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There Shall Be No Competition Among Churches.

Gospel artist Regina Belle along with others are asking churches nationwide to participate in a choir competition. I will say this right off the bat that I am not for using the body of Christ for competition purposes. Singing is a gift and if you have set yours apart for the glory of God how can you then us it for competition against another set aside gift? I believe this is one of the reason that the church have lost so much of it's influence in the world and power because we have taken whats Holy and just used it as we see fit. Should Churches use there choir in competition events?

They have been ask to tape this during there worship period. As a Christian I don't attended church for a performance. At that particular time I come for one reason only and that is to worship with like mined Christian. If you want entertainment you go to a concert. To participate in the competition, churches are being asked to teach their choir to sing Belle’s Gospel radio …

Therefore Be Careful How You Walk, Not As Unwise men,But As Wise, Making The Most Of Your Time.

Each new day brings opportunity under God's guidance to walk carefully before others. His Word teaches us how to walk wisely, making the most of our time.

Please Don't Allow This To Happen.

A company called Soulful Commandoe has introduced jeans that are both tight and baggy at once. This breakthrough was apparently achieved through the addition of several vertical inches of fabric in the waist area, as well as the inclusion of some gratuitous suspenders. Truly a development that will go down in fashion history. This is the ugliest mess I have ever seen. Who in their right mind would wear this. Question: Would you wear this yes/no?

There Is Surely A Future Hope For You, And Your Hope Will Not Be Cut Off.

God promised to take care of us as He does the birds in fields.
Therefore, as we face each day we can know that He is the same
today as He will be tomorrow.

North Pole Has No Ice.

I saw an article that got me to thinking of the end of this time. I would have never in my life thought of no ice at the North Pole. How do you picture no ice in a place were ice should be? We have really mess this beautiful earth up with our greed and none caring attitudes. How can we overturn what have happen for so many years?
Scientists say that “for the first time in human history, ice is on course to disappear entirely from the North Pole this year.” The scientists “believe the chances of a totally ice-free North Pole this summer are greater than 50:50 because the normally thick ice formed over many years at the Pole has been blown away and replaced by huge wathes of thinner ice formed over a single year.”

Get Hillary Out Of Debt

Gals, skip the spending
spree and get our gal
out of debt.
I thought this was showing loyalty to Ms. Clinton. These are some die hard supporters when you are ask to give up your Jimmy Choo money so you can donate it to Hillary. Talking about sticking together through thick and thin these women believe that.

Happy Is The Man Who Has The God Of Jacob As His Helper, Whose Hope Is In The Lord His God.

Knowing God is ultimately in control of our lives gives us confidence to seek Him.
We wisely seek Him for direction and He makes our paths straight.

What's Wrong With Being 50?

Women are looking and acting younger these days. Have you heard the phrase "50 is the new 40" meaning 50-year-old women are not the 50-year-olds you remember from your mother's day. If 50-year-olds are looking younger, are healthier, and are more active than ever before do that make them not be 50? They may be just starting a new career or they may have kids at home. Some women these days starts their family in their 40s. Hell! that's too old to be running behind a kid after working hard all day. So here's something to consider: "Why do the AARP start hounding you to join as soon as you turn 50?" Especially since most of their benefits seem to apply to people who really are retired and living on Medicare? I'm thinking this is giving 50 a bad name—at least, an unrealistic and negative image of the age. AARP did not get the new age change memo. When I see people like Puff Daddy and Keisha Cole mother dressing like 20 years olds it hig…

Be Strong And Take Heart All You Who Hope In The Lord.

When we place our hope in the Lord, we're showing that our strength and trust are in Him.

Plumpy Nut!

A nutrient-dense peanut butter concoction is saving the lives of starving children in Africa. It is portable and needs no (clean) water, no refrigeration, and no cooking. In short, it is ideal for impoverished families. "Malnutrition destroys a child's immune system, so they're more susceptible to diseases and less capable of recovering from them," Anderson Cooper reported. Invented by the relief group Doctors Without Borders, a daily dose Plumpy Nut costs less than one dollar. Click the link above to read the transcript or watch the video. God works through people.

Tips For Self-Discipline.

