Thursday, May 7, 2009

Practicing our Piety In Front Of Others.

I have been reading through the many blogs and articles of Christians upset that President Obama will not be taking part in the National Day of Prayer Observance and find it quiet odd that so many are upset by his decision...But didn't the Master warned us against that in the Sermon on the Mount?... That is, in Matt. 6, Jesus admonishes us not to practice our piety in front of others in order to be seen by them, but to pray to our Father in secret, confident that the all-knowing God will reward us. Consider these things with me: Even though President Obama may not be involved in a public National Day of Prayer event, we as Christians are still responsible and obligated to pray for him and his cabinet; to pray for all government leaders regardless of their political affiliation; to pray for all who have authority... To a persecuted people, the Apostle Peter wrote (I PETER 2:16-17): “Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, HONOR THE KING.” In a similar and extended way, the Apostle Paul wrote (I TIMOTHY 2:1-4): “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, PRAYERS, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone -- FOR KINGS (PRESIDENTS) AND ALL THOSE IN AUTHORITY, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.... This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's A Dirty Game!

How could any one throw a baby from a moving car is beyond me...But according to ABC Action News, Richard McTear Jr., 21, was arrested by the police for allegedly throwing an infant from a car on a Tampa expressway. An off-duty news photographer found the child, identified as Emanuel Murray, in the southbound emergency lane near Fowler Avenue shortly after 4 a.m.
About 45 minutes earlier, deputies were called to a home at 12414 North 15th Street for a report of domestic violence at the Marbella Apartments. The caller, Jasmine Bedwell, said that she and McTear were fighting and that she and her 3-month-old son had been battered. Bedwell told the operator the man picked up the baby and threw him on the concrete. She said he then picked up the child and took off in a blue 4-door Chevrolet Impala. The baby was pronounced dead alongside the Interstate around 4:30 a.m. Investigators say he was the child taken from the Marbella Apartments. Source: ABC News
A reporter from the local ABC News affiliate asked McTear how he could throw a baby out the window, he responded "It's a dirty game."I am against the death penalty but in this case it's needed... There are some real evil people in the world like Richard McTear.

Grow Your Own White Right Wing Fundamentalist Christian.

I was reading this story over on NPR about a new movement among White Christian Conservatives called the ‘ Quiverfull Movement, named after Psalm 127...Now I understand that this movement has been thriving in the good old south since 1985...From my research and understanding this movement basic wants to populate the world with White Right Wing Fundamentalist Christians....WOW! Now I found it amazing at how this group is being portrayed as a fun-loving, family oriented, upstanding group of citizens that others might want to emulate..The Quiverfull Movement, for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, are basically a Christian Fundamental group whose only purpose is to keep the white race white...According to my research and reading that:

Quiverfull women accept as many children as God gives them as a demonstration of their radical faith and obedience as well as a means to advance his kingdom: winning the country for Christ by having more children than their adversaries. This self-proclaimed “patriarchy” movement, which likely numbers in the tens of thousands but which is growing exponentially, bases its arguments on Psalm 127: “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They shall not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.” Quiverfull women commonly give birth to families of eight, 10 and 12 children, or more.

Now Nancy Campbell, a leader of the Quiverfull movement and author of Be Fruitful and Multiply” joyfully explains that:
"The womb is such a powerful weapon; it's a weapon against the enemy….We look across the Islamic world and we see that they are outnumbering us in their family size, and they are in many places and many countries taking over those nations, without a jihad, just by multiplication…I think, help! Imagine if we had had more of these children!...My greatest impact is through my children. The more children I have, the more ability I have to impact the world for God." "If everyone starts having eight children or 12 children, imagine in three generations what we'll be able to do…We'll be able to take over both halls of Congress, we'll be able to reclaim sinful cities like San Francisco for the faithful, and we'll be able to wage very effective massive boycotts against companies that are going against God's will."

