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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Homeless Woman Graduated From College.

On Friday, 50 year old Toni Clark graduated from Essex County College in New Jersey, after living on the streets the entire time she attended.

Clark was one of almost 1,100 graduates at the largest commencement in Essex County College’s 40-year history. But while the rest of her graduating class went home and celebrated after the ceremony, Clark walked the streets in her graduation gown and hat. Even though she had nowhere to sleep that night, she wore the gown proudly.

Toni Clark earned her degree with no books, no computer, no proper place to study and nowhere to sleep at night. Before deciding to attend college she lost her job, her apartment and had to go on unemployment benefits. She saved her unemployment for her tuition and food, but there was not enough for her to pay rent or buy textbooks.

The entire time she was in college no one at her school suspected she was homeless, but near the end she was kicked out of the computer lab and library at the school for trying to bring suitcases and luggage with her, so she pared down her belongings to one small bag.

After graduating Friday, Clark said she would go and spend time with members of her family and try to find a job. She also wants to go back to a 4 year school and get a bachelor degree in education.

When told how inspiring her story was, Clark replied: “If I can do it homeless, anybody can do it who has a home.

Happy Usher's Day!

In many black churches, the usher board and the music department are the only auxiliaries of the church that systematically train and prepare younger people for their service in the church. A number of black churches now have junior deacon programs.

The black church in the United States, as an institution, functions with, and is supported by, numerous auxiliaries, boards and departments. These working arms of the church enable the body of Christ to carry out its basic missions of spreading the gospel, attending to the needs of the people, and assuring the church’s administrative, physical and spiritual components remain in accord with governing Biblical principles and accepted religious tenets.

Generally, the form of auxiliaries, boards and departments in individual black churches are determined by the age, denomination, size, location and specific needs of the church body. However, there is one auxiliary that most modern black churches have, regardless of their age, denomination, size or location: an usher board or usher guild. The work of the usher board is considered a ministry of the church. The pulpit, music and usher departments of the black church are often the three most visible ministries of the church. Each has an important servant role in the church’s overall ministry. Yet, each plays a different, but essential, role.

On Usher’s Day, usher boards from many different churches, including usher guilds from different denominations, are invited to participate in the annual day activities of the host church. On that day, the ushers of the host church do not work. For them, it is a day of rest, except for the grand usher march, which usually comes at the end of the program. Each of the invited churches comes with a major donation which is presented during the usher board roll call and march. These “gifts of love,” depending upon the number of sister churches invited, can, and do often, amount to thousands of dollars. Usually, all of the money, except for expenses, goes into the coffers of the host church. This is repeated year after year. Ushers refer to it as helping the usher board of a sister church. One of the highlights of Usher’s Day is the Grand March. All ushers, including the host ushers, participate in the grand march of the ushers. Those churches with children and youth usher boards add a youthful energy to the procession.

The Grand March is a time that the congregation eagerly awaits. the organist would play one of the great marching songs of the church, the ushers line up in the back of the church and begin their march around the entire inner confines of the sanctuary, leaving their love gift on the collection table. In almost every church, one waits to see the ushers “cut the corners.” Cutting the corners refers to sharp, precision-like turns made by ushers as they march around the entire church. The turns bring to mind a battalion of soldiers quickly turning from one formation to another or a marching band doing the same. Ushers of the host church march last. It is a time of high celebration. When they get to the front of the church, the ushers, to the delight of the audience, move into an almost syncopated genuflecting movement, as they cut the corners during their grand march. By now, the crowd is on its feet, applauding the ushers on their day.I am a door keeper in the house of the Lord and I love it...Happy Usher's Day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

If You Are Not A Direct Descended Of God Then You Needed To Go.

Let me see now if you are nonwhites, or "mud people," then you aren't really people at all, but God's failed attempts to create Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden...WOW! These beliefs derived from a school of thought known as Christian Identity, which holds that Jews, blacks, and other minorities aren't actually people and therefore don't deserve constitutional rights. Instead, those rights are reserved for so-called "white Sovereigns," who aim is to take over government and run it through grand juries of the people, with laws enforced by old-time posses...I tell you what that's one scary thought and
the revelation that Scott Roeder, the alleged murderer of Dr. George Tiller, belonged to an anti-government, white separatist group called the Montana Freemen might seem like an unlikely twist. After all, such groups are generally thought of as either indifferent to the issue of abortion or actively enthusiastic about its potential for reducing the nonwhite population. As it turns out, however, the journey from radical racialist to anti-abortionist isn’t as unusual as you might think. ( Alter Net)I found in a poll which shows that half the audience for hate radio identifies them selves as conservative. Now that's scary! So in other words Extremists and some Conservative are all cut from the same cloth of hate. They all believe in superiority whether it's superiority over a woman body or over race or over ones sexual preference it does not matter...Most likely Scott Roeder didn't care about un born babies it was all about HATE!