I like Pastor John MacArthur's teaching and thought I would post something I saw on his site today. Some great tips.
1.Start Small. Start with your room. Clean it, then keep it clean. When something is out of place, train yourself to put it where it belongs. Then extend the discipline of neatness to the rest of your home.2.Be on time. That may not seem very spiritual, but it’s important. If you’re supposed to be somewhere at a specific time, be there on time. Develop the ability to discipline your desires, activities, and demands so that you can arrive on time.3. Do the hardest job first. When you do that, you will find it easier to do the simpler tasks.4.Organize your life. Plan the use of your time; don’t just react to circumstances. Use a calendar and make a daily list of things you need to accomplish. If you don’t control your time, everything else will.5.Accept correction. Correction helps make you more disciplined because it shows you what you need to avoid. Don…

I Cried Out To The Lord And He Heard Me From His Temple In Jerusalem.

We don't have to be at the end of our emotional rope to call on the Lord.
He's always waiting for our call.

The Lord Upholds All Those Who Fall And Lifts Up All Who Are Bowed Down.

All of us fail at times to live by God's standards.
The Beauty is that He forgives as we confess.
Unworthy of that? Yes.
But the Shepherd of our souls restores us, lifts us up, and cares for our needs.

I Will Get Pregnant If I Want Too.

I saw this story on CNN and said what, a pact to get pregnant. What got me about the CNN coverage was the attention the reporter were paying to these girls’ sexual activities. One of them had sex w/ a homeless man! And it was a big deal for the reporter that none of the girls would come forward with their names (because of the SHAME!) Someone also blamed “movies like Juno” and the pregnancy of Spears who is only 17 years old for such activities. I am understanding now that it's a hoax an untruth. I hope that is the case.

My question is can other people be blame for our bad choices? How can you stop a 16 or 17 year old from making choices like this? Especially if they know what the end result will be.

Give Your Burden To The Lord. He Will Carry Them. He Will Not Permit The godly To Slip Or Fall.

Giving over our burdens means to let go of them. It means to leave them on God's shoulders and accept His answers. Giving up our burdens is a prayerful and submissive act of our will.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers, For They Will Be Called Sons Of God.

Difficult people cause work for peacemakers. Yet, God calls us to make peace with those who are willing to work together. Let's make sure we are not one of the difficult people.

How Wonderful It Is How Pleasant When Brothers Live In Harmony.

Will you let down your protective guard to work out solutions that can create a tranquil relationship with your difficult person? The work of healthy compromise is needed in order to bring harmony. Ask God for help.

Feed On This!

To fear God is to reverse Him and His authority in our lives.
Holding God in awe helps us cooperate with Him as He directs our lives.

Cindy McCain The Privilege White Woman.

I have some question for Ms. Cindy, are you to be judged as a pitiable victim or as a criminal felon? Should we deal with illicit drug users as victims or as criminals? Ms. Cindy wants too say she has always been proud of her country of course you have. But if this would have happen to Ms. Obama being a person from the South side of Chicago I don't think she would have gotten off as easy. That's why I can understand what she meant by her statement.
So let’s examine Mrs. McCain’s position in these terms. She was the privileged wife of a prominent family and spouse of an important politician, a person who had her own position of prestige and power. Should she not be held at least as accountable for her actions as an uneducated inner-city drug user? After all, she could enter drug treatment at any time she chose, unlike many drug users who find themselves in prison. Mrs. McCain was violating a position of trust by stealing from a charitable organization, using its money and…

Viagra Can Destory Your Marriage.

This little pill have cost a many of marriages to break up. I work with a woman who's been married for over 30 years and now divorcing because of Viagra. She said her husband went to the Dr. for a check up and he gave him a prescription for Viagra and it's been hell every since. He has started going out clubbing something he has never done before. I don't think it would be a problem if he was using them with her. She said that she counts the pills and can tell that they are coming up short and when question about them he lies. I saw an article were young men are using this drug alot too. I know it to be true because I heard my nephew talking about getting some. I was clueless as too why they would need them he's only in his 20's. I found out that the young folks used them with other drugs. My question is do this drug give older men false hope when mother nature says other wise. I know that Abraham was a 100 years old when he and Sara conceive but tha…

No Whitey Tape.

