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Black History Month Ends.

Today is February 29 which just happen to be the end of Black History Month. Did we make any history this month? I think so. So far it has been the man from Illinois who has been making all kind of history. If he don't get the nomination he still made history. To get so much support from white males have been history making in it self. We never thought that in 2008 so many people would find a black man worthy of the big chair and, not just the electric chair, that is a turn around. So far now we are making a different history. I pray that we continue on this winning path. A path that is showing our young people it not just words we can make it all the way to the top.

A Mature Woman.

Iman is a beautiful over 50 woman who looks good. Do we have to stop looking good after 50? Why do we have to be look upon like we are no longer needed? The men we worked along side doing our younger years don't want us anymore. We help built business and partner with them through life hard times. We made sure they stayed on track we were the ones that had their backs when life was beating them up. We were the ones saying hang on in there it will get better. We were the ones lifting and propping them up. We became their sounding board when they needed to vent.

We raised their children to be what society call acceptable. We cook meals made appointments made sure every body were taken care of. Now we look back at our life and don't see the men that we help along. Were y'all at? Why must we travel on with out you. What made me so not like by you? Why are so many mature black women by them selves at this stage of life? Have we given up to much during our younger years?…

Boy Scouting & Homosexuality.

Should an openly gay man become a Boy Scout Leader? In my opinion "HELL NO". They are talking about putting a ban in place so an openly gay man can't be a Scout Leader.
Scouting ought to be about building character, not about sex. Period. How many parents enroll their boys in the Scouts to get a crash course in sexual orientation." NONE!

A small minority of the population, just because of their sexual choices, is mounting a multi front attack to secure legitimacy, mainly through the courts, for their choice of an immoral lifestyle.

"Well, the ban in scouting applies to scout leaders. When you have a clearly open homosexual scout leader, the scouts are going to talk about it. And they’re not there to learn about that. They’re there to learn about what it means to be loyal and trustworthy. What do you think should and openly gay man be a Boy Scout Leader? Would you allow an openly gay man to lead your son?

Bye St. John'S Pant Suits.

This is my personal opinion Ms. Clinton needs to take it to the house. She should consider maybe running 2nd since she did not get that dream job.

I don't want no angry white woman in office, I have dealt with enough of them in my work place doing the years. Too me white woman are the hardest to work with. It 's like they have something to prove to somebody. They can be wrong and don't want to admit it. She has shown a side of her that fits that mold. She seems to be having PMS in a bad way. She might need some HRT I don't know but she is some what angry. Ms. Clinton just don't strike me as been the one to hold that seat. I believe it would be hard working with her. In my humble opinion.

What Happen To The Black Church Giving And Services ,To The Lest Amongst Us?

Black churches' tradition of charity reaches back to the era of segregation, when churches were the only institution providing blacks educational and human services. If more churches help their own community there would be no need for so much welfare, homeliness and hungry in the community. That is the main purpose of the Church of Jesus is all about.

philanthropy professionals recognize that "African Americans as a whole give a larger percentage of their income to charity more than anyone in other group."
Most churches also donated to the United Negro College fund, local police and firefighter associations, the NAACP, the Urban League, and other groups. These organization are ok but they should not be put above the needs of the people in the community.
Some congregants give out of appreciation to God and a sense that the entire community deserves uplifting.

Our Lord came to save the world, not just save the church. What do you think about the church record on giv…

Did You Watch?

What is your take on the State of the Black Union? Did you watch it? I sit through the entire program. This is what I picked up from the founder Mr. Smileywas a bad tone.

That second session was nothing but Clinton supporters. Especially Ms. Shelia Jackson she spelled it out that she is chairman of something I can't remember what it was. And Mr. Dick Gregory, I don't get that.

Maybe next year we will know how this one affected/effected our lives. Personal I thought it was a waste of time. Did you watch it yes/no? If so did you learn anything? Mr. Smiley says we can do it in love. I didn't see too much love Saturday but thats my opinion.

Music That Had A Message and Purpose.

