What Does It Mean To Say That The Black Church Is Dead?

What does  it mean to breathe new life into being  black and Christian?I ask those question because of Eddie Glaude’s recent “Huffington Post” piece that pronounced the death of the black church...The article have provoked a heated debated with plenty of  comments...Through research I found out that Mr. Glaude was once part of the  “State of the Black Union” featuring Tavis Smiley....And if not mistaken he was part of the panel that discuss the church on C-SPAN....I don't think he mention anything about the Black Church being dead....Personal I see  this  as nothing but fodder to be use  against the black church  and its people for their support of our president....This  attack against the black church  started with the  nomination  of the president and it has not let up....The Religion Dispatches has an  update article  with a response from Eddie  Glaude...I am just  wondering when will the Cathoic Church die?...Its funny  how people want the church to do everything except for  what it was  founded and  commissioned  to do....A holy God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die on a cross.... Jesus got up with all power and He's coming back again.... Above all, churches should be concerned about the eternal salvation of men....We're an ungraceful people who have turned from a HOLY  GOD.... And have the nerve to call The Black  Church dead....Why? because it refuses  to embrace certain lifestyles?....I don't for one minute  accept  the black church as dead....Lacking power! maybe....I believed that's because of who we have  allowed  to lead it.... Its no longer lead by the Spirit of God, its lead by a materialistic  culture with a PHD.


  1. I agree with you that the Church has lost its way. Doing everything but what we are supposed to be doing: preaching repentance of sin and salvation through Christ alone.

    Of course, this is not just a Black church phenomenon. This is characteristic of the American church in general. We are by and large, a religious people in name only, regardless of color.

    I noticed the author mentioned that 35% of black children live in pverty, but neglected to mention that 68% of black kids are born to single mothers, as if the two stats are unrelated. Again, a failure to allow the Holy Spirit to convict us of our sin. Looking at the symptom rather than the cause.

    I also think the loss of influence among black churhces is because most upwardly mobile black families have left the urban areas for the suburbs, returning to the black church on Sundays only but uninvolved the rest of the week. I confess that is my family's reality and that of most of the two-parent families in our church.

    It is so tempting to make this about the black church being too conservative, unrelatable, and irrelevant to the needs of the commnity. Those are all just code words for not condoning sin. I pray that the church remains unrelevant if that is the standard. We've watered down the gospel and tolerated enough sin under the guise of trying to reach those who can't relate to the message.

  2. I do not agree that the black church has lost it's way. That sentiment (that choice of words) plays into the hands of those that have lost THEIR way.

    I think Ann said it best. The church has a specific purpose, and many have that confused.

    On a similar note, a church member (at my church) was upset at the pastor, when the pastor didn't fulfill the "members" wishes( he had money needs).

    Just like the church member, those that know little about the mission of a church, are quick to say what the church is not doing.

    Also, it's always un-wise to throw a blanket over "The Black Church". It would be more fitting to say "that" black church. More importantly, even if a particular church is not doing what "whomever" believes they should be doing, I tend to listen to their words with a very discerning ear.

  3. I agree that the Black church is a dinosaur that needs to die. Religion is a crutch that keeps Black women especially under the thumb of men. Using the word of "God" as a tool to pound women into submission, misogynistic Black men in churches posing as spiritual leaders pounce on Black women and portray them as jezebels, failures for not supporting Black men, trifling for not creating better communities, etc. Why are these things the sole responsiblity of Black women? When are these "spiritual leaders" going to hang responsibility on the necks of Black men for not stepping up and being the men that God demanded they be?

    I think religion is a waste of time. Black people need to get off their knees and stand up and make demands for change. Praying ain't bringing you the man you want, its not bringing you financial or psychological security, nor is it bringing you peace of mind. It's a waste of time.

  4. Deborah's right--religion is a waste of time. But praying to and worshipping the Lord is the blessing of our lives! And it works PRACTICALLY!! For example:
    My son had been lonely without a mate for years! A sad young man, not actually know so. I started praying EARNESTLY for a woman perfectly suited to him. Guess What? God Answered me with a beautiful, perfectly suited woman who my son actually went to junior high school with!! Their personalities mesh perfectly! Where she's a go getter, my son is calm and laid back. He calms her when needed and she pushes him when needed! They are all lovey dovey! Now for marriage, I pray!!


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