I go,I'm serving....Any thing I do,I'm doing God's work....That's why I ask people to not judge me by your perceptions from TV, but by my work....I dare anybody to put me and any celebrity side-by-side to compare the amount of time I commit to being a change agent, how much time I'm actually in the trenches, not just writing checks, how much time I spend with kids who have no one who believes in them, or who don't  have a place to lay their head or a meal to eat that night. I'm the one there in the trenches, and I'm not looking for glorification from the media, because that's what I'm really about...I feel like God is calling me He’s been calling me for two years and I can’t ignore it."

After watching  the  clip I would like to know what kinda of message is the woman of God trying to send and to whom is she sending it too? That's why it's not good enough to have "book knowledge" of God in your head, without having a true burden for righteous living in your heart. "Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
that I might not sin against thee" (Psalm 119:11).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Ever Happen To Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting?

I grew  up in a little  rural town in  Alabama....And to this day I can still  remember how almost every local church in our community had a Wednesday evening prayer meeting....I believe it made a difference  in our communities.....But today our  Wednesday evenings  has  mostly become a  Bible Study Hour.....Think about it! if there's power in prayer especially corporate prayer then  why isn't the church doing more of it?

 I  was looking  at the church scene of  today and I've notice very few churches still  have Wednesday evening prayer meeting....Please don't get me wrong  I'm not trying to discourage Bible studies at all....But  shouldn’t the church of today have more time set aside during the week for corporate  prayer meetings? If  the church does not promote  prayer time who will? I believe  kingdom-focused prayer is need for our country right now especially the black community....This prayer time could be spent praying and  offering up praise and worship with thanksgiving to God.