Music with a message is what we as a people used to think about.
Were is the message in todays music?

A Negro Spiritual is a song created by American slaves before emancipation, often expressions of religious faith, and quite often served as political protests veiled as assimilation to white, American culture.

How many Negro Spirituals do YOU know?
Here are a few deep, heartfelt Negro Spirituals that can help you feel more connected to the essence of the black experience in this country. Many of the Negro Spirituals are sophisticated in their lyrical content and contain hidden references and codes to passageways via the Underground Railroad.
For example:
(Wade in the Water)
If you don't believe I've been redeemed
God's gonna trouble the water
I want you to follow him on down to Jordan stream
(I said) My God's gonna trouble the water
You know chilly water is dark and cold
(I know my) God's gonna trouble the water
You know it chills my body but not my soul
(I said my) God's …

I Hate To See Spring!!

SPRING is on the way, good. I just don't want to see half naked women butts. I don't want to see young women drawers. I know that I must be old fashion but I just don't think that it is pretty. We want to talk about young men sagging their pants what about young women showing there back side. Spring is in about 2 weeks away. People start breaking free of winter clothes. Shirts up their back so you can see navel rings tattoos and string drawers. Some one call this look whale tail if you think about it look like a whale. My question is it sexy YES/NO? Is it gross YES/NO? If you wear thongs do you have to show them? Do we need a guide for wearing thongs?

If You Want Your Husband Stay With Him.

The Associates Press reports that the lawyers for Juanita Bynum are stalling divorce proceedings against her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III. If Ms. Weeks want her husband she needs to get back with him and stay out of the media. All I am saying is we can change our mind if we so wish. I don't understand what's the problem is. If Ms. Weeks no longer wants to be married give the man his papers so he can move on. I think they have brought enough shame on the church. The lawyer for Bishop Weeks said that they have been trying to get her side of the story for 4 months but she keeps changing her appointment.

Bynum filed for divorce from Weeks on September 27, 2007. She cited “cruel treatment” and said the marriage was “irretrievably broken” about a month after he was accused him of attacking her in a hotel parking lot in Atlanta. If she filed papers in Sept. and has not done anything since then what is the problem?

Black Love!

This is a beautiful picture of the future president and 1st lady.
Sen. Barack Obama has introduced his wife, Michelle Obama, as “my rock”—the person who keeps him focused and grounded. According to Michelle, she’s just making sure he’s “keeping it real.” Mrs. Obama covers the Feb. 25 issue of Newsweek. She responds to reports of emasculating her husband: “Somehow I’ve been caricatured as this emasculating wife,” she tells Newsweek. “Barack and I laugh about that. It’s just sort of, like, do you think anyone could emasculate Barack Obama? Really now.” And mentions how she met her husband: In 1989, she was assigned to mentor a young, unconventional summer associate by the name of Barack Obama.

Jesus The Master Gardener.

"The vinedresser is never nearer the branches than when he is pruning them."
by:Dr David Jeremiah. When something is being prune it is ugly but, when the process is over it is a beautiful sight. Can you think of a time the Master Gardener were pruning you? It didn't feel good did it? I don't think the process supposed to feel good. The process is to make us better than we were before the process started.

Obama Takes On The Ice Queen.

Last night’s debate in Texas was supposed to be a make-or-break thing for the candidates, namely The Ice Queen, but according to the analysts, it did neither. They both had some shining and weak moments. My man Obama came out looking stronger in the plagiarism argument after Clinton likened it to “Xeroxing” and drew boos from the crowd, which seemed to be pro-Clinton most of the time. Also, by suggesting that Hillary Clinton is accusing the millions of voters, not to mention newspaper editorial boards, who support Obama of being “delusional” every time she refers to his candidacy as lacking any substance and being strictly about words, he put The Ice Queen in her place. Did you watch the debate? Who won? Who lost?

How Do You Stay Up In A Down World?

