Fake Christians!

Would you become a  fake   just to get along with others? It seems  that's  what a family in Texas have done.... It seems that this lady  and her family faked being Christians.... because they didn’t want to face the rejection by people in the community....If we will fake our  beliefs what else are we willing to fake?What message does “faking it” send to the kids? That they need to do whatever it takes to be accepted? It’s sad, that we feel the need to lie about who we are just to get along:

We are agnostics living deep in the heart of Texas and our family fakes Christianity for social reasons....It’s not so much for the sake of my husband or myself but for our young children....We found by experience that if we were truthful about not being regular church attenders, the play dates suddenly ended.... Thus started the faking of the religious funk.

It seemed silly but it’s all very serious business down here...We don’t go to church or teach or children one belief is “right” over another...We expose them to every kind of belief and trust that they will one day settle in to their very own spirituality. However, for the sake of friends and neighbors, we pretend we are Christians. We try not to lie but rather not to disclose unnecessary information. As the children are getting older, this isn’t so easy for them and an outing is probably eminent.
We are not the only ones. We have found a few other fakers out there.
What do you think?


  1. Its a shame, but it's necessary sometimes. My cousin moved from New York to North Carolina, and his family had to fake it. The whole community was centered around church (upwardly mobile pre-dominantly White), and with a young child and a wife looking for a job, they took the initial reactions to "we don't do church" as "we are NY sinners".

    The real shame is that there are Christians who aren't faking it, yet are no more real than the people in your story. They live in a Christian "culture", that is more about religious acts than living the Word. Folks like these and my cousins family should be won over with Christian kindness and the demonstration of a lifestyle that would make them want it rather than fear it. It's just another example of how some Christians chase people away from Christ.

  2. A majority of "Christians" fake a whole lot of stuff, but are they faking because of Christianity or religion. The average church today, be they part of a denomination or not, are more religious, more like a social club, than a Christian House of Prayer for All People. I went to one church where you were hounded if you did not "participate" in their various clubs and activities, all of which required that you contribute extra (donating time or money) to participate. This is not even about whether or not people believe in God. There are Christians who let themselves be subject to the opinions and rules of man to the point where they do all sort of things, tell all types of lies, to be part of a religious group and not be shunned.

  3. Hello Ann,

    This is a very complex question. Well, as others have implied, although many individuals call themselves christian, I doubt if many of them even know what that means. Consequetly, I wonder how many people are fake christians.

    Now, if you're just talking about the religion of Christianity, I can understand why a person would hide behind the fasade of such. I am not saying I would do that (to answer your question) but I understand. But in the end, a lie is a lie, and in my opinion, there's never a reason to lie. Sure, many will rationalize a lie, or give an heartfelt reason why they lie,or give excuses for others that lie, but nevertheless, it remains a lie. And generally, there's negative consequences to telling a lie.

  4. Jill,
    I love your blog because you always have interesting articles that I wouldn't ordinarily see. Keep it up!


  5. Maybe they will fake it until they make it. I think as Christians we need to be cautious not to sit in judgement but to kneel in prayer. Perhaps this is just God's way of arousing their curiosity and thirst.

    Haven't heard from you in a while just stopped by to say hello! so...Hello!

    From RiverAngel42

  6. To lie and not to lie it depend on the circumstance. Lying is sometimes justified. Take Samuel (1Samuel 16:1-4)God tells Samuel to lie cause God rejects Saul and Samuel was fearful for his life,if he tells the truth that David is the newly anointed king. The two midwives Shifra and Puah they told lies to Pharaoh to prevent blood shed(Exodus 1:17),Abraham (Genesis Chapter 20) Issac (Genesis 26:6-11) Rahab and the spies (Joshua Chapter 2)Wise Men lie to Herod (Matthew Chapter 2) Peter lie in front of Jesus face to save his self from the raging mob. On several other occasions, when biblical characters lied to save their lives or otherwise avoid unfair punishment the text makes it clear that God approved of their misrepresentations. Yes, thou shalt not lie, there is a different between lies that Promote Evil,and lying to create peace or otherwise to do good,lying to protect your privacy,lying to prevent future harm,lying when dealing with a dishonest or deceptive person,and lying when the effect of telling the truth will cause unnecessary hurt.

  7. @Dwane T thanks for your comment...Dwane I agree love is the answer.

    @Bluebutterfly thanks for your comment...You bring up a good point are they faking Christianity or religion?

    Carey thanks for your comment...I understand what you're saying and I agree.

    Rev.Mike thanks for your comment and compliment.

  8. @RiverAngel42 thanks for your comment.

    @RANNDMM thanks for your comment...I believe the debate about Christians lying with continue on...

