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Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's Fair?

I was watching the DNC meeting today about seating Fl and Mi votes when Rep. Robert Wexler of Boca Raton appeared on behalf of Barack Obama. Rep. Wexler did an excellent job of representing Mr. Obama. I think he made the case for allowing the Florida delegation to be seated at half-strength at the party's August convention in Denver.

He presented that as a "major concession" by Obama because that would mean a delegate pickup for Ms Clinton who won a primary that the party had ruled would not count for anything. Of course Clinton want the seating of a full Florida delegation which would give her even more delegates. Some people wanted to talk about the concept of "fair reflection." Hillary want it all.

White Privilege!

This is an open letter to Hillary Clinton: Ms. Clinton I am sorry that you can only think and see the white woman. You see, that is the real reason a sister can't support you because you are prejudice and you can't hide it I didn't say racist because I don't believe that to be the case ( even if I question some of your moves). I personal believe you have set the white woman rights back in time because you don't no how to bow out graceful.
I said white women because for the sisters the fight is total different. White women are the ones that have seen improvement in employment and jobs not black women. White women don't share the same pain as a black women do. Don't get it twisted I have sense to know that your pain is as real as mine and I for one minute don't think that Obama will and can fix it but at least it's something different and not the same thing. See you don't have to organize a march on a city because your son was gun down in the street with 50 bullets in his body. You don't have to get up on Sunday morning heading to a prison instead of too church to thank God for the strength to make it through another week of racism on the job. You see my vote for you would mean that a power hungry white woman is trying to run this country like she run her house and that's not a good thing. Ms. Clinton I don't see you as a leader and it could be because of the baggages you bring with you.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Do Human Life Exists Else Where?

I was reading in the news were a creature has been found and it's being reported that it might have come from another planet but according to God's Word, we can presume that no human life exists on other planets.

Earth Given to Man
"The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to man."
Psalm 115:16

The Bible speaks of three heavens. The first heaven is what we know as our sky. It is the atmosphere of the earth. The second heaven is outer space and includes all other matter outside of earth's atmosphere. The third heaven, also known as the highest heaven, is the home of God, His angels, and all believers who have died.

First Heaven
"As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish . . . ."
Isaiah 55:10

Second Heaven
(God created the sun, moon, and stars.)
Genesis 1:14-18

Third Heaven
"But will God really dwell on earth? The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you . . . ."
1 Kings 8:27
(Also, see 2 Corinthians 12:2-4 where third heaven is explicitly written.)

Earth Formed to be Inhabited
"For this is what the LORD says -- he who created the heavens, he is God; he who fashioned and made the earth, he founded it; he did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited -- he says: 'I am the LORD, and there is no other.'"
Isaiah 45:18

Satellite pictures of the earth have shown the tremendous beauty that the earth displays from outer space. Astronauts marvel at the site of the earth when on missions. This beauty is not found in other planets. God created the earth for us.

Do you think that life exists out side of earth? All Comments are welcome.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Intentional Living.

Do you feel like life moves fast sometimes? If so, how are you spending your time? Are you being intentional about how you invest your time? Are you being intentional about your work? Your friends? Your finances? Once upon a time (say) long a go before coming into the Knowledge of God I was just living , and did not know anything about intentional living. You have to on purpose love some people. Today in Psalm 39 verse 5 it reads - my life is no longer than the width of the my hand. An entire life time is just a moment to you: Human existence is but a breath. If life really is but a breath- am I spending my breath wisely? With my breath am I constantly loving God with all my heart and loving my neighbors as myself? We are like a vapor gone in a second.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

God Made Gay People Also.

If God Made Every Body then He made Gay People also. Should we be teaching our young people to be more open-minded about homosexuality? What would you say if your son (or daughter) came out to you on the sin of homosexuality? There are people who clearly want to say that homosexuality is okay. They live and work in a social world in which that is the only politically correct position. And yet, when it comes to their own children they would definitely not be OK with them being gay.