When God called Job "the greatest....among...the people of the East" (Job 1:3) the title was well-deserved. Job, whose name was synonymous with integrity under fire. Job had 10 children, vast land holdings, servants and incredible wealth. Then without warning he lost everything including his children and his health. How could anyone endure this without becoming bitter? yet Through all of this Job did not sin nor....blame God. Today is not a good day for me I am discourage. I am thinking about how Job can through and moved on with life in spite of the trials he faced.

What was Job's secret? I see 3 possibilities (1) He recognized God's right to control events in his life. (2) He looked for wisdom in the adversity. (3)He acknowledged his limited understanding. Because Job had a personally relationship with God, he could handle anything that came his way.

Can you see God when Satan is attacking you and yours? Do you have that kind of relationship were you know wh…

Have Gospel Music Lost Its Power?

I read a article dealing with the current state of gospel music. Gospel Music is a business. When did this happen? Today's Gospel Music is more about talent and money than about the anointing and spreading the Gospel. I am having a hard time listening to today's Gospel Music. It just don't have the power it once had.
Once upon a time you could be going through testing and the message in the music would help build your faith but not today's music. Why have the Gospel Music artist sold out the power for money? I am trying to think of some artist that is still true to the music but I am not coming up with any. I think the music is to commercial but it could be me. Can you name an artist that has not sold out? I am at this moment loving Praise and Worship. New Breed, Martha Muzzin , Vikki Yohe, CeCe Winans. Now the Georgia Mass Choir had one of the most powerful albums every. Great music especially in trying times. How do you feel about Praise an…

Payday Loans And The Elderly.

I found this article about payday loans and was shock to see how they have taken advantage of poor, elderly , and disabled people. One recent morning, dozens of elderly and disabled people, some propped on walkers and canes, gathered at Small Loans Inc. Many had borrowed money from Small Loans and turned over their Social Security benefits to pay back the high-interest lender. Now they were waiting for their "allowance" -- their monthly check, minus Small Loans' cut.
The crowd represents the newest twist for a fast-growing industry -- lenders that make high-interest loans, often called "payday" loans, that are secured by upcoming paychecks. Such lenders are increasingly targeting recipients of Social Security and other government benefits, including disability and veteran's benefits. These people always get paid, rain or shine. Government beneficiaries will always have money, every 30 days.The law bars the government from sending a recipient's be…

My Son Was Sentence.

My son was sentence on February 11. He accepted a deal that I felt was wrong for him( I know him ). He took 3years probation plus 1 year work release. It's basic a program were you agree to go to work every day then come back and be locked up at night. When he called Sunday he put in to tell me how he was going to find his own job. OK if the rules are you are to work were the system seen you then ,what's the problem? If he wasn't going to follow the rules he should have taken the prison time. I letting him do it any way he want to. Because anytime I say any thing that he don't agree with I am being uncooperative. If he doesn't return back after a certain time they will charge him with escape which is another felon.

"Grace & Mercy" (Tuesday! Question) Should We Be Charging For Ministry?

Ministry is defined as service to God and His creatures as we employ our spirit-given giftedness according to the instruction of scripture as good stewards of the manifold grace of God for the advancement of His Kingdom; that in all things God may be Glorified through Jesus Christ. What is your take on this? If this be the case why do pastor charge such outrages prices for doing work that they say was a gift from God? Don't we suppose to give our gift? Do we short change God when we charges for a gift that was given to us?

The Black Church New Usher New Look!

I visited a church today were the Usher Board was dressed in an unusual way. they were wearing uniforms similar to the pic below.

I thought it was some what different I have never seen Ushers dress in this way. I am more used to seeing ushers in white dress and white shoes or black and white.

Me myself I like to see uniform in church. It's just something about it. To see this early on Sunday morning and see a warm smile you can't help but feel welcome.

We all have visited churches were the ushers look like they have been sucking on lemons the night before. If you were welcome at the door with a smile and a nice uniform would you feel better even if that was not the case?

Starting All Over Again!

