Fans Or Admirers?

Do you want fans or admirers? Are you more interested in what people think of what you do? Or who you are? I was out of town Friday when I heard about the death of Walter Cronkite. While watching the news coverage of his death this week, I started thinking of how I would like to be remember when my time comes to return to the Father. Some people say it don't matter but to me it does.

I also think how Michael Jackson had "fans," and maybe Walter Cronkite had "admirers." Don't takes this in the wrong way, people loved Michale's music and what he did on the stage. His personal life however, left much to be desired. Now Walter Cronkite on the other hand wasn't terribly spectacular, but he was brilliant at his job, and it literally impacted an entire nation. On a personally level , Cronkite was married for nearly sixty-five years to Mary Elizabeth 'Betsy' Maxwell Cronkite. They were married on March 30, 1940, and remained together until her death in 2005. Jackson on the other hand had and often unhappy personal life to say the least.

The bottom line is that people loved what Michael did, but they loved who Walter was. It's common these days to say that a artist, performer, leader, or celebrity should only be valued for the work he or she performs, and their personal life should have no bearing on the issue. Perhaps I'm a little old fashioned in that regard I don't see how you can separate one from the other. I tend to believe your personal life, moral values, and spiritual bearing says a lot about the bigger picture of what your life and work means and how people will remember you. So, do you want fans or admirers?


  1. It is strange our fascination with the spectaculars, like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, & Princess Diana. When they die; we seem to get all "shook up". But when people like Walter Cronkite and Mother Theresa pass on we scarcely notice. When I think of Elvis, Michael & Diane, is get a sense of shaking sand; but when I think of Cronkite & Mother Theresa I get a sense of solid ground. Earthquakes can be awesome, but it is in the very mist of the shaking, that I want to run to the solid rocks and hold on for dear life. Yes it is the Cronkites and Mother Theresa's that stabilize us.

  2. @shanchere thanks for your comment. "Earthquakes can be awesome, but it is in the very mist of the shaking, that I want to run to the solid rocks and hold on for dear life." Awesome! I love that thought.

  3. First Ann, don't be using Michael as the backstop :-).

    Your question is deep on several levels. It's my belief you can have admirers & fans ...and they can be one in the same. It depend on why you admire them. You put Mr. Cronkite on a pedestal for reading lines that he probably didn't even write. Plus, for most of his career, he was the only game in town. Heck, I remember watching him when we only had 2 channels. Yes, he was married for several years - and? I know marrige is slipping to an outdated custom but I wouldn't put him ahead of Michael Jackson on that note. Did Walter fall down and show us how to get back up? What lessons did we learn from Mr. Cronkite? Some have been brainwashed into thinking this man was something other than a news anchor. We really know nothing about this man.

    Mr. Cronkite aside, the core of your question still has merit - fans or admirers - "personal life, moral values, and spiritual bearing says a lot about the bigger picture of what your life and work means and how people will remember you"

    Many people will remember Michael as a person who had a spiritual connect to his God. His personal life with many of his friends will be remembered by his real friends.

    Ummmm, fan or admirer -- that question is very subjective.

    Hey, stop by and take a look at my grandson. Yep, am doing the proud granddaddy thang.

    Now tell me the truth. Do you have ghost writers, cause you are getting real good at this thang - big ups!

  4. Personally, I'm not a fan or admirer of Walter Cronkite. I really know little about him. I believe he may have been a little before my time. I do know that no man is better than another. We all have our faults...let he that is without sin cast the first stone. I'm sure we know lots more about Michael...the good and the bad...because he was the bigger overall celebrity. I'm sure that Mr. Cronkite had some faults of his own as well... as we all do.

    You can not compare the two because too many factors come into play.

    As to whether I would want fans or admirers...I think I would rather have people that truly cared for me regardless of my shortcomings.

  5. @Carey thanks for your comment. I didn't put Mr. Cronkite on a pedestal I am just saying "I" admired his work and the fact that the man was married for over 65 years that's all.

    I too am a fan of Michale Jackson and would not have it any other way. I will agree at one time Mr. Cronkite was the only game in town so was Michale Jackson.

    @Anonymous thanks for your comment. I am not comparing the 2 I am only stating that one I admire and the other I am a loyal fan of that's all.

  6. Hi Annie,

    As a person who is sometimes in the public sphere, I have learned that whether I have fans or admirers has to do with the mentality of the person who "interprets" who I am... it has little to do with me.

    There are some people who "interpret" the minister as a star Christian or a superior Christian to the others in the body of Christ... that person is likely to see themselves as a "fan".

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


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