People the Michelle Obama “whitey” tape doesn’t exist. Please look for something else to try and bring Obama down with. Michelle never called anybody “whitey,” but Republicans still like to talk about how deeply offended they are by the fact that someone, somewhere, calls people “whitey.” How are you going to be offend by something that was never said or can not be proven that it ever happen? Listen America we as a people don't call people whitey. We might use other terms but whitey ain't it. Michelle Obama being an educated Black Woman sure in hell would not be talking like that. Y'all need to give us more credit than that. SORRY get a life.

Michelle Obama What A Sister.

Love her or hate her this is a strong sister. She looks great and I think she handle her self pretty well. She appeared on the View today and represent women every were. I think she will make a pretty first lady with brain and looks. She talked about her love for her children and her husband. Whoopi made a statement that she represent dark skinned people which is true. Maybe that's why White America can't accept it she's Black. She's not a dumb bimbo looking for a man too take care of her. Go Michelle Obama, What a powerful sister. I am going and get this issue of US magazine.

The Power Of Worship Music.

Have you ever heard of Israel And New Breed? This skillful worship band is great at what they do. They know what their purpose is and thats what they do. The leader of the band call himself a worship leader which means he takes you into worship. If you like worship music this group is good at it. I have too of his CD's one is a double disk man what a great album. Notably, most of the attention he and his music receive comes from the gospel community and churches. His music is a brand of multi-ethnic, cross-generational praise and worship which welcomes all.
It's a beautiful sensibility, one that isn't white, black, Latino, or Asian, but all of the above and more. I saw this band live when they first came on the scene at one of Bishop Jakes events. They were great onstage praising, jumping, shouting, and bowing in adoration. One of my favorites is I am a Friend of God ,He calls me friend.

New Soul Train

Don Cornelius, who produced “Soul Train,” has sold the rights to the show to MadVision Entertainment. Now a production company, MadVision Entertainment, has bought the “Soul Train” franchise from its founder, Don Cornelius, and plans to breathe new life into it. The plan is to open up the show’s archives for older consumers as well as to create a new version of the program for younger ones.MadVision, which was founded in 2006 by three urban media veterans, is best known for the Showtime stand-up comedy series “White Boyz in the Hood.” One of the founders of MadVision, Kenard Gibbs, is the group publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines. Another founder, Anthony Maddox, worked as a producer at NBC and ranSean Combs’s Bad Boy Films. Mr. Griffith, the third partner, founded a hip-hop Web portal and worked with Vibe to extend the magazine’s brand. In the 1970s and 1980s, “Soul Train” helped glamorize black music, featuring performances by James Brown,Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and oth…

Tribute To One Of Gospels Great: James Cleveland

Since June is Black Music Month I would like to give kudos to James Cleveland. He was born and raised in Chicago. At the age of 8 he became a soloist in Thomas A. Dorsey's Junior Gospel Choir. He was a Gospel Singer, a Pianist,a composer,a Choir master and a producer.

In 1968 he founded the Gospel Music Workshop of America. I think he was one of Gospel Music greatest. Some of my favorite songs are: I Stood On TheBanks Of Jordan.The Love Of God”, “Peace Be Still”, “Plenty Good Room”, “Get Right Church”, “Lord Do It”, “I Walk With God”, “Oh To Be Kept By Jesus”, “Christ Is Coming Back Again.” When we talk about The Black Church this what's come to my mind. I remember every church choir was doing some James Cleveland music.

No Jobs For Our Children.

Summer is here and our teenagers are more likely to be sitting in front of the television than taking orders and flipping burgers. I read a article that said
this year, it’s harder than ever for teens to find a summer job. Researchers have described summer 2007 as “the worst in post-World War II history” for teen summer employment, and those same researchers say that 2008 is poised to be “even worse.”

According to data, only about one-third of Americans 16 to 19 years old will have a job this summer, and vulnerable low-income and minority teens are going to fare even worse. So in other words young black children can hang it up especially if it's bad for whites. I say that because if unemployment is already high for them, then this will make it almost impossible for them to get one.

The percentage of teens classified as “unemployed” — those who are actively seeking a job but can’t get one — is more than three times higher than the national unemployment rate, according to the…

Happy Father Day.

