Your Typical Church.

Are you part of the 20% or 80%? You may have heard of the idea that 20% of people in a typical church do 80% of the work. I know that this is not the exact ratio and it will vary from church to church. In most churches there seems to be one group of really dedicated workers without whom it’s hard to imagine the church even functioning with out. Then there’s the other 80%, who for whatever reason aren’t very involved beyond attending Sunday worship services. In other words people who just want get involve. Granted my church is small in numbers therefore it's more noticeable when people want participate. Not saying it want be notice in a larger congregation but maybe not as bad. Any how, Sunday night the youth workers of my church put on the annual Christmas program for the young people. The pastor made a plea during morning service that he wanted and would like for all to come out and support the program. He knew from past experiences how some of the congregation think. You know, the one who say I don't have no one in it. The young people had been working for over a month on the program. The hubby and I were there to support the youth even if we didn't have any kids in it. I think they did a wonderful job. Any way you can imagine the usual group showed up the others group did not. Some drop off their kids why others didn't bother. How do you not support your own? I believe the church is a mirror of our homes and community. Because, if you're lacking in those areas most likely you are not going to participate in church activities. This is to my Christian brothers and sisters, Question: how do you get people involve in kingdom building? And how do you get parents to take an interested in their own children Spiritual Growth?


  1. Hello there!

    This is a wonderful conversation to have.

    You are right...there are a handful of people who do all of the work.

    There are many reasons for this. For some people, the "I don't have any time" excuse is not always a lie. Some people really do not know how to manage their time wisely in order to keep their commitments faithfully.

    The larger issue is our responsibility as equippers. When we can help the people of God understand their spiritual gifts and understand how God wants them to use their anointing, I believe that they will be eager to do so.

    The other issue that we have to address is the fact that church membership is not the same thing as relationship with Jesus. Those who have no relationship will not have a passion to work for Him. Very often, we allow people to just show up...we don't show them how to be in relationship.

    When we help the people of God know how to HEAR the voice of God, we don't have to tell them to show up for this or that...God will tell them: "I want you to be there."

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  2. Sis. B, this is an age old problem and one that used to really bother me for a long time, until I really understood Matthew 13:18-30.

    We are not responsible for the results of our work. We are only charged with sowing the seeds, teaching, preaching, ministering. We have no control over the ground that receives or does not receive the seed. Therefore we can only teach, preach, and serve. It is up to those who hear/see us to accept it. We cannot accept it for them. We may feel sorry for them. we can hurt for them. But they have to accept it or want it for themselves. That is just the nature of kingdom work.

    One day you may see the growth of some seeds that you planted a long time ago and did not even realize was growing. By the same token, there may be some that start off well, but down the road reverse the course. Just keep sowing the seed and leave the rest to the Lord of the harvest and the One who can prepare hearts to receive what we have to give.

  3. If someone can solve this age old and ONGOING dilemma, they better bottle and sell it (in this economy they will need the money!).
    It is sad that Pastors are often reduced to "begging" people to come out and get involved and they will probably continue to have to do so.
    Until we can get 100% participation, we must pray for the strength and peace of the 20%. I know that when the present 20% gets weary or near burn out God has another 20% waiting to step in.
    Keep praying...


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