I have a friend who told me Sunday that she believe that her son is gay. My responds was do you have proof? No! he just act like it. We have a different take on things when it's not our thing. Some people will say I don't have a problem with homosexuality as long as it's not my child. You no we will say it's nice for other people children to be gay or to have gay friends, but one's own child is a different story. I know because that's was my thinking before my son became the bad child that I tried so hard to keep him from. Don't God expect us to love our children no matter what they become? Deeply Christian people have a hard time accepting somethings but they do believe in the transforming power of God. If your child came out to you would you accept it are pray that God change them?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

White Women Are Mad With Oprah.

The average audience for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” has fallen nearly 7 percent this year, according to Nielsen Media Research — its third straight year of decline.
Her endorsement of the presidential bid of Senator Barack Obama appears to have alienated some of the middle-aged white women who make up the bulk of her television audience, many of whom support Senator Hillary Clinton.

Since Oprah endorsed Senator Barack Obama some of her white female fans are livid. Some of that hate is still on display on the Oprah.com message boards. This reminds me of the hate that was posted when Imus made the statement about the basketball team. I believe she feels very strong about Obama so she made a choice to back him so I don't see a problem with that. I personal believe her season has come and gone and she is moving toward that new light what ever it might be.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day !

Happy Memorial Day to every one , Especially to my little niece who will be leaving Iraq in 6 days. I would like to give God all the Glory and Honor for keeping his loving arms of protection around her. Thanks to all our men and women who fight and have died for this country. My niece son is 6 years old and he's counting down his mother return. I ask him yesterday how much longer he holler out 7 days.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Bitter Life.

For all of her accomplishments, model Naomi Campbell will be remember for being an angry Black Woman. I have never heard any good things said about Naomi Campbell. I am not saying that it has never been any thing good said I have never read or heard it. Too have gone through this world and life and have nothing but negative things said about you is not good. I don't know what it is that makes her so angry. It could have been the modeling business. I can't remember seeing her ever smiling. That in its self is sad. Just My Opinion.

Church File A Restraining Order Against 13 Year Old.

A restraining order has been file against a Minnesota family in an effort to stop the parents from bringing their “extremely disruptive and dangerous” autistic son to church. According to the report 13-year-old Adam Race has struck a child during mass and nearly knocked an elderly parishioner over when he hastily exits the church. He spits and sometimes urinates in church and fights when he is being restrained. The church has explored and offered many options for accommodations that would assist the family while protecting the safety of parishioners. The family refused those offers of accommodation. I am sorry but when you start to disrupt the service and cause harm too people an not to mention pissing on the carpet it's time to do something. My question is what is the family motive for refusing help? Do they have an hidden agenda? What else can the church do? In most schools children who have problems in class for what ever reason are separated from the other kids so they can learn. Is this not the same thing but in a different setting?

Despite the restraining order, the family of seven has continued attending services. What do you think should the restraining order be rescinded?

Shout Out Too A Sister.

This is a great blog with great stuff. This sister is putting it down in the blog world , her name is Kim Crouch and her blog is Mother to Son. Check her out she has some good articles and she's has a book too. Hey!Kim keep up the good work.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

3rd Sunday How To Love A Stuck Up Person.

To me narcissist is a powerful word because it's in the person's head. I have a niece who will not pass a mirror without stopping and adding more lip gloss to her lips even if they don't need it. She is 14 years old. Back in the day we call people like that "stuck up". Don't get me wrong I have mad love for her but, she gets on my nerve in a bad way. I know that it's a phase she is going through but, please! She think the world is moving because of her. She has developed a new walk and talk that is from another culture. I think some of it's because she have been shelter in a private school were her peers are 90% white and plus her father is a Minister of the Gospel. She is some what a little snick too. She will call and ask can she come over of course I say yea. Guess what? The minute she gets there she head for the computer were she has a My Space account set up. Plus she has it mark private. I ask her why she don't check it on her computer she says her computer is too slow. My computer is set up in my family room so I can see her from were I am sitting. If I get up and move she will click on another windows that she has open at the same time. If I ask her what she's doing she will act stupid and go what are you talking about auntie? How can a 14 year old set up a My Space account? Don't you have to be 18? I hope she make it through this phase of her life without my sister killing her. One more thing she got a cell phone for her birthday in Feb with unlimited minutes her dad caught her sending a text message when she should have been sleep. Now no phone and no computer. She also is an honor student who has been on the dean list every since she started school.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Samesex Marriage Is Not The Cause Of Divorce.

