The Church Offers to Pay Erykah Badu Fine!!!

Have you ever wondered  where  your tithes and offerings go when you put them  into the collection plate?  I am one of the many people who never question the uses of the  tithe once it leave my hand. That's because I see it at work in the church and the community. But that attitude and way of thinking  would change  if I were  a member of this church body. I would have to  think seriously  about my giving.  I believe  giving is part of the worship experience and  I don't mind giving. But by the same token it would be  hard  for me to sow  seeds  into the ground of bad stewardship. For me the action of Pastor Jamal Bryant early this month  is a prime example of bad stewardship. There's nothing wrong with Jamal Bryant  using his own personal  money to help  Ms. Badu.  But to use the church tithes is so wrong.

 Pastor Jamal Bryant from the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD.  Offered to pay Erykah’s Badu $500 fine via twitter.  It look  like Ms. Badu  released a video for her latest single “Window Seat”. I read somewhere that in the video Ms. Badu   strips nude and  on her back  the word “Evolve”is  written. Erykah stated that her video was meant to challenge Group think Theory. A theory that basic  states that individuals will surrender their identity to conform to the group’s beliefs and agenda.  When I read this I am thinking why would a pastor take church member tithes and  support a action like this? This sister breaks it down!

Anyway let me say something about the Group Think Theory. Is not the church a primary example of group think theory with our statements  of faith, the church creeds and what we believe statements? I know we in the church like to think of it as "UNITY". 


  1. Jamal Bryant is a joke! That's all I've got to say about him.

  2. This goes to show how some preacher thinks,church money is their money. This is why he boldly gave it away.

  3. I would be worried sick if my daughter or other female family member attended Dr Bryant.s church after his actions relating to Eryka Badu's music video.
    For those members who see no problem with their tithes and offerings being used that way you should definitely google"Jim Jones and the People's Temple 1978"

  4. "For me the action of Pastor Jamal Bryant early this month is a prime example of bad stewardship"

    Well Ann, there it is. The pastor of a church, as I understand it, has a defined position, and in such, I question rather or not this was a "church" decision. If not, his actions speak more of a ruler than a pastor/steward.

    Some pastors are good "preachers", yet, very poor teachers and/or leaders. I agree, it's not his money to do as he pleases. Consequently, Eryka Badu aside, the problem (if any) does not rest solely at the feet of Jamal Bryant. I question that churches structure.

    This incident takes me back to the post you did about the church that locked it's doors on Easter Sunday. Although I don't know all the particulars of that case, and it was a sad affair, sometimes the "church" has to standup and get ugly with ugly. Power in the wrong hands can be an ugly mess.

  5. Wow, I doubt Ms. Badu needs the money. So why is he paying it exactly? This church may do alot for the poor....I just don't think Ms. Badu needs the money. So this is an endorsement of Ms. Badu from the church? I just don't get it, someone enlighten me please!

  6. @ anonymous,

    I don't think this is an endorsement of Ms. Badu. Although Mr. Bryant may have chosen the wrong "event", (becuase, like you said, she has enough money), I believe he he championing the concept of moving away from "group thinking".

    Now, to a degree, I will agree that group thinking is a very destructive thing. Look at all the hate groups and political groups that let others think for them. So basically, the idea behind moving away from group thinking means to dig deeper for personal knowledge and/or the real truth.

    I personally do not believe that concept is counter to the Bible nor the church as a whole. In fact, if we look back at the evolution of many religions, they were forced to move away the thinking patterns of the powers to be. Even today, when I think about the churches ideology, we are in the minority. Therefore, we are in essence moving away from the thinking of the majority. Yes, the church itself is a unit, but the mission should be the same. Consequently we've come full circle in that some individuals within a church, lose thier focus and/or have their own agenda. Which in some cases, are counter to the word.

  7. @Marlon thanks for your comment.

    @Debbie thanks for your comment I think the pastor should have thought about the appearance of this and how it would reflect on his church.

    @Anonymous thanks for your comment.

    @Carey thanks for your comment. And I totally agree with your statement.

    I also believe the primary function of the pastor is to be about the business of preaching and teaching the gospel to those whom he has been called as an undershepherd. In other words the role of the pastor is to be the voice of Christ Himself. There's no way Christ would have said "Church we are going to pay Ms. Badu fine.

