"The Spook Who Sat By The Door"

The worst possible outcome for Republicans is for Limbaugh to become the voice of the new Conservatism. But by picking Steele was a poor attempt to color the republicans as inclusive. We no that Steele is the crab they will use to compete against Obama and the Democrats. Picking people based on there color took place alot during the late sixties. Do the republicans think we don't remember? That was around the time most all the fed agencies needed a dark person after the civil rights movement. Jesus Christ, I did not realize that this party was in that much trouble, but after this move it is quite obvious. You chose a man who has no creditability in the black community, he has zip, none. If you were going to front an African American, you should have chosen one with pull in the minority communities. The Republican Party now wants to get black people to think it's suddenly different because a black man is now the chair of the RNC? Please we "ain't" stupid!

We no that the overwhelming majority of Republicans are white, middle-class, suburban and scared to death of anything beyond their , gated-community but yet they pick a black man to be the head of the RNC. Yeah, they may think it's great and feel all good inside that a black man is head of the RNC --now let that same black man move into their neighborhood, and all you're here is how far the value of their house will drop now that "the neighborhood is going to hell". Micheal Steele is no more than Hannity in black face.


  1. 1 February 2009
    Day 9 Since the Mexico City Policy (US tax dollar funding of abortions around the world) was signed in secret
    Day 10 Since the War on Terrorism Ended (The Washington Post)
    Day 11 Since the Guantanamo Bay detention center was closed


    I remember two instances from my youth: speaking before a diverse group about the importance of education in overcoming the throes of poverty and sharing my conservative beliefs to an Advanced English and Creative Writing course at a Historic Black College and University. I remember the applause of the first and the belittlement of the second. I remember a “rainbow” of individuals in awe of the presentation and appreciative of the principles which later became legislation. In the latter, I remember being called an “Uncle Tom” by a group of sanctified, educated black men and women. I made a decision right then and there: I am okay with what I believe even when people who look like me are not. There is no room for racism in the Old Black Church, the New Black Church or any church. You asked what the church must do to deal with its young people. I have the answer learn to love God so much that you would not defame your neighbor and love yourself so greatly that you never despise a race or gender. These are the creations of the Living God and not the manufacturing of any man. How can you speak of rainbows and unity and profane a race by mentioning the term “token”. Four hundred years have passed and no matter what happens, the Old Black Church resembles an ol’ gray mare! Broken and resistant to diverse opinion and political power, the mare remains in the stall until the next time the farmer needs to haul of his goods to the city. Racism, self-prescribed or allocated to others, is never acceptable.

    “Right now he's looking like a black token been used by the Republican Party.” That is one of the most racists statements that I have read. Unfortunately, I can understand where it comes. By your words, the Old Black Church is reticent in its plantation motif. But not your words alone, the words errantly shared amongst many in the Afro-American culture. Paul Kivel, in Uprooting Racism, writes, “White people seldom voluntarily give up control or willingly look at our role in resisting change. If people of color push hard enough, we slowly and reluctantly accept their participation.” It took 90% of one race and 70 years of voting allegiance to one party in order to achieve an Afro-American President. Yet, while it is okay for you to occupy the House, you can not run the Party that produces the House resident. It took 5% of one race and 170 years of voting allegiance to conservative principles that produced one that runs the Party that produces the House resident. Lt. Governor Michael Steele has accomplished significantly more with less than President Barack Obama.

    Remember Lani Guinier…Clinton dumped her like drug dealer running from the police drops a baggie! Lani Guinier is an American civil rights scholar. The first black woman tenured professor at Harvard Law School, Guinier's work includes professional responsibilities of public lawyers, the relationship between democracy and the law, the role of race and gender in the political process, equity in college admissions, and affirmative action. Guinier is probably most well-known as President Bill Clinton's nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in April 1993. Lani Guinier wrote the following journal article: THE TRIUMPH OF TOKENISM: THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT AND THE THEORY OF BLACK ELECTORAL SUCCESS. She was referring to Afro-Americans in each of the Parties—Democrat and Republican. The true grace of the pre-1968 civil rights movement is that the theory has become law. While whites, Asians and Hispanics would call a season where their race is shared by the leader in each Party a blessing, only Afro-Americans would deem one the Messiah and the other Satan. Only Afro-Americans would deem one the Golden Ticket and the other a Ticket on the Titanic.

