Immigration And The President!

With unemployment on the rise there's one thing our President is not shying away from is America's immigration problem... The President will soon get started on a plan that will likely include a pathway to citizenship for the 12 million illegal immigrants living within America's borders. George W. Bush tried to do the same thing, but his effort went down in Republican opposition....The president faces an even tougher climate since Americans are more concerned with losing their jobs to immigrants thanks to the recession...But the president will frame his agenda as "policy reform that controls immigration and makes it an orderly system." Let's see how that work"....The president will start his policy push in May, and gather bipartisan groups to discuss legislation. The hope is to introduce a bill in Congress this Fall.

Question? Do you think people are ready for reform?


  1. I don't know if people are ready for reform, but I know the country needs it. Most people I think are misinformed about immigration. Most of them see it as a "problem" because it is pitched that way. In effect, what they're doing (or did) was create another class of peoiple in this country to discriminate. Or develop that us against them attitude that's often fostered by republicans. I could go on and on for days on this me being an immigrant, born of immigrant parents. But I'll stop for now.

  2. I guess I can ride on RiPPa's wings. I believe knowledge is king in most issues involving politics. The word reform can even be misunderstood. If the issue is really about legalizing those that are already here than who would disagree with that. Well, there are plenty of other issues that come with that. Now a person receives all the benifits of an American. Now money walks in the door. What states will carry certain loads? It's a thick issue and I'll sit back and see if it really affects me.

    But you know when Obama says go, some say stop, without hesitation. That's just what they do. It's not about an issue for some. It's about that black man ...that's a fact.

  3. Hi Annie,

    I have been blowing the trumpet loudly about black women being more vocal and insistent about anti-immigration!!

    The influx of illegal immigrants has not benefitted the black community AT ALL and there is nothing to gain for black people in supporting the presence of illegal immigrants.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


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