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Friday, May 15, 2009

Insensitive Or Racism?

How quickly we forget about the hateful history of the university of Alabama...And how our governor at that time stood in the front door of the university in order to stop black students from entering...He had to be removed by the national guard at that time...But for people to really understand how things like this effect/affect a person psychic you have to have grown up or lived in the deep south...Again I Don't have any respect for that part of our history...To me it's a representation of pure hate and these costumes shown in the post are a symbol of that hate! If people must relive the ignorant treasonous "traditions" of the old south don't go in front of the ancestors of the people who where most effected by that ugly part of our history and what it stood for...When I see pictures like these of the old south I think about the pain that my ancestors had to have gone through... Some white people just don't get it....People need to stop pretending that this era in our history stands for anything other than hate and pain.Article here!
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  1. This is some evil stuff. I'm sharing your post with my blog readers as part of this week's sidebar "Village Movie" feature...

    Gone With the Wind is the movie title I chose...


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