Hats & The Old Black Church Go Hand - In Hand.

Growing up and living in the deep south we had school clothes, play clothes and church clothes because church was the one day of the week we really got to dress up...But today it's not unheard of to wear jeans to job interviews and flip-flops on first dates. Even when it comes to worship, there is an increasing come-as-you-are approach preached across faiths to encourage participation among youths... But in some denominations and especially among certain communities particularly African-Americans, attending church in your finest including furs, sequined shawls and ornate hats are tradition... In some faiths, including Judaism, covering one's head is expected when entering a holy sanctuary...While growing up in the deep south I remember my grandmother would not leave her house without some type of head dress on her head...even if it was only to the field to work for old man Charlie or to the local store she wore something on her head.

The LA Times has a cool story with great photos of “church crowns,” outtakes from the hat culture that remains alive and well in many black churches....Even if the world has gotten much more casual in recent decades, and hats are far less in numbers...the hat culture remains alive and well in many of the nation’s black churches...These 'church crowns' are about devotion with a touch of something delightful, and wearing them takes a bundle of attitude and self-esteem...Meeka Robinson-Davis, pictured in a red chapeau decorated with red, pink and yellow flowers, is a second-generation hat maker... She runs the Slauson Avenue branch of the store her mother Sonja Robinson founded, One-of-a-Kind Hats on Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Mae Blake, wife of West Angeles Church of God in Christ's bishop, Charles Blake.


  1. I love seeing a woman dressed for church. But some of them take it kinda far I think.

  2. Hello there!

    I never see younger women in hats in church these days... they are wearing tight, see-through form-fitting club dresses and thongs so that they can get a man... or perhaps become the highest ranking temple prostitute... I am not quite sure which.

    I am not a hat wearer but I do remember the older ladies taking pride in them because in their generation, a hat was a class marker.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  3. I'd like to see the church ladies swing the pendulum toward the middle; from the club wear to the classicly appropriate for worship, yet away from the fashoin shows that have become so popular these days in church

  4. I find it unfair to say that only in black churches this happens. I thought that racial equality has been achieved, but I guess that not even the election of the first black president in the United States doesn't make people less racial haters.

  5. It may not happen exclusively in Black churches but it certainly distinctly routine in the Black Church. I don't think this can be denied.
    As far as racial equality is concerned this topic was not about racial equality but a racial or cultural bias distinctive. Equality would not remove the distinctives of a race or cultural sub-set.
    Remember all the hoopla over the alleged inappropriateness of Aretha Franklin's hat at Obama's inaguration? This was largely due to ignorance of Black culture and our distinct cultural celebrations.


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