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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Attraction Can It Be Turn On And Off?

Now on one level one speak of attraction one might immediately think of physical beauty.... And–on a certain level–that is a kind of attractiveness that is very real.... However, I want to suggest that we take a look at other kind of attractiveness...First what causes us to be drawn to certain people? What quality of Christ likeness do we experience an see in other people that we often find so refreshing? What is that quality that makes us want to spend time ( my husband ) with certain people? Maybe–just maybe–that quality is generosity...You no there are some people who display the grace of God by their generosity and long suffering...I find ( my husband ) generous people and folks who will go an extra mile more attractive... People who are generous with appreciation and they can take a little more...These people are constantly thanking people... They thank the waitress, the person at the cleaners, the grocery store clerk.... They thank their child’s coach and teacher.... These people take no one for granted... They send thank you notes, e-mails, and leave thankful voice messages... They thank and thank.... People who are generous with encouragement... I know so many people who are just starved for a word of encouragement.... They work hard and contribute.... They are very conscientious... Yet, they hear no "atta-boy" or no "atta-girl..." Instead these people often have to deal with criticism of those who have done nothing to help... It is tough to hear no encouragement and to instead hear criticism... No wonder people are attracted to an encourager like a ant is to sugar... People who are generous with money... I don’t mean ( Bill Gate or Oprah Winfer)... I am speaking of people who use what they have for other’s benefit... I am talking about people who are ready to help a neighbor who had been burned out in a fire... When the people at work take up a collection for a single mother who has cancer, they are the first to give... What about you? When people think of you, do they think of a grateful person? Do they think of an encourager? Do they think of person who displays the grace of God? in other words are you attractive?
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