If You Had The Power To Ban From Media Who Or What Would It Be?

The UK recently published the list of individuals banned from the country because they demonstrate behavior that the country’s leaders don’t find acceptable...If I could come up with my own ban list, of people and topics that I am sooo, tired of seeing in the media it would look like this:
  1. Nancy Pelosi: I believe she's hurting the president.
  2. Dick Cheney: I am tired of seeing bitter white men.
  3. Fox News: There's enough hate in the world.
  4. Elizabeth Edwards: Sometimes you need to shut up.
  5. Miss California: A Christian with no morals.
  6. Beyonce: Selfish!
  7. The entire Palin family:The meaning of dysfunction.
  8. Torture: This is America!
  9. Water boarding: Wrong!
  10. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: I won't say!


  1. Here's my list and I no longer have cable -

    1. profanity
    2. women exposing too much of their newly purchased body parts.
    3. beauty pageants (exhibitions)
    4. bedroom scenes in the middle of the day.
    5. The Palin's reality show
    6. all reality shows
    7. wrestling
    8. news anchors with high pitched voices.
    9. Two and Half Men
    10. Cops (seems like the same people keep getting arrested)

  2. @energize thanks for your comment, #7 and #2 for sure...My husband is a wrestling fan I can't stand it.

  3. I love your list, Ann! Off the top of my head I would ban:
    1. All batchelor type reality shows. They are humiliating.
    2. Fox News. You said why.
    3. TV marathons. You know, five Law and Orders in a row or 8 Tyler Perry shows. It's lazy programing. Pay some actors, create something.
    4. Medical and drug commercials.
    5. Infomercials
    6. Rush Limbaugh
    7. Jerry Springer, Maury etc
    8. Obstructionist in U.S. Congress.
    9. Any loud annoying ad with Billy Mays, you know the Sham-Wow guy.
    10. Closed minded people.

  4. Jackie thanks for your comment, I like your list also especially 9-10 great pick.

  5. You come up with the best post topics, Ann.
    energize, I love Two and a Half Men. It's a very adult comedy, not for children. Nope.

  6. My list would include:
    Ron Christie
    You have every right to be a republication, but COME ON.

    Rush Limbuagh
    You brand of hate is eating at the core of this nation.

    The two Dicks: Morris and Cheney
    I’m sorry but they just make my skin crawl.

    Ann Coulter
    I guess being blonde will get you far.

    Joe the Plumber
    Being the average man is one thing, being stupid is another.

    The cast of Fox & Friends.
    I just don’t get it.

    John Boehner
    Deliver us from evil.

    CBS: Monday nights 8:00pm – 10:00pm
    People of color need not apply.

    Michael Steel
    What are you talking about?

    Sean Hannity
    Please tell me it is all an act.

  7. My first inclination is to begin my own list which would include many of the names listed above. However, reason kicks in and overcomes emotion and I realize that once we start censoring some voices, we run the risk of censoring all voices.


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