Now I wonder what would be the out come if African American couples came together with a similar idea for the future of Black America just how would America see it: Here's your answer!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pregnant Woman Could Face Laos Death Penalty.

Drug trafficking is illegal, I get it. But, this woman is pregnant and officials are talking about shooting her execution-style...CNN is reporting a troubling story from Laos, where a 20-year-old British woman is facing possible execution by firing squad. She is charged with drug trafficking, and is alleged to have been caught in possession of heroin at Wattay airport:

Samantha Orobator “is facing death by firing squad for drug trafficking,” said Clare Algar, executive director of Reprieve, a London-based human rights group.

Orobator, 20, was arrested on August 5, said Khenthong Nuanthasing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman.

She was alleged to have been carrying just over half a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of heroin, Reprieve lawyer Anna Morris told CNN by phone from Vientiane, the Laotian capital. “For that amount of heroin the sentence is normally the death penalty,” she said.

Apparently Ms. Orobator has also become pregnant while in custody; one suspects that this is from being rape... If the charges are accurate, then Ms. Orobator’s foolishness in attempting such a thing will most likely cost her life...Al though good judgment at age 20 is exceedingly rare.. One has to imagine, though, given the circumstances, that there is probably much more to the story In any event, execution certainly is harsh...People need to know that a kilogram is about 2.2 pounds.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Replacing Retiring Justice Souter.

President Obama vowed that he would replace retiring Justice Souter with an "independent" legal mind...But for the past 48 hours the talk is how to make the Supreme Court look more like America... Out of the hundreds of people who have served as a Justice of the Supreme Court, there has been 2 African-Americans, 2 women, no Hispanics, no Asians, no Arabs, no Native Americans, and no openly gay or lesbian Justices... I don't believe in identity politics for the sake of identity politics... Having someone like Clarence Thomas as the "African-American Justice" does not benefit the Supreme Court or the African-American community... However, just as different practice backgrounds lend something to the court, the different life experiences that minorities still face in this country also adds something to the court when facing tough issues like what additional remedies for discrimination are still needed... There is, of course, also the political benefit to the Democratic party of naming the first Asian or Native or Hispanic Justice to the Supreme Court...The president gave no word on the nominee's gender, but the odds that he will pick a woman are better than 50-50...Like I stated only two women have ever sat on the court, and right now Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the only lady justice... Still, President Bush faced the same situation and he nominated two men to the court during his term...So my question: Should gender be left out of the equation or be on the list of qualifications for Supreme Court Justice? What about "Race"? Race nor gender matters to me as long as whom ever it is meets the qualification for Supreme Court Justice...We no The Supreme Court decides on a number of issues in it's terms that have nothing to do with just one thing... For the most part the cases come out of the court have to do with real law.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

You Don't Have To Be A Republican To Be A Christian.

While growing up in the south I thought all Christians were Republicans that was until I realize the word "Republican" referred to politics...In my early teens I hadn't grasp the concepts of governments and political agendas, the correlation made perfect sense: Almost all the white kids in my school in the late 70's were Republicans and Christians so "Republican" must equal "Christian."

Even today people believe Christians have a specific political agenda, more specifically, a conservative Republican agenda
...I have tired to demonstrate Christianity isn't a political party on this blog many of times but many have bought into the stereotype... When the term "religious right" is used, everyone knows it's really Christians--and not Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, or other religious practitioners--that are being referenced. Even "evangelical" is used to connote "conservative Republican.

How in the hell the word evangelical--from the root "evangel" meaning "good news," and referring to Jesus' Great Commission to share his teachings and promises with the world--become political terminology? There's a long, tedious answer to how this stereotype developed... But that's far less important than considering: Why are we Christians letting ourselves be defined as a political machine?
I believe that's one reason Christ is a turn-off to the world and the lost is because of this group... A perceived political agenda is keeping people from seeking Christ...There are plenty of Christians who feel one must have certain political leanings in order to be a good Christian....What is a good Christian? There's none!

