Rev. Al Sharpton Is Not A Racist.

There's a lot of chatter on the net about The Rev.Al Sharpton being called a racist. In which I 100% total disagree with. The statement Rev. Al made at the memorial services for MJ was point on. And when you listen to the interview he had with Dr. Dyson on that same day then you can understand were he was coming from and why he made such a bold statement.

Rev. Al Sharpton, sits down with Dr. Dyson to discuss his memories of the King of Pop. “Michael Jackson made culture accept a person of color, way before Tiger Woods, way before Oprah Winfrey, way before Barack Obama. Michael did with music what they later did in sports and in politics, and in television. And no controversy will erase the historic impact,“ Sharpton said. A commemorative postage stamp is being sought out by Rev. Sharpton in honor of the late Michael Jackson.
Rev. Sharpton and Dr. Dyson also discuss the rise and fall of Michael’s career and life time of trials and tribulations.“I hope Michael will get the respect he was due. If he had shortcomings, they didn’t equal his strengths,“ Sharpton said, “and if he brought days that we had hoped would never come again, they didn’t measure up to the many days and more days that he gave us joy and pleasure.“


  1. I was filled wuth joy after reading your post. I don't know what it is with some folk but I think they block out many of Rev. Sharptons messages because of a perception that he grandstands. I've visited many blogs that have been hating on him. One blogger even told me get out of Al's behind. He didn't use thaose exact words but you can imagine what he said. He also called me Al's secret brother.

    When I listen to the words of those that attack Rev. Sharpton, it's never about the words of his message. There's generally no substance to their complaint.

    I get so tired of our people attacking others like Al sharpton for no reasons other than a class of personalities.

    Al doesn't always use 5 dollar words but frequently his message is worth a million bucks.

    His speech at the memorial was the most poignant of the evening. Paris brought tears but Rev. Al Sharpton brought the truth!

  2. Rev. Al did MJ Justice. After the mess called the BET Awards I'm glad black folks and the world were able to see black folks being classy.

  3. ey, I was reading your blog and ended up staying a while. We need to exchange links since we are both doing what we do. Check me out Husla3 (super-genius)

  4. People have bought the medias hype about rev. al. that he is a grandstander and opportunist. They buy it and don't listen to what he says. He is no racist.

  5. Rev. Al said: "If he had shortcomings..."

    If? Look, part of the reason why Michael is dead right now is because people either didn't acknowledge or catered to Michae's "short comings". I love Michael's music, and for a while really looked up to him because of his talent and determination BUT, there were some serious psychological and sociological issues that at the LEAST were agitating factors in his personal problems and his health which contributed to his untimely death.

  6. Amen, DJ Black Adam.

    Al Sharpton has acted iresponsibly in the past and that has stuck to him; particularly in the white media outlets. The media is a good and bad thing. They can be very unforgiving.

    I think Sharpton overstated Michael's impact on race acceptance in the country. There were sooo many before Micheal that own so much of what Sharpton gave solely to Micheal. Yes, he crossed over in music sales in a way noone ever had that is true but Europeans have always embraced black artists when white Americans were much less interested. Space will not allow me to mention even a partial list. He was a huge star but I don't feel he opened doors for Oprah, Woods as was stated. His weirdness overided his fame. In several ways Jackson was as infamous as we was talented and famous. Attributing the election of Barak Obama to the influence of Michael Jackson is a grandiose and absurd statement.

  7. I'm not going to speak to what I believe about Mr. Sharpton in particular, but to the notion that I keep hearing that a black person is racist.

    Blacks/minorities can be bigoted, but since we don't control ANY industry, we don't have the power to exclude whites from anything based on race. That's the definition of racism.

    Let's call prejudice as it is, and stop throwing around these -isms.

    I don't believe Sharpton is racist or bigoted.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. I don't believe racism is limited to controlling an industry only. Racism and bigotry doesn't just apply to minorities. Mr. Sharpton has been called a racist, especially lately, because of his obvious double standard with his rhetoric. Constantly, he plays the race card. While President Obama is trying to unite a nation, Reverend Sharpton is constantly trying to divide it. Every day, Sharpton is whining about petty things from the past (like Rush Limbaugh). The public doesn't care what that moron Rush Limbaugh does with his money. But it is obvious that it bothered AL that Rush was gonna possibly buy the Rams. And what does he say......refers to the comment on ESPN by Rush. Why is he bringing up something that happened years ago?

    The point is, if Al is never gonna forget racist comments by someone, he should expect that America will certainly not forget His comments either. Just because Mr. Sharpton is black, does not mean America won't recognize his comments as being racist. Especially now, since we Finally have a black President, I think racists are gonna be called out, no matter what color they are, and anyone who says racist remarks (ANYONE), will be held accountable. Reverend Sharpton, I'm sure, will probably start choosing his words a little more carefully, since America is starting to recognize his double standard. Now believe me, a vast majority of the racial problems in this country are surely, directed towards African Americans, I agree. I am not by any means, choosing a side. I am just stressing that in order to improve race relations in this country, racism needs to end, and that would apply to ALL RACES.

  9. Rev. Al did MJ Justice. After the mess called the BET Awards I'm glad black folks and the world were able to see black folks being classy.


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