Do Each Generation See God Differently?

Nearly every African American knows how important "The Black Church"  is to our community.  Back in the day most black pastors would not even  entertain the idea of using the church for a "PAID" concert. But today's mega church pastors  have thrown that rule out. In yesterday post  I mention  the  over pricing of  gospel concerts in the black community. But what about the church sanctuary  being the venue for gospel  concerts? If you notice in the flier I have posted.  The price of the concert  is reasonable and affordable.

 Question:   Do each generation see God and the things of God differently that the generation before them? If so why?


  1. I had a somewhat heated discussion with my parents and Godmother about this last night. I know definitely that the things of God never change, but I think that the understanding of some things were lost or denied to us from our early indoctrination to the Bible in this country, and we are still adding and deleting as our understanding grows.

    They had an issue with Praise Dancers, and Praise and Worship singers. I am one of the leaders of the male praise and worship team at my church. They've never heard me sing. They believe that Sprituals are spiritual, and there is too much noise and high spiritedness in our music and not enoug focus on the spirit. I point out that the Bible says make a "joyful" "noise", and that when you're a slave if you can sing at all in your situation any noise is a joyful noise in God's ears. But as God gives your more, you need to praise His existence and not just thank Him for "one mo' day".

    That's just an example, but it was on my mind. Moving to the church having concerts. My father and my aunt both performed in churches with dirt floors when they were growing up in the '30s and '40s, and people made donations to the church then. Organizing acts from farther away and presenting them in a larger venue is doing the old thing in a new way, not a new thing. I believe that as long as the money goes for the upkeep of the church and for getting the Gospel to more people outside of the church, it's fine

    I do believe in our time each generation sees God differently, sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse. We revered Him a long time ago. Then some rejected Him as a God of the slave master. Then we learned that we were taught wrong when we couldn't read for ourselves and He became revered again. Books like The Prayer of Jabez and A Purpose Driven Life help us to see Him in new and better ways.

    Unfortunately, people who want to profit from the things of God (and they have always been around), have learned more sophisticated ways to distort his word. We just have to know enough about the word to know when we are imitating the world vs. when the world is imitating us and making us think we are wrong for doing what we did first.

  2. @Dwane T thanks for your comment and I agree with your comment. I also agree that God doesn't change from generation to generation. But our own personal view of Him does.

    Simply put, it may be the same God in each generation , but each generation is saying something quite different about the same God in question.

    Most of the things going on and in the church today was taboo years ago.

  3. Yes, I do think the concept of God and the church have changed from my parents' generation.

    First of all, I think the whole concept of an omnipotent God has change. My parents and grandparents saw God concretely as this omnipotent infallabale God. However, this generation views God more abstractly as an abstract concept. In other words, this generation takes a more intellectual approach to worship.

  4. My pastor preached yesterday and talked about why certain doctrines are being overlooked especially concerning salvation. Many preachers are not concerned enough fully with the spiritual condition of their people. Jesus told us that "they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth". Therein lies the issue. What is the truth and is the spirit, a spirit or the Spirit of God truly. God has given us the freedom to express ourselves in worship and leaders particularly need to have a keen eye and ear to utilize discernment because we all have seen "monkey shining". God doesnt change and none of us should view Him differently, even if the social and cultural environment is diverse. We have freedom, and we know that where the Spirit is there is liberty.


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