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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Waiting On The Lord Will Pay Off After While.

Have you every heard these saying: I am waiting patiently for God to act?Let go and let God” and “God will provide”?  Were did the idea that true faith means always waiting?
Especially  in tough times .Are there situations when acting in faith means taking a bold step forward? I believe so! I was reading a blog post were the author made some awesome  points. He noted that the Bible presents two modes of faith to follow, depending on the situation.

When we’re facing a situation that’s completely outside of our control, we should exercise what he calls “Level One” faith—waiting patiently for God to move. But when a situation presents an open door or an appropriate opportunity to act, then we should exercise Level Two faith which is to  Move. Scripture teaches… that we are called to exercise two different levels of faith at various times as Christians. At one level we are to be inactive and wait patiently for the Lord to move. Here faith involves believing that Christ will bring about a solution apart from any effort on our end. It is shown in so many situations in Scripture where people were either told to be still or forced to be still and wait for the Lord to act. In reality,it takes as much faith to move as it do to stand still. By moving forward we  placed ourselves  in a vulnerable position where we have  to trust God.At this level of faith  we are  active and assertive. We take initiative to find the answer to a need. And by moving forward we force ourselves to a dependence on the Lord that wouldn’t be possible if we merely sat still.
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  1. Well said, Ms. Ann
    Thanks for this!

  2. Well said, Ms. Ann. Thanks for this post!

  3. I agree absolutely! That is right: level one when there is nothing you can do, you must just wait on God. Level 2, now, there may be a role for you to play!! In that case, you must wait on God for directions. NEVER just lay there in laziness and call that trusting God. Great post!

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  5. I believe it takes more faith to trust God and be still. As human beings, we like to intellectualize God and how we should live our lives.

    But to truly wait on the Lord and not lean on our own understanding has to be the most difficult thing a Christian can do. It requires that we do more than talk about God but actually trust Him, and the lip service and all other pretenses are laid bare because we must fully commit our way to Him.

    We may come to find what God knew all along, we worship Him with our mouths but our hearts are far from Him.

    The times when we must be still are the times when the truth about our faith life surface. In my humble opinion.


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