I have made a move that is long over due. My husband and I have moved to Jacksonville Fl. This is not the plan that I had in mind when I retired from a job that I had worked 22 years. Now in order for me to regroup I must make this move. I hate to leave my son in that jail so far away but I have to do what's best for us. My son needs to man up. He will be allright. I am tired of holding him up. I don't know how long we will be in Fl but I am hoping to enjoy my baby. Have you ever faced change? Was it hard? How did you manged it? Would you do it again?

Qualifications- vs -Experience.

I was reading a blog were the question came up about Obama qualification for being president of these United States. So, my response was qualification and experience are two different thing.

Qualification: American born citizen and over 35 years of age.
Experience:-------- I have not found that yet. If someone knows were that information is let me know. I think if you are over 70 you should not be allow to run. If we consider 65 as retirement years and then we become eligible for SS then 70 is to old to run for president. That is my humble opinion. What do you think should a person be allow to run for office at that age? If no is it consider age discrimination?

This Is A Rant!

Hello family! have you ever felt like it's too many silly people in the world? I have! Lord help me to forget the crazy people that I have meet along the way. Have you meet people that bring the worst out of you? These people will make you want to kill or hurt them.

That happen to me yesterday. I am a very easy going person but don't push me to the point of wanting to do bodily harm. My supervisor is a young white boy from Arkansas"Red Neck"his uncle own the company. He is 20 years old and has no experience dealing with people. what do he know about people nothing.

Just because you put something on paper,don't necessary mean it will work. I tried to tell this young fool that but, when you are the one in authority you can't here from people that you feel is beneath you. He comes by and tells me Ms. Ann I want you to put your work on this cart because you are taking to much time getting supplies. The problem with that is it's time consuming to do . You wi…

What's More Important Butts or Brains?

Why have some of our young black women allowed themselves to be identify by their body parts more so than for their accomplishments?
Why do people assume that the black women's butt is some kind of sign of a black women's sexiness and attractiveness? What if she didn't have a butt would she still be attractive and sexy? This thing about butts just came into play a couple of years ago. Now you got people getting butt implants, come on.

I think we should be concern about this trend. This could become dangerous to black women every where. More rapes from both black and white men. So, just because it's admired today's what about tomorrow when it's no longer in style? Black men magazines feature woman with Big Butts all in your face.( Buffie the Body, Deelisha) White men are purchasing the same magazines and most likely they are the ones you will sit across from interviewing for a job.

How do you think they see us? the sista with the big butt. I have not…

Music And It Effect/Affect.

Growing up I didn't listen to Gospel Music only Secular Music. But when I came into the knowledge of Christ I turn all that music off. But I also know that music is a powerful tool. It can be used for good and bad. All the years of hearing that music can get deep down in your soul and it stays there.

Therefore the mind has to be reprogram. Some songs that I have not heard in years but, can hear them now and still know every word to them. If I here, Midnight Train To Georgia.( I got to go hay, on that midnight train to Georgia) see what I mean?

I have a love for worship and praise music now. It is nothing wrong with secular music. To move forward you have to turn it off. Do you songs stay in your mind long after you have turn the volume down? What kind of music person are you?

Coming Out Of The Closet.

Orman's coming out was mentioned in an interview that's almost a year-old. I'm glad that she freed herself. I still find it fascinating that some public figures are so successful in concealing their homosexuality. That can't be a pleasant way to live even if the person is wealthy.

I don't care that Suze Orman is gay. She is on top of the personal finance game and making big money to boot. Through her presentation on Women and Money I've learned to value my time and talents and not give them away.
Thanks, Suze Orman!

We judge people quickly with out knowing them but in this case we got to know Suze before she came out. So, do you think by her establishing her self made it easy for her fans to accept her advice with out question her sexuality? Now that you know her life style would/could you receive advice from her?

It's 2008 and far more women are single either through divorce or have never been married. Many women, though single, are also mothers. I kno…

A New Generation Of Mothers.

