Media Ethics!

TMZ's photo of Rihanna beaten up was leaked online Thursday night. The TMZ photo of a very beat up and bruised Rihanna has created a storm of controversy about media ethics.

The image of Rihanna's injured face is very disturbing. Personally, I believe TMZ did not need to publish the image. Do you think publishing the photo of a battered Rihanna is news?

I believe it probably IS a violation of her privacy, however, when one is a "celebrity", there are no longer any "expectations of privacy", apparently. It's disturbing to me that ANY woman should have to endure such abuse from a partner or loved one, it MAY be the picture that will help some young wife whose husband regularly beats her, realize that she's not alone, and if someone as rich, famous and fabulous as this woman can get beat up, then maybe it's NOT "her fault". And then she gets the courage to call the police, or contact a shelter for help in getting herself out of the abusive relationship. ALL things can be used for good. I'm sorry this happened to Rhianna, but as I said, maybe, just maybe leaking this photo might help someone else to get out of THEIR abusive world. Let's pray that SOMETHING good comes from it.


  1. Some of these media outlets like TMZ have no ethics at all. They invade peoples privacy and personal space.. Thank you God for my lot in life and being able to have a private life

  2. media ethics is an oxymoron!
    I pray that both Rhianna and Chris get the help they need.
    The media did not have to and should not have posted Rhianna's picture but like you said hopefully it will help someone. I pray that someone sees it and stops being an abuser or stops being a victim.
    I just read an awesome post on this over at the happy go lucky bachelor's spot. Mike did an great job with his post.

    I pray all ends well for those involved.

  3. I didn't grasp the magnitude of the fight between Chris & Rhianna until I saw the pictures. I initially thought it was all hype to sell newspaper. Having said that I hope that seeing the pictures of herself will help Rhianna get a clue, Chris get help, and others who are in abusive situations seek counsel.

  4. Helllo there,

    This is a shame that she was violated in this way.

    The media has no boundaries at all and celebrities need to understand that. They COURT media attention to sell records but then they complain when the media reports on the not-so-flattering aspects of their lives.

    You can't have it both ways. If you feel the media is unscrupulous then don't deal with them PERIOD. Clearly, she has dealt with the media for her own benefits when it suited her. I am sorry that they exploited this and humiliated her however.

    You can't be in bed with a snake and expect that the snake will never bite you.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  5. What ethics should apply to media? Seriously? Yes what happened to her was terrible. The problem here is not TMZ but other outlets reporting on what TMZ "leaked". TMZ can have the pictures, just like Porn sites can have movies and pictures...but Fox News, CNN and MSNBC should have the maturity to leave the matter between the police and TMZ. They all don't care about her, just about ratings.

    There is no standard of ethics in media because media for too long have interpreted the 1st amendment rights to be a bestowing of mind altering power without any responsibility.


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