The justices’ 4-3 decision Thursday says domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage. In my opinion the Bible has already stated what's consider a marriage so, I will go with that. My argument is that same sex marriage is not at fault for all the divorces we have within the body of Christ. let's look at some of those causes (1). Adultery (2). Money and
(3) Communication. As Christian I think we should be working on how to keep the Christian Marriage together more so than on things that have already been established by God before the beginning of time. By not allowing same sex marriage will it stop so many divorces? I don't think so. I believe that God allow things to continue but He will judge it all at the judgment seat of Christ on that day. I believe it's in our power to not break the covenant that we made before God when we took our vows. What is your take on Same Sex Marriage? Should they be allowed to marry?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Link Love.

Today The Old Black Church would like to give some blog love to Zack over at Go Zack who say he's an unemployed opportunist.

I don 't know about all that but I do know that he has a way with words. One day he stop by The Old Black Church and left a great comment about the church. We have been commenting on each other blogs ever since.

He is a young man that love church when ever he decides to go (smile). I have never met Zack but I can gauge from his writing that he is a person with a heart of love. Check him out and read some powerful articles from a young black and gifted writer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Annoying People.

Many Democrats have declared the nomination all but decided for Senator Obama except Congresswoman Stephine Tubbs Jones. Senator Clinton trails in delegates and popular votes. Congresswoman Tubbs Jones says that Barack Obama does not have the number of delegates needed to win. That means it's still a race but she admits, "The numbers do not flow in Hillary favor either. Congresswoman Tubbs Jones said we're definitely working our way through these primaries. My question is what did Hillary promise this woman? Did she promise her the VP spot if she won? Stephine has got Hillary back. I saw her on MSNBC last night and she was grinning like a fool. I find her very annoying and stupid looking, this is my take.

The Lynching Of A Black Man By The Media.

If you watch this mess day- in - and day - out you will see a trend going on. Every supposedly news source is spreading hate in my opinion. This is what I here on every channel: I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on" than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton has told USA TODAY. She cited an Associated Press article "that found how Sen. Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, … Voter. White voters are not the only hard working people in America. If Obama need the White Vote don't Hillary need the black vote to win also?
They keep talking as if other voters don't matter. They are bias in there reporting of the news. They have use their power to attack Obama on every chance they could. That racist Pat Buchanan keep saying how important West Virgina is too winning the White House. Too me West Virgina shows how uneducated white people think. Racism is alive and well. What do you think do the Media help spread hate?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What's Makes A Good Mother?

The Old Black Church would like to
honor all the moms who sit up all night comforting sick toddlers and crying infants; who show up at work with shadows under their eyes and stains on their blouses and diapers in their handbags. Mothers who go without, so that their family doesn't have to. Mom who show up at prison on Sunday morning instead of at church.

Mothers who never stop praying for their kids no matter how old they get. What make a good mother anyhow? I will say one with a lot of patience and compassion. Congratulation too all the mothers in the world and especially to my Mother and Grandmother who is in heaven and also to my daughter who is a great mother to my Gabby. My 5 sisters and my 2 nieces. Happy Mother Day To all.
Do you have fond memories of your mother? Please say something nice to your mother today tomorrow might be to late.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Next President I Think!

For the first time this campaign season, Barack Obama has surpassed Hillary Clinton's support among superdelegates, according to the ABC News delegate estimate.

