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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Watchtower The Most Circulated or The Most Read?

There's new information out that "The Watchtower" magazine  is the most circulated magazine to date...Some are saying it's the most read magazine I don't know about that....It seems that every month,  nearly 40 million copies of The Watchtower are printed in more than 180 languages and sent to 236 countries....You don't have to have a subscriptions and you won’t find it on any newsstands, but it’s still hard to miss.... Thanks to the efforts of Witnesses like the couple in the article...The Watchtower is the most widely distributed magazine in the world, with a circulation of more than 25 million.... Last year, the world’s 7.3 million-strong Jehovah’s Witnesses spent 1.5 trillion hours knocking on doors and “street Witnessing” — stopping folks in parks and on streets — to preach the “good news” with a copy of The Watchtower.... Its closest competitors are AARP The Magazine (circulation 24.3 million) and Better Homes and Gardens (7.6 million).... It doesn’t hurt that The Watchtower has been free since 1990, with the option of a small donation....But according to the  latest Pew study at http://religions.pewforum.org/reports, the Watchtower has the highest turnover of any religion. Question: Have you every donate toThe Watchtower Society?
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  1. I have not, but I've learned that people who remain committed to their beliefs when they are not being paid to believe REALLY believe. I have to ask myself why so many Christians refuse to even mention God unless they will be paid. Do they not believe in the Christ? Are they just on the "Jesus" tour for show and earthly profit?


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