Happy Father Day too all the fathers out there and especially to my Step Father who raised me but did not plant me. I thought this would be something different.
It was the third of September.
That day I'll always remember, yes I will.
'Cause that was the day that my daddy died.
I never got a chance to see him.
Never heard nothing but bad things about him.
Mama, I'm depending on you to tell me the truth.

And Mama just hung her head and said,
"Son, Papa was a rolling stone.
Wherever he laid his hat was his home.
(And when he died) All he left us was ALONE."
Papa was a rolling stone my son.
Wherever he laid his hat was his home.
(And when he died) All he left us was ALONE."

Well, well.

Hey Mama, is it true what they say,
that Papa never worked a day in his life?
And Mama, some bad talk going around town
saying that Papa had three outside children and another wife.
And that ain't right.
Hey, talk about Papa doing some store front preaching.
Talked about saving souls and all the …

Tracy Chapman A Great Song Writer.

While she may have never been a pinup girl I am sure that suits Tracy just fine. She's never been the type of artist who would use her sexuality to sell more records. If she ever did stoop to that level, she'd probably alienate her longtime fans who've come to expect truth and integrity from Tracy, and leave the T&A to those whose artistic talents are less pure.Tracy Chapman isn't in the category of artists with a lot of hit songs, but the handful of tracks she's known for are considered classics and instantly recognizable. Chapman has more importantly charted a career that is highly individualistic and not a product of what the media corporations dictate as "marketable." I love Tracy music it's the kind that make you listen to every word. Fast Cars, Give me one reason to love you, Talkin bout a Revolution and The Thrill is gone with BB King. Maybe if she was some else maybe her career would have taken a different turn.

Black Motorcycle Riders Is It A New Trend?

With the rising cost of gas these days, more and more people are turning to motorcycles for their daily commute. It’s a means of transport that many African Americans are beginning to enjoy. I remember riding on the back of my first motorcycle when I about 16 years of age. I have no desire to get on the back of another one. My boyfriend at the time and some of our friends would go riding on the week ends. When you are young you take chances because you don't see any danger. Did you know that there is a National Association of Black Bikers Organization created for the Black motorcycle rider?

The organization is focused on the pursuit of protecting and promoting the interests of Black motorcyclists nationwide and aspires to be the largest group of motorcycle enthusiasts (
Would you consider buying a Motorcycle if gas prices keep rising?

It's A New Day.

Nose reshaping, liposuction, and breast reduction are among the top cosmetic procedures African American patients requested. Hispanic patients requested breast augmentation, nose reshaping, and liposuction, and Asians requested nose reshaping, breast augmentation, and eyelid surgery. This is surprising because no one is happy with their nose. Why? I think our nose help identify who we are. We get them from our parents and sometimes from our grandparents. I will be honest a woman who I once worked with had a nose that reminded you of a baby fist. Her entire family had that same nose so I know that it can be inherited from generations pass. According to this article rhinoplasty surgery is no longer a taboo for most ethnic groups. Some women have large breast because they too run in families. If you had an un- attracted nose of extra large breasts would you go under the knife and correct it if you could? I would and think nothing about it especially if I could afford it.

Is Obama Black Or bi-racial?

I see CNN is trying to say Obama is not black but bi-racial. He was consider a black man before becoming the Democrats nominee now all of a sudden he's not. I believe people have a right to define themselves as they see fit. Just as I support any bodies claim to be mixed based on their own agenda, I support Obama's claim to be black based on his. Why not? If Obama is saying, 'I have one African parent and one European parent, but who I am has been shaped by the identity, politics, socio-economic realities and aspirations of black people more than white, why shouldn't we respect that? I think it's stupid to try to say he should say he's bi -racial.
Most people of African Ancestry in America are of mixed race they are NOT 100% African. We as a people are mixed with white and native American so why can't I call my self bi-racial? Is it because I am too dark?

Thank God This Show Has Come To An End.

I was meaning to blog about this but got caught up in the election . I am so glad that this foolish mess is over. Flavor of Love 3 is over and I did not watch one minute of this silliness. William Drayton has announced that there will be no Seasons 4 or 5 that the whole thing is over with and he's going back to be with his baby's mother, whom he also proposed to in the last episode. I know this from passing by the video clip. The idea he has made a fool out of those black woman and then turn around and marry a white woman. He promise to take care of her and her child but have neglected his other children from his past. What do this say about him as a person? How can you favor one of yours over another?