My question is when did this trend return? I am talking about young mothers breastfeeding their infant. My niece who just giving birth a month ago is breastfeeding. She is only 21 years old. My daughter tried it but it didn't work for her. I was surprise when my daughter informed me that her plans were to breastfeed my grand baby. It's working for my niece she says it's something she always wanted to do. I never entertained that idea doing my child bearing years. If you are a working mother it seems like a hard thing to do. Is it ok to breastfeed any where? Back in the day it seems to be more acceptable than now. I don't think you can breastfeed in the open with out causing a stir. What do you think is breastfeeding returning or did it ever cease? Do you think the breast should be cover during feeding Yes/No?

Some Things Never Change.

The Color Purple is playing on one of the cable network here, This is a movie that is timeless to me. I guess being it's Black History Month that would be a good choice. Some scenes in the Color Purple are painful to watch.

One of them is when the two sisters are separated from each other. Can you wrap your mind around losing your only love one? The other one is when Oprah was beaten by that mob. She was asking them to get her babies out of there. Even today something change and something stay the same.

Old men molesting young girls is still in our mist. So is the attack on black women. She was attack not because she was black it was because she had a strong opinion and voiced it. Is the Color Purple timeless? Did you like the movie? Is it part of your DVD collection?

Is Tavis Right?

I sense there is some hate going on against the senator from Illinois. I notice that more of our prominent black leaders ( John Lewis, Andrew Young, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson , Dr. Cornel West, Maxine Waters and yes others. O yell! Tavis Smiley, been drinking that hater o aide. Don't get it twisted! we can vote for who we want too. My thing is don't ask Obama to do something that he can't do. I have no problem with Tavis or any of the others that has been mention.

The rumor is that Tavis has something personal against Obama.The rumor is that Tavis wanted Obama to make the Covenant With Black America a part of his national campaign platform. Come on Tavis the O man can't do that. You see what happen in South Carolina. They will start labeling him the black candidate. Mrs. Clinton's have been saying some shady thing. What about some of the comments that was made in South Carolina? Nobody ask her are call her on them. Why? If she gets the Democratic nod w…

Young People an Obama!

Watch this clip and see one of the reason young people support Obama.
Could you have answer the reporter question?

Obama on The Cover Of Ebony Magazine.

While there are million of African Americans in this country, few go through the checkout without sneakin’ a peak at the Ebony Magazine. Don’t let those circulation numbers fool you, black people religiously read it, without fail.

In Our Life Time is the name on the publication. Do you see Obama being president in our life time?

The Attack of The Emeny.

I saw this picture of Ms. Winehouse and it touch my heart. From looking at this picture I can see what power the enemy has over us. His goals are clear kill, steal, and destroy. I don't know what drugs of what kinda of life style she has lived or living. We have been called to have compassion for one another. Every one knows somebody who is dealing with some form of addiction. She looks like a walking skeleton. It reminds me of a high school friend of mind that is strung out on crack she is as small as Amy. She is nothing but skin and bones. Her mother informed me yesterday that she was not doing good and those drugs has a bad hold on her. Last time I saw her, her jaws had sunk in. It is sad.

Do You Know Any Body On Drugs? If so, do you have compassion for them Yes/No? Please leave a comment. All comments are welcome.

Stripper Clothes and The Church.

When did this become normal wear for our young women? When did stripper wear become appropriate wear for church? Yes! I saw a young lady with what I would call stripper wear on at a funeral Sat. I might be old fashion so, I don't understand some of this madness but, some were we have fail to instruct our young woman on what is acceptable and not acceptable in the house of Worship. She had on a painted on skirt and breast hanging all out with stripper high heels on. I am at no way judging this young lady because I know that Jesus is the only Judge. isn't our place to instruct the young women? The Bible says that the older women should instruct the youngwomen So what happen? Do we care any more about what the word of God says? What do you think, have we lost our way? What do you think about young women looking like hookers? Would you allow your daughter to dress like this?

Obama's Love For His People.

Here are the words posted on Obama’s church web page: We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black . . . We are an African people, and remain "true to our native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization.