    @Anonymous thanks for your comment. I don't believe Ms Badu needed the money. That's why I don't get it.

    @Carey I read some where that's what he was trying to do.

  8. I don't really have enough information to judge his actions. However he isn't known as a shy or quiet pastor when it comes to what he does or doesn't do. I am sure at some point, if not already he will address the issue in more detail.

    However I also think that there is a hypocrisy that flows through out the body when it comes to what a pastor should or shouldn't be doing. Just as God gives us all a gift and desires for us to find ourselves deep enough in His will to follow it. The same applies to Pastors. I don't know that we can pigeon hold their responsibilities. For example, a preacher can tell me all day in extreme detail that I am supposed to submit to my husband, however truth be told I have a hard time understanding what that means. What i long for is someone to show, not tell but SHOW in action, how to do this. Perhaps there is a lesson that he was showing his congregation that we don't understand. In the same vain I agree with the comment that says perhaps the church agreed to this support. What good is a Shepard with no sheep?

    In addition, the church SHOULD NOT fall under the category of Group think! We should fall under the lifestyle of Discipleship. Living in an individual way the laws given to us by God in the Bible. A church should be a place of corporate praise and worship and fellowship. If we are following what the pastor says because he told us to as a group,then there is something that we need to check in our walk.
    Just my humble opinion as I stop by to say Hi again.
    Be Blessed
    River Angel 42

  9. Also Ann I have to respectfully ask, How is it that you. I or anyone else would know what Christ would have said?

    "There's no way Christ would have said "Church we are going to pay Ms. Badu fine."

    Christ gave his life for me, I'm sure 500 would be a minimal sacrifice.

  10. @ Riverangel42,

    You were doing alright, (although, I had concerns) but with your last statement, I really shook my head.

    Well, the following might have worked for me, if I wasn't keeping a keen eye on the truth.

    RiverAngel said(questioned Ann's statement of):

    "There's no way Christ would have said "Church we are going to pay Ms. Badu fine."

    Then YOU said "Christ gave his life for me, I'm sure 500 would be a minimal sacrifice."

    I say, my dear Riverangel, Christ would have gave 500 dollars for WHAT? Your weak analogy, which WAS NOT an analogy, might have worked if I, and maybe others, were asleep. You didn't finish your statement, or did you?

    I heard your implication (very well) but please finish so we all will understand.

  11. Does she tithe at his church? That would be my question. Jamal Bryant is a publicity hound I believe, now he is with Omarosa and her hunt for hubby #2. He wants a movie deal/prime time TV interview just like everybody else is getting...

  12. How do we know he used church tithes and offerings, and not his own money? I have my feelings about Dr. Bryant, but I also watch what I say about men and women of God.

  13. I am amazed at how many people like to take God's job away from Him and do all of this judging! Whether Bryant gave this money to Badu for selfish reasons or not is none of our business!

    The idea of most religions is to win souls over, so who knows what his planting of a seed may or may not do. Badu MAY see that as an eye-opener that someone is not judging her, and turn her life around. Look at how many secular artist have had seeds planted in their life by meaningful people and given themselves to Christ....Dave Hollister, and Kelly Price to name a couple...

    I am just saying that sometimes as Christian people...people tend to forget that Christ TRUE teaching was/is LOVE! I encourage you all to love people more and stopping judging them. Love Bryant, Love Badu, and love YOURSELF! Forgiveness is a major principle as well....again...Love Bryant, Love Badu, and LOVE your self! Had Jesus never loved or forgave you, then where would you be?

    I can appreciate a good writer and good subjects, but if all we do as people is complain and argue, then we are doing no one any good and we are not winning souls!

    Of course, this is strictly my opinion......but I do love all of you!

    Peace and Blessings

  14. What do you expect the World takes care of its own people!! Shes not a believer so shes a enemy of GoD!! She makes witchcraft music so our Youth can listen to what the devil is giving her!!She consults mediums so she can here what the devil has to say to her clearly!! GET YE behind us Satan!!

  15. How do we know he used church tithes and offerings, and not his own money? I have my feelings about Dr. Bryant, but I also watch what I say about men and women of God.

  16. This goes to show how some preacher thinks,church money is their money. This is why he boldly gave it away.


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