Sen. Obama, D-Ill., picked up two superdelegates this morning giving him a new metric to tout in addition to his current commanding leads in pledged delegates, popular votes, states won, and money raised. Hell! what else do he have to do to win this thing?

May 29 1975

It's that time of the year again for graduation. The Old Black Church would like to send out all kind of love to our young people who are stepping into the future. I am thinking about my own graduating class which, was the class of 1975.
Go Yellow Jackets!
My class had only about 98 people in it. We had to leave our beloved school an go to a school across the tracks which was a white school. A lot of the one's that started with me didn't finish. It was mostly boys who dropped out. My son did the same thing he go to the 12th grade and called it quit. Do you have fond memories of your graduation?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jay-Z Is Showing Love In A Special Way.

The Old Black Church would like to seen love to Rap mogul Jay-Z. He is setting up an educational fund for the children of Sean Bell, the unarmed man who was shot and killed by NYPD officers in 2006 – just hours before his wedding.

According to reports, Jay-Z is working with Nicole Paultre-Bell, Sean Bell’s fiancĂ©e, to establish stock-based trust funds for their two surviving children. Now that is something positive that needs to be recognize. Love is what Love does. Thanks Jay-Z.

Black Folks Don't Read.

Is it true that Black folk don't read? It's a fact that whites read more than blacks because reading has always been an intrinsic part of white culture, while blacks have relied on a largely oral tradition. Black church folk, especially, do not read. Is it true that we listen? It's what we have been conditioned to do. We take orders. We follow instructions issued to us from the pulpit. In a sense this is what Jeremiah Wright was saying about children and learning. It could be something to what Rev. Wright said he didn't say that black children couldn't read or learn he said that they just did it different. What do you think about this statement that Black folks don't read as much as white folks?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Obama Will Make This A Black Country If He's Elected.

If a Black Man becomes president do that make this a Black Country? I ask because I have read that statement on a lot of forums. The white folks want to say that America will be seen as a Black country. That is so stupid. Is that the reason the so call working blue collars workers won't vote for Obama? I truly believe that is in part the case. Here is one for you, look at our churches If you are a black pastor your church body will not be mostly white. Here's an example, look at Joel Osteen church now look at Jakes or even Dollar when the camera scans you see the body looking like the head but, it's alright to be a white pastor and have a body that is made up of mostly black. That's why I will stand on this that most of our churches represent the thoughts of the real America. I have no problem sitting under true teaching no matter black or white. John Macarthur, David Jeremiah, John Piper and Chuck Swindol are some of my favorite teachers who just happen to be white. I also have heard some great teaching coming from black preachers like, Tony Evans, Jeremiah Wright, Randy Sewell and others. Is the Church a good mirror of the world?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Poet A Man Of Wisdom.

This post is to give some blog love to a young man who is putting it down in the blog sphere. I call him the Poet because he speaks as one who is rooted and grounded in poetry. I found him almost a year ago when I was going through some painful things with my adult son. Poet left me a comment that help open my eyes to see things in a different light. I will always be grateful for that moment. I do believe if we have an ear to hear, God has a mouth too speak even if it's by a comment. I think him for the gift and the wisdom to used it. May God continue too bless and keep him. Check out his blog for some wisdom and understanding with a different flavor.

Being A Black Woman In America Is Not Easy.

I saw Michelle giving an interview on CNN which she had a lot to say about moving on which I strongly agree with. Too me she look a little beaten by having to explain so much about the action of other people. When she first came on the scene last year sister was powerful in her own rights but, lately she has lost some of her fire. Too me America can't stand a powerful Black person especially if that person have a strong opinion and it don't jive with America. In Black America we know that most Black Women are the back bone of her family. So when our men are attack we take it as an attack against the family. We know that more sub prime loans were given to the black women than to white men, so black women have suffered a lot more than others. It's hard to be strong in a world which want you to be docile and say nothing. If Michelle seems a little angry she has a right too. Michelle keep your head up we sisters got your back and we understand.