Insecure People Will Always Criticize Others.

Again I ask this question: Where in the world  did we get the idea that everybody has to like us? It certainly was not from God's word...Jesus said His blessings were reserved for the "persecuted and reviled" As believers  in Christ we should respect the opinions of others, but we should never be ruled by them...If we let it criticism will steal our individuality, rob us of our creativity and stop us from fulfilling our destiny...That's too much power to give to anybody...Insecure people will always criticize others especially if your choices differ from theirs...That's because they're uncomfortable with things that don't conform to their way of thinking...Secure people can handle being the only one doing something...They can allow others the liberty to be different and to make their own choices...That's because they themselves are secure in who God has called them to be...In other words if Venus and Serena would have caved in... And had  listened to the hate and nay- sayers...There's no doubt in my mind  they wouldn't be who they are  to day...Two outstanding respectable black women...It's not what we do occasionally that makes the difference; it's what we do daily.


  1. I learned a long time ago, not everyone is going to dance to my music. It's fine. Their loss.

  2. @SISTAH SPACE thanks for your comment...There loss,I agree!

    @BLUEBUTTERFLY thanks for your comment.


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