    Tokenism refers to a policy or practice of limited inclusion of members of a minority group, usually creating a false appearance of inclusive practices, intentional or not. Typical examples in real life and fiction include purposely including a member of a minority race (such as a black character in a mainly white cast, or vice versa) into a group. Classically, token characters have some reduced capacity compared to the other characters and may have bland or inoffensive personalities so as to not be accused of stereotyping negative traits. Alternatively, their differences may be overemphasized (Michael Steele as GOP Chairman) or made "exotic" and glamorous (President Barack Obama on the Hawaiian beaches).

    The Old Black Church has a greater assault against the Republican Party than against sin and death. I can only imagine how effective and efficient churches would be if they even compared the principles of the two Parties rather than raising one and castigating the other. I am more likely to see a gay or lesbian preacher in the Old Black Church pulpit than a man or woman of God that seeks to live a righteous life according to the Word of God and is a Republican. Until African-Americans realize that 90% of one race in one party is as “token” as 90% of one race in one church then, the brokenness and foolishness of racism, sexism, poverty and crime will prevail upon the culture. Attack the principles not the person. Attack the reality not the race. Choose wisdom rather foolishness. Choose life rather than words of death. Better yet, write a thank you card to Michael Steele (Chairman@gop.com) for being a positive black family role model.

  2. The movie "The Spook Who Sat By The Door" is an awesome movie. Just too bad it ain't Michael Steele. Now I applaud this brother and all his accomplishments as a Black man, and a part of me wants to sincerely be proud of him. Seriously, I do, and thats why my current post is dedicted to him without even mentioning him.

    The next one I do might not be so nice. But inspite of his politics, he's still a brother like the rest of us. I used to think he was "different" until I heard him speak at the State Of The Black Union Conference recently, and in other interviews geared towards us.

    And in all honesty: the only reason he got this was because of Obama AND the fact that the two or three other WHITE people who were ahead of him had bagage. The frontrunner was the dude who put out that Magic Negro song.

  3. @Kenneth thanks for your comment and again those are your views and you are allow to post them.

    Kenneth you were one of the first to leave a comment on my blog saying that people was voting for Obama based on his color. Now I am telling you that's what the republican just did with Steele. How shameful!

    Steele doesn't realize he's being played...he's made several excuses for the "Grand Old White Party" many times.

    First, remember that state fund-raiser at the "all white" country club? Yeah, his excuse was "I don't golf, so who cares?".

    Second, remember those Oreos being hurled at the Maryland Gubernatorial debate? Oh, yeah, people were just having their snacks!!! What a fool!!!

    Kenneth can you tell me how Steele will be able to impact or diversifying the RNC, especially as long as Limbaugh continues to be the voice of the GOP?

    I am loving how Obama is holding old fat Rush up as the voice of the Republicans, that way every American can understand what y'all standing for.

    Kenneth the republican party should understand what is wrong with their party and why they lost the election. It has nothing to do with color it's about the hate in your party.

    Again Michael Steele has no creditability in the black community.

    @RiPPa thanks for your comment but, I don't see Steele that way. I saw Steele on covenant with Black America and I walked away with the same picture of him. He has no creditability with Black America.

  4. As a fellow black conservative and a republican, I think Steele is a capable brother who certainly has the leadership skills to manage the RNC. Whether his political skills are up to the task of managing a GOP comeback from the wilderness is the question and only time will tell. If Obama is successful, I don't think the GOP will see a turnaround very soon. Considering the amount of pork and other crap in the stimulus package, its at least an even bet that the economy will not be in demonstrable recovery by 2012.

    As a republican, I'm not going to pull Steele's black card because he has conservative views. As far as I can tell, Steele is not the caricature black republican in that he does not take every opportunity to bash black folks in order to garner street cred with other republicans. I didn't care for his comments upon winning. Its not the quality of beginning I thought was appropriate. But I think its a mistake to call him a sellout because he is conservative. He was certainly every bit deserving of the job. I think its true that he would have been less likely to win the post were we not living in the age of Obama. And I consider it likely that he will find himself in some uncomfortable positions relative to his party, since their messaging to blacks and other minority groups is often so poor.

    He is now the leader of a party which does not consider blacks necessary or critical to their aspirations for governance. I'm not saying the GOP is racist. But they are disinterested in black voters as a constituency in their coalition. Steele has acknowledged this issue himself. So it will be interesting to see how Steele confronts this fundamental fact.

    But its neither fair nor accurate to call into question his commitment to the black community because he is a conservative. Thats simply not mature political analysis.

  5. @Aaron + Alaine thanks for your comment and please come again.

    "He is now the leader of a party which does not consider blacks necessary or critical to their aspirations for governance."

    I am having a hard time with that statement and trying too understanding why you don't think the republican party is racist.

  6. Steele is just a pawn to pit two black men against each other.

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