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Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby's First Grill Pacifiers.

I have always believe pacifiers were far better for children that thumb sucking but I don't know after witnessing something I saw Today...I do remember the days worrying about how much time my children had a pacifier in their mouth and how it would effect/affect their teeth....The old southern folks I grew up around didn't believe in pacifiers...the thinking at that time was pacifiers would make kids have buck teeth...I also remember looking for cute, simply designed pacifiers that wouldn't cover their face too much....Any way I was in Targets today and saw a baby with a grill pacifier in his mouth I had to take a double look...So when I got home I did a search and found this website offering some pacifiers of questionable taste, it got me to thinking why in the Hell would any parent buy this for their babies?...Are Billy Bob's pacifiers supposed to be funny or what?....A lot of things I don't get and this is one of them... You have the Playground Pimp, Baby's First Grill, and the buck-toothed Two Front Teeth.
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  1. This is a trip. I don't think I would have used them with my children.

    I found your blog via Revvy Rev.

    New Orleans Lit ExaminerWSATA OSF

  2. This is going too far. Grills are not cute on adults. Now they're making them for pacifiers? Babies can't say "Get this ghetto monstrosity out of my mouth!" If you want to look like a fool with your grown self, knock yourself out, but don't have your child looking ghetto fabulous. And yes, let's be honest, generally speaking it's ghetto people who wear grills.


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