    I believe the people you have mention in your comment was allow by God to lie...But it don't mean that he approves of lying or that his law permits lying.

    It mean that God governs all things in the universe, including the sins of sinful men. Sin does not cease to be sin cause God governs it and guides it for the good of his people and the glory of his name...I don't believe God like for us to lie.

  9. Ms Brock I do agree with your comments 100%,but Samuel and the rest of the Bible characters were allow options,they didn't lie to God they lie to men to do or promote the work of God's Kingdom,their life was spare from the hand of men. In the Book of Acts Chapter 5 Ananias and Sapphira lost their life because they lie to God and not men,they had a chance to repent but chose to steal from God to hinder the work of God's Kingdom.(Acts 5:1-10) This is a perfect example of a God who is loving,caring,merciful, and long suffering.

  10. @RANNDMM thanks for your comment...I agree!

  11. I've 'faked it' for a long time, pretending not to doubt the Word when I have doubts about my identity in Christ and the Gospel all the time. Its sometimes better to paint a smile than to deal with the crazy Bible thumper nonsense that passes for spiritual concern in church.

    But its not worth the moral anguish and the rotting of your soul to impress people. I spent 20 years hiding in a spiritual cave thinking that my failings and doubts would cause God to reject me -- nothing is further from the truth. But I went through serious bouts with Depression, lonely less and nearly losing my dream of being an engineer because I refused to open up about my struggles in faith.

    Until I realize that I can't hide from Him and don't really need to hide from Him, then was I truly free. I'm still here, still praising -- but I was 'lucky'. Many of my friends, OTOH, fell and left the Lord because the mask became too heavy.

    I've seen how 'faking it' ultimately kills one's spirit -- many of my college friends in Campus Crusade and In-Varsity turned away from God when faking their salvation became too much to bear. It only takes one crisis of faith -- death, loss of a position, illness or a relationship souring -- to turn textbook church goers into bitter agnostics, rabid atheists or turn them to other faiths altogether.

    In the end, its ultimately our heart, not our head, that keeps us tethered to Christ.

  12. I'm not trying to be irreverent, but the story made me laugh. Done right, this would be a very funny movie. I can picture it now: all these Texas bigots who are cut of the same cloth of "only-white-is-right Arizona", making their white non-Christian neighbors miserable.

    If those Texans can't handle their kids playing with another white kid, whose parents are agnostic, imagine their hate around black, Latino, and Native American kids? Or the Muslim child? Wonder how they deal with Jews? So now, this white fam has a taste of hate. I'm not mad at them for doing what they're doing, but what will really be funny is when one, some or all of their children end up as genuine Christians.

    I can picture that too, easily, when teen rebellion hits, because they have had to spend some intense moments actually thinking about religion and God, where as a lot of children just go along with Mama & Poppa. Hope their folks are ready for this and as accepting of them as they wished their neighbors were of their agnosticism or atheism.

  13. @LACoincidental thanks for your comment and the testimony...I believe it's hard to fake Christ but to fake religion is not hard at all.
    "In the end, its ultimately our heart, not our head, that keeps us tethered to Christ"...That's a powerful statement.

    @Kit thanks for your comment and for giving me another way of looking at this...In other words the seed these parents are planting will have to be harvest in the future...You are so right.

  14. @RANNDMM you have comprehended incorrectly. God never tells anyone to lie. He did not tell Samuel to lie. He told Samuel to go and sacrifice to Him and while he was their he would show Samuel who he picked to be the next king. He told Samuel to tell only of the sacrifice because he is God he doesn't have to explain his self to anyone. God allowed those others you mentioned to sin but he never condoned it. If you say God told someone to lie that means God is contradicting himself when he says he hates liars and he hates sin. You are saying that God is the author of sin and he causes men to fall and to sin. This cannot be or both God and Christianity is unreliable.

  15. If you stay in scripture to can tell fake Christians. I have met many. In church and everywhere else. They may fool someone who is not practicing their Christianity. I have had felt and watched the insincerity of people who pretend to be Christians. I have also noticed that they don't have proper responses about things going on in society. I have heard some say they are Christians yet thing abortion is okay. I have heard some say the Bible doesn't talk about abortion and that God doesn't care about it but we know that is a lie if we truly know the character of God. Read your Bible pray and meditate an let God open your eyes to people you meet he will help you determine if those people are real Christians or if they are fake. They will absolutely never fool God and if you practice your faith and live by the word they will not fool you either.

  16. @Anonymous can anyone reply to someone comments when your user name is Anonymous? I have no reference to your line of thinking, hiding behind a user name Anonymous. What are you afraid of? Get a backbone create a user name and I will be able to address you properly!


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