Say It Ain't So.

I have always supported the work that Rev. Wright have done and continual do for the South side of Chicago. I think him for shaping a man who can possible be the first non white president.

This article is scary at the lest. It read like he is dividing the church. Check out the article and leave your opinion about it.

Bob Johnson Sit Down.

Bob Johnson needs to stay out of this and let Obama and his team decided who their running mate will be on his own. It’s not fair for outside forces to try and influence what Obama is going to do, especially from people who where not very supportive of his campaign from jump street. As we all know, Bob Johnson is not respected in the Black community. His creation of BET and many of the negative portrayals of Black women on TV make his association an uneasy one for any campaign. He already hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign with his remakers about Obama which he later had to apologise for. Now he’s try to ride other to get Obama to do what he wants to do.

In a memo sent out yesterday Bob Johnson founder of BET cable network is trying to force Obama hand. His memo to House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn requesting that he encourage the Congressional Black Caucus to urge Obama to select senator Clinton as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Over Vaccination Of Our Kids.

There's a bill been introduced in New York that would mandatory that all children be vaccinate in order to attend school. There are various rules that would come along with the bill, including required shots for children up to age 18 for things such as annual flu shots, human papilloma virus, meningococcal these things would require doctors to issue certificates for shots give and parents would have to maintain these records for their children's schools and other authorities.

The problem with this is that many doctors considered them to be unnecessary, there is also the issue of over vaccination in some infants and children leading to serious problems such as autism. Toni Braxton was on Larry King's show in April and was speaking about autism and how it has effected her life. Some parents are speaking about how over vaccination may cause some forms of autism. Here are some examples of CDC recommended vaccination for infants:
-DTaP is a combined vaccination for …

Acknowledging And Rewarding Bad Behaviors.

I am glad for rapper Clifford Joseph Harris, aka TI, that he's supposedly getting his life together enough to reflect and to speak to younger kids about not following down a path of crime. But you can't tell me he's not going to get paid for his new reality show which has gotten the okay for at least 6 (some sources say 8) episodes from MTV. The premise of the show covers TI's house arrest for machine gun charges and some of his 1,000 hours of community service up to his return to jail in early 2009; TI has been sentenced to one year in prison. This is not justice to me.

Why do we keep acknowledging and rewarding bad behaviors? What do you think, can justice be bought for the right price?

Body Corset.

I was surfing the net and found this Corset Piercing, please somebody explain this too me. What happen to just buying a corset?
"A corset piercing is a series of surface piercings done to emulate the appearance of the lacing on the back of a corset. Two rows of bilaterally symmetrical piercings are performed and can be composed of as few as four piercings (two in each row) or as many as the length of the area being pierced (usually the back) and the vertical space between piercings will allow space for. Due to the difficulty and risks associated with permanently healing single surface piercings, most corset piercings are intended to be temporary in nature." What kind of drugs do these people be on to help with the pain?
Temporary corset piercings are open wounds, and are subject to the same infection, cross contamination, and irritation risks as any other healing piercing or small wound. Scarring from the removal of temporary piercings is usually minimal or non-existent.

The Black Fox News.

J.C Watts wants to start a black news channel which I think is a good idea. When BET had the news on I thought it did a pretty good job. From reading alot of different forums he's not liked to well within the Black Community. If his aim is at the Black community shouldn't he be liked? Some one made a statement that it would just be another version of FOX. Would you support and all black news channel? Who would you like to see anchoring it? I like Roland Martin and Amy Holmes.

It Hurts So Bad To Leave.

This is the letter the Obama's sent to Trinity Unity Church Of Christ. It a painful thing when you have to leave your church family and start over. My husband and I are in a new place and a new church and it's hard adjusting to a new family. When you grow with a church it's something special. My prayers are with them and I understand why he did what he did.
Dear Rev. Moss:We are writing to make official our decision to end our membership at Trinity.We make this decision with sadness. Trinity was where I found Christ, where we were married and where our children were baptized. We have many friends among the 8,000 congregants who attend there and we are proud of the extraordinary good works the church continues to perform throughout the community to help the hungry, the homeless and people in need of medical care. We also have come to appreciate your ministry and both think you have been, and will be, a wonderful pastor for years to come.But as you know, our relation…