Are You Willing To Be Broken?

Brokenness is the work of God by which He strips us of self-sufficiency so that the character of Christ may shine through us...Now don't misunderstand; being broken doesn't necessarily mean experiencing some tragedy...Many people suffer tragedy without drawing closer to God or even acknowledging Him...Indeed, the same Sunshine that melts the butter hardens the clay...The issue in brokenness is not so much our circumstances but our response...What is God trying to teach us? True brokenness is when God blocks every exit we try to take and we come to see that He alone is our answer, we make a life changing discovery....And what's that? You ask. When God is all you have God is all you need! Bottom line: God's power is reserved for those who have been given up trying to do it in their own strength or to accomplish it for their own ends!

A world that celebrates success doesn't see value in broken things but God brings beauty out of brokenness. How many are willing to allow God to break them today?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Being Honest About Sin!

I want to commend this young man church home as well as his record label for taking a solid stand for what they believe is the right thing to do ...Especially in a day when taking moral & ethical stands seem obsolete....We don't talk much about sin anymore...It's not a big deal! Wrong! Sin will cost you everything...In the past Christian hated it, feared it, fled from it and grieved over it. The truth is Sin feels good but in reality it also causes us pain;especially the ones we love....The statement below does not say the young man was dropped, from his record label or kick out; it says promotion of him is discontinued, which means they set his behind down until he gets restored....Some gospel sites has put it as if he has being dropped by his record label which is very misleading for people( we no how church folks are) I was shock when I heard this....Now I was first introduce to this young man and his music about a year a go through Lionel Woods blog...I remember telling Lionel how I didn't really care for Hip Hop Christan music...Now Lionel is/was a big supporter of Cross Movement ...The groups impacted in Lionel life was so strong that I decided to check them out for my self.... To my surprise I liked them... From what I am understanding Ambassador was one of the pioneers in christian hip hop together with the rest of his group Cross Movement which seems to have a very theologically based lyrics....So, when I went to you tube to checked out some of the groups music I must say again I was surprise.... I am old school when it comes to gospel music but I did like what I was hearing ....Now I don't no if I liked it because I was listening with a solid bible base ear...Which is/was being built through years of studying the Word of God...Any way I do get the lyrics....(Hallelujah).This has definitely encouraged and challenged me to think differently about HIP HOP music.

Now this is the issue some are having a problem with how the record label handle the matter....Now Ambassador was married and it seems he "compromised"his marriage... Some are saying because of his wife and children this should have been behind close doors...Some are saying the record label was correct and they should have separated from him...But others are saying the label should have just release a statement saying he would be released,there was no need to air him out like that.Question:Was it poorly done?...Now this is not the first time someone has fallen in the christian world but (Jay Moss etc..) nevertheless, this one did take me by surprise...Ambassador Record’s statement:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Bible At Kindergarten Show And Tell.

Do you think a young child at a public school should be able to share religious texts during show and tell? What if the boy wanted to share the story of Noah's ark or some other insightful parable? Does separation of church and state mean that all religious material should be banned from public schools even when it has the opportunity to help students understand each other and their diverse backgrounds?
Is this censorship? Well a court in Pa. has ruled that a kindergartner at a Philadelphia public school cannot have his mother read passages from the Bible during his show and tell presentation...The court decided that the boy's free speech rights were not violated by the schools refusal to let him share his "favorite book"( the bible) because the classroom was a nonpublic venue and the children were very young... I think it's sad that the simple action of show-and-tell is being censored.... Do people who don't want their kids to hear about religion, whether Christian or otherwise, honestly believe that their kids will never hear about it? PLEASE!What Do You Think?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Are Black Pastors Abandoning The Old Black Church Teaching?

While Rev. Walter Hoye was during his 30 days jail stay for rejecting a deal from a judge to keep 100 yards from an abortion "clinic" he penned a letter, kinda like the letter Dr. King pen from a Birmingham jail...But what I find fascinating is how the good Rev.has all of a sudden abandon The Old Black Church (baptist) teaching and pick up the cause of the Catholic and White Evangelical agenda?... Question how did abortion become the top thing affect/effect his church and community in Oakland Calf?...I going to be frank with you; I have never heard of any Catholic Church or other church speak out about the ills that affect/effect the black community... But the good Rev. is encouraging black pastors to push the abortion issue on Sunday morning and during mid week services...If that takes place what will be come of the agenda for the black community?...So Iam asking can praise adequately be raised for the good Rev who seems to have forgotten his oath?...Who's by the way is an African-American Baptist pastor at lest that's how he describes himself. Here's the letter:

  • "Here my thoughts turn towards my brothers, men of the cloth, men who are called and sanctified by God the Father. Men who are preserved as the bondservants of Jesus Christ. Men who serve as the holy burden bearers of God's word. Men who are the watchmen on the wall. It is now in the spirit of the prophet Ezekiel, I write to my fellow watchmen on the wall."
  • Noting the statistics on abortion of African Americans, Rev. Hoye writes: "Brothers, in Black America alone every seventy-two seconds a black baby is murdered in the womb of his or her mother. This holocaust is genocidal to the point that today a black child has less than a fifty-percent chance of being born. According to the 2006 U.S. Census, Black Americans are below the replacement level.
  • "In other words, death in Black America outpaces life. Abortion alone accounts for three times more deaths in our community than HIV/AIDS, Violent Crimes, Accidents, Cancer, and Heart Disease combined. There is no question pre-natal murder, abortion, is the number one issue in not only Black America, but in all of America today."

It's nothing wrong with pastors speaking out about abortion on Sunday morning or during mid week services but we should also not forget why most likely you would have a young African American women considering an abortion...How can you convince a well informed pregnant woman to keep her baby? When the moment she awakes she has to put on her own survival gear and that is to stay alive another day...She has to deal with ;violence,unemployment,homeliness,discrimination etc...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Well Meaning Person!

All I going to say about this sister, is you don’t just pop up from nowhere to talk to the POTUS unannounced... Either Security will get you or they will be fired on the spot!...This would have been an insult if Ms.Lee would had managed to get any closer...Now Ms. Lee said that she is a Catholic priestess “with St. Juliana’s in Fullerton,” and that there are 60 other Catholic priestesses worldwide...Well that's not what Father Paul Gins of St. Juliana’s said....The father says that Lee is a member of the parish and a “well-meaning person,” but that “she does not represent the church. We do not recognize women priests, and haven’t for 2,000 years.”Lee said that her duties as a minister involve consecrating the host, and ministering to the disabled and elderly in convalescent homes...The way I see it Ms.Lee is a black woman who is fighting again the civil rights of other people there's no other way to put it...I might not agree with the term same sex marriage but I support the rights for everyone to have the same civil rights.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Killing Of Dr.George Tiller Was Wrong!

The killing yesterday of Dr. George Tiller, the late-term abortion provider in Wichita, Kansas, is the end result of manifested hate to make matters even worst the shooting took place in Reformation Lutheran Church where Tiller worshiped...He was gunned down as he worked as an usher at his church during Sunday morning service...Dr George Tiller, one of only three US doctors who perform late-term abortions, was shot in the foyer of the church as his wife, Jeanne, sat in the choir.

Shocked witnesses said he was shot by a man who opened fire with a revolver in the lobby of the Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, at about 10am...The 67-year-old doctor survived an assassination attempt when he was shot and wounded 16 years ago and his clinic in Wichita, Kansas, has often been the site of anti-abortion demonstrations... Protests were regular outside of the clinic where he worked.... The clinic also was the focal point of a bombing, blockade, and various threats. In 1993, Tiller was shot in both arms while trying to leave the clinic...Dr. Warren Hern a Colorado late-term abortion provider and a friend of Tiller, predicted that he was next on the list. After Tiller's death, Hern said, "I think it's the inevitable consequence of more than 35 years of constant anti-abortion terrorism, harassment and violence. George is the fifth American doctor to be assassinated. I get messages from these people saying, 'Don't bother wearing a bulletproof vest, we're going for a head shot.'"This shocking act comes at a time when a recent survey indicated that a majority of Americans identified themselves as pro-life rather than pro-choice.

Pro-life people are once again reminded, that a Christian's weapons are not guns and bombs, but prayer, faith and other peaceable means (2 Corinthians 10:4)...I believe abortion to be wrong and how Dr. Tiller carried out this particularly grisly task of late-term abortions is beyond me...But to take justice into one's own hand by killing the abortion provider is wrong also.

Rihanna Showed Her Butt And It Cost Her The Vogue Cover.

Remember the nude pics of Rihanna that were floating around the Internet several weeks ago? Well it looks like Vogue didn't want that mess associated with them. Rumors has it Rihanna was offered the opportunity to be a Vogue cover girl by editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. But, once those nude photos supposedly got “leaked,” Wintour pulled the deal... Rumors has it Rihanna was excited about the opportunity to be on the cover of Vogue, which was presented to her by Wintour her self at the Met Costume Institute Gala on May 4th...Well Rihanna here's some advice for you:
  1. Invest in better relationships and friends.
  2. When others don't like you they'll try to hurt you.
  3. If they can't hurt you they won't help you.
  4. If they're forced to help you, they'll hope you don't succeed.
  5. When they hope you don't succeed, life's victories are empty.
  6. So, if you want more out of life, start investing in solid relationships!
  7. If you love God and people you'll find friends wherever you go...And you'll get further in life too! You want have to worry about friends leaking your private information onto the internet.