Michelle Obama Making Ways For The Dark Skinned Sister.

"Well, you know it goes back to the very beginning. If you were light skinned you were in, if you were dark skinned you were out. It very well works that way in the industry. You see very [few] dark skinned people on top of the game. Most of the superstars are very fair or mulatto people".

That was a statement made by singer Angie Stone during the summer of 2008. Ms. Stone caught alot of heat for her statement(some say the problem was her attitude and music)but too her it was her skin tone. I don't no any thing about the music business but I do know about life. If you grew up were people address you by your skin tone rather than your name you might understand Ms. Stone better. What if everyday of your early life people call you names like blackie, tar baby ,or black gal? You might be able to relate to Ms. Stone with a must clearer understanding. My 1st cousin who skin tone is about the same as Ms.Stone,can easily understand. Talking about catching hell growing up she caught it. She develop and attitude too and I understand why. I beleive if interviewed today Ms.Stone might have a different out look.

Any way too,see 1st lady Michelle Obama with her dark skin tone i
s another reason so many dark skin women have fallen in love with her. She represent them in a way. She doesn't look like every other black woman in the media. When I see Michelle Obama on the cover of magazines and on TV shows, I think, wow, look at her and her dark skin. And I don’t mean any disrespect to my sisters who are light, brown or blue black , but gee, it’s nice to see a dark skinned sister get some attention and for her to be called beautiful by the world that is wonderful.

Now,that just doesn't happen every day,not in America. If a dark skinned woman is seen as beautiful she’s “beautiful for a dark skinned woman”, and not just beautiful. I believe Mrs. Obama will give dark skinned sister a reason to be more confident in their appearance and looks. Does this mean that the hue war between dark skinned and light skinned women will magically disappear? Honestly, NO!. This has been going on for hundreds of years, and in my opinion too long. I am praying and believing that Michelle Obama, being in the position that she's in will help unite all shades of black. Maybe with Michelle being the 1st lady with dark skin cream lightening will disappear, what you think? There's a new book out: Go, Tell Michelle: African American Women Write to the New First Lady.


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