The idea one must be a Republican... one must be a conservative... one must be pro-life without reservation... one must oppose gay rights completely were did these views come from? Sometimes these views come direct from the pulpit.
... let's consider what Jesus might have been interested in if He was walking among us today... He'd surely address poverty, calling for more social programs and international aid to feed the 15 million children worldwide that die from hunger each year... He'd reach out to prostitutes and drug addicts, and embrace people most of us are afraid to touch or even acknowledge... He'd give comfort to AIDS patients and to women who've had abortions... He would speak out against hate crimes... He'd support the preservation of his Father's creation (AKA the environment)

Some argue Jesus would be a liberal today, deeply concerned about righting social wrongs... Personally, I doubt Jesus would register with any political party... During His time on earth, His primary "agenda" wasn't feeding or healing--it was forgiveness... Above all else, He wanted everyone to know they could have a relationship with God... His last words to his disciples were to spread the good news. Our primary objective then, as Christians, is to share that love and forgiveness with everyone: welfare moms and A-list celebrities. Skid Row residents and billionaire tycoons...
Our faith does influence our politics, just as it influences every aspect of our lives. Who Would Jesus Vote For?,
Can You Be A Person Of Morals Without Religion?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Class Of 2009 Making History.

It's a first in the history of Jones High School. The top six students for this year's graduating class are all young black men...Jones administrators said usually the top of the class is reserved for the ladies, but not this go-around...They said these young men's accomplishments should help break down some stereotypes.

"There is a very widespread misconception about young black men or black men in general,” said Valedictorian Jamaal Nicholas... “Their inability to be successful in the workplace or not taking care of their responsibilities at home, and I think to have the top six students at Jones, which is an African-American high school I think it's really significant and it stands out that no, not all black men are like that."

Right now, the girls have their work cut out for them for next year as well. Currently, the top five for the Class of 2010 are again all males. Congratulation Jones High School.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Carrie Prejean The Next Sarah Palin?

Miss California has a right to her opinion but to turn it into a platform to attack others is wrong in my book...The reigning Miss California has gone to Washington to help launch a campaign opposing same-sex marriage...Carrie Prejean told NBC's "Today" show Thursday that she'll be working with the National Organization for Marriage to "protect traditional marriages...."The 21-year-old says that marriage is "something that is very dear to my heart" and she's in Washington to help save it.

Just because she spoke what was on her mind doesn't mean that others feel the same way she does...She's a hypocrite!!! She's protecting marriage? Then where is she when about 50% of heterosexual marriages are ending in divorce? Why isn't she there to protect that marriage? Because the bible says that's okay? No! divorce is not okay in the eyes of God either... I don't like double standards...Is Miss California the new Sara Palin the bridge to no where?

Bishop T.D.Jakes Son - In - Law Drafted By The Washington Redskins.

Congratulation Robert Henson, the former football standout from Texas Christian University,who was drafted Saturday in the 6th round by the Washington Redskins.

"It is truly a dream come true," said Henson who celebrated with his wife Sarah, family and friends at the home of father-in-law Bishop T.D. Jakes. "I've dreamed of this moment from the first day that I started playing football and I can't believe that this day is finally here ? it is truly a dream come true."

Bishop T.D. Jakes was moved not so much by the fact that his son-in-law was drafted, but by the amount of work it took for him to get there. "Robert has been through so much and worked so hard, I am so proud of him, not just for being a football player, but for being a man."

Henson, no stranger to adversity and struggles during his lifetime, became emotional when he recalled conversations he shared with his now deceased brother Nicholas Sterling about his chances of playing football at the highest level. "My brother and I would spend hours sitting on our porch talking about me being drafted and playing in the NFL and now this day is here and I am so excited."

Henson married Bishop Jakes' youngest daughter Sarah in June of 2008 in a lavish ceremony attended by Tyler Perry, Dr. Phil, Tom Joyner, Emmitt Smith and Deion Sanders...Again congratulation Robert Henson.