My question is any thing wrong with that statement?
Why can't we give recognition to our home land with out being call a racist? I found a article on a site and the person was upset that Obama's church has that posted on it's web page. I have no problem with that statement, do you? Because Obama embraces his African side is that the reason some of us can't support him? I have seen Obama standing with his grandmother what a beautiful sight to be hold. She reminds me of my own granny. A face were time has stamp it place on it but, still loved.

I am African American an not a shame of it . I have read other articles were some of our own people have a problem being call African. You can have all the problems in the world with being cal…

2nd Sunday ( Black History Celebration)

Carter G. woodson, the founder of Black History celebration, knew the importance of knowing one's self and history. Today we celebrate Black History here at The Old BlackChurch. Let us extend this Occasion to a daily celebration of who we are and whose we are. We are noble, elegant creatures of God. We have a past, a present, and a future in Christ Jesus.

To the pastor, officers, members, and friends of The Old Black Church greetings and blessing in Jesus name! We celebrate the heritage of your family and our collective families.
The hymn writer says, "we've a story to tell to the nations!" We have many stories to tell about God and the Bible, about ourselves, our culture, out realities. Telling stories helps us to build community; we reflect the lives of one another and celebrate similarities and differences. Today we celebrate the sharing of stories of an African American experience. WELCOME, WELCOME.

O God of life and history, who acted in t…

Great Reality TV.

This is one of my favorite shows on Wednesday nights. I think a person of color has been in all episodes. This season person of color was put out early in the show. Last year Michael Knight won the fan favor. His collection was great. I read some where that they use decoys to throw the views off. I hope that Christian the young man on this season is not the decoy because I have pick him to win it all. What he did with those 505 jeans was great. He has a gift that is out of this world. I am hoping he win.

Do you watch the show if so, who do you see as the winner? It comes on Bravo at 9:00. It is a great show if you like reality TV. Christian design a prom dress for a client who happen to be black and she kinda gave him hell . She had her mine already made up about what she wanted but I guess he had his mind about what he wanted so they kinda clash. The judges got on to him about not taking control of the situation.

I am Scared of A Ouija Board.

Ouija boards, tarot cards and horoscopes are all ancient methods of divination that are still popular today. Growing up this was not allowed in my home.
Any thing that was not Bible or the Bible spoke against was not allowed. We could not have playing cards either my pop's said they was used for gambling so we couldn't have them. I saw and touched my 1st Ouija Board in my freshman year in school. We could bring games from home to play during PE. Someone brought a Ouija Board. When it rules and all was explained it scared me. I never for got how it shock me up. Back then I was scared of funerals and any thing that had to do with spirits.
To use a Ouija board, the planchette is placed on the board and one or more people rest their fingers on the planchette. The users start by moving the planchette around the board and speaking to the spirit they wish to summon, then begin asking the spirit questions. The goal is to have the spirit spell out — via the planchette moving acr…

Do You Know Your Purpose For This Life?

Blog family this has been on my mind for a minute (no pun intended). I would like your comments please. My 1st question is do you really know what your purpose in this life is for? If yes how did you find out and when? My 2nd question is/ are you walking in that purpose right now, if not why? For me I don't know what it is that I should be doing. I always wanted to help people in some kind of way. I would like to own my own business. I think my purpose is tied to a computer in some kinda way. I don't want to go back to the Father, with out fulfilling my purpose for been sent to the earth in the 1st place. I know that my time is running out. I am closer to the grave than ever before. I know that the Father does every thing with purpose in mine. So, what do you think. Can you help me get on track? All comments are welcome.

Movies That Just Aren't Funny: White Chicks

Two FBI agents (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) try to get back into their boss's good graces by taking on a job guarding the Wilton sisters, two New York City hotel heiresses, from a serial kidnapper. They fail, and the two women are abducted. The agents then go undercover, dressing up as the titular "white chicks" to solve the crime and rescue the victims.
You know some movies you just can't stand to watch because you already no it's not a good movie. For me it would be white Chick.. It's been playing in my area for a couple of weeks now. One thing is I don't like the actors the Wayans Brothers. They can not act and they are not funny, to me. They look so silly trying to act like white women. Do you have a movie that just don't set well with you? If so which one was it?

