I Found My Boss On FaceBook.

What if, you're surfing one of does social networking sites and you happen to stumble upon your boss' page. You open it up and find out he/she is kinda kinky or has different political views, religious beliefs or a different sexual orientation than what you have or think they should have. How do you think you would respond or act once you return to work? Would you mention it or just let it go? What if they were into something that was offensive to you? Or illegal? What would you do? Just asking!


  1. Hello there,

    As a person who has been a boss, I can say that I don't pry into the personal lives of my staff.

    Accordingly, I don't expect the staff to think that I will answer questions about MY personal life. If they were to investigate on their own and find something about me that they don't like then they can quit.

    I don't think it is at all appropriate to go to work and mention to a boss that you have seen their personal page. I guess I am thinking: What would that accomplish?

    Clearly, that person is using his/her own name online and knows that anyone can find it.

    If the person is into something that is illegal (such as child pornography) and it is apparent that they are doing something illegal online, then I still would not mention it to the boss directly, because that could raise issues of possible blackmail. I would report it to the authorities.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  2. Wow... I never thought of it in that way. I hear of those sites being used to check out prospective keep up with former staff and students on those sites, but I only post what I wouldn't mind them cutting and pasting somewhere else. But they are my "friends" so I trust them at the same time.

    If the boss has questionable stuff on her/his site, I would not commment unless they send you a friend request. That is a simple enough sign that you are close enough to converse about their personal life.

  3. If their "extracurricular" activities are not effecting you personally or the job then it is their personal business. If they bring it up to you than it is fair game!

  4. Hi Ann,

    Now THAT would be amusing. I'm a pretty 'live and let live' open minded kind of person.

    It would probably enhance my perspective of the person one way or the other. If I didn't have negative feelings towards the person prior to the discovery, that probably wouldn't change.

    Well, so long as there's no kind of human or animal abuse involved.

  5. If their "extracurricular" activities are not effecting you personally or the job then it is their personal business. If they bring it up to you than it is fair game!


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