The Myth Of A Christian Nation.

On Facebook the other day, I noticed that someone posted this  question..."Should America  be considered a Christian nation"? That question got me to thinking why can't  Christianity be the predominant religion in America?....Why do other countries refer to themselves by their religion? Example: The Jewish state of Israel....The Muslim country of Saudi Arabia, of Iran, or Iraq...The Hindu nation of India.

I'm in  no way saying a belief in a Christian America mean that others can't believe in  their choice...It just means  that the underlying foundations of our country were said to be  built on Christian principles...So why can't Christianity be the predominant religion in America? Especially  if  Christian culture and teachings are a heavy influence  in America...Then why can't America be noted  as a Christian nation?


  1. It's not that American can't be Christian, I dare say most immigrants who enter America are Christians. Being Christian has nothing to do with where one is born, but that one follows Christ. Many Christians in America only use it as a label (just as they've twisted the term "evangelical" to mean something social or political), but don't follow Christ. It has been said that if people in countries such as China and Iran, etc. were free to speak, their underground and veiled "Christians" would amount to greater than the numbers in America.

  2. kisura brock
    considering the jewish european american society's money and power, that will never happen.


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