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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Young People an Obama!

Watch this clip and see one of the reason young people support Obama.
Could you have answer the reporter question?

Please Share it! :)


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  1. I probably would not have allowed the reported to get that in-depth, because clearly his goal was to attempt to embarass this young man, you could hear it in his tone.

    But he got his hat brought to him, because this young brother was articulate and well informed. Good to see! :D

  2. This reporter was just being an a** if and was some white fool that is just against a black man being in office. I do like how the young brotha in the video was able to stand his own though; that makes me proud.

    Marcus LANGFORD
    HostGator Is Da Bomb!

  3. Shelia and Marcus, thanks for your comment. Marcus I agree, the reporter didn't really want him to answer the question because he had already stereotyped the young man.

    Shelia that young man was well informed. The young people are not just voting for a black man they understand what it is he want to change.


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