Charles Barkley Why Don't You Say Something Stupid.


Gold Diggers!

A site called Created for women who are looking to “meet men who make over $100,000.00 a year.” Call me old fashion but, come on.
Once upon a time women didn't want the world to know that they were after a mans money. But things have changed, alot. Were is the shame in this? What about love? Would you advertise on a website like for a man? Do you see any thing wrong with doing this? Is any shame left in Woman? Is this a form of prostitution?

Congratulation Obama From Alabama.

Obama win Alabama! great job. The hands that once pick cotton now has pick a black man for a chance for the president of these United States. Go Barrack Obama.

Today Begins The Lent Season.

Lent is a forty-day period before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday. We skip Sundays when we count the forty days, because Sundays commemorate the Resurrection. Lent begins on 6 February 2008 and ends on 22 March 2008, which is the day before Easter. during the Season of Lent.Lent is a season of soul-searching and repentance. It is a season for reflection and taking stock. Lent originated in the very earliest days of the Church as a preparatory time for Easter, when the faithful rededicated themselves and when converts were instructed in the faith and prepared for baptism. By observing the forty days of Lent, the individual Christian imitates Jesus’ withdrawal into the wilderness for forty days. All churches that have a continuous history extending before AD 1500 observe Lent. The ancient church that wrote, collected, canonized, and propagated the New Testament also observed Lent, believing it to be a commandment from the apostles.

In ma…

Obama and The Battle Hymn!

I think this Hymn fit my man Barrack Obama because if any body can get the young people out to vote is worthy of a hymn.

"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He has loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword;
His truth is marching on.

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;
He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat.
O, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! Be jubilant my feet!
Our God is marching on.

Glory, hallelujah! Glory, hallelujah!
Glory, hallelujah! Glory, hallelujah!
His truth is marching on."

A System That Is Profiting Off Of Black Men. The Prision

Blog family you all know that my son is incarcerated and waiting for his sentencing. The system is messed up. He could only have stuff that was still in the original package. 6 white tee shirts, 6 pair of boxers white, 6 pair of socks white, no gray on the toe. Clear deodorant , stamps and 1 box of envelops. They provide the ink pen which are collapsible He can not receive any more items. Ok I took him a pair of sneaker they would not even except/accept them because they were not new. You have to take the strings out of all shoes. They can not call unless they buy minutes from a company call inmate solution. They charges 3.00 for 15 minutes. Do you think that young black men has made the prison system a profitable business? I say it is because a small town about 50 miles for my city just built a prison 1 year ago and is in the process of adding 450 more beds. Some thing is wrong with this picture. This I will say, the generation that is coming after this one has a lot of clean…

The Last One.

I forgot to say I am glad this was Bush last State of The Union speech. Thank you Father for little things. I am glad and, I approve this message.BYE, BYE!

A Comfort Food.

This bird have been to many of places and is loved by many of people. My question is why? What is so great about fried chicken? when it comes to our (not all black people like chicken) people we love chicken. Is it consider a comfort food? You will find it on almost every buffet. Down here in the South it is the number one food serve after a funeral (you know the meal with the family). For me I am a chicken lover. When dining out and nothing else looks good, chicken is there. Chicken will save the day. My mother (bless her soul) could fry the best darn chicken you could eat. Don't give me chicken that has blood in it, no way. Don't get me wrong every body can not cook chicken. You need a good cast iron skillet to get a golden brown. Do you like chicken yes/no? Did you grow up eating chicken for Sunday's dinner?

Could Tiger Woods be Supporting Barack Obama?

Tiger Woods says he has been impressed with Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama and believes he is an inspiration to many in the United States.Asked for his views on the senator from Illinois, who like himself has an African-American father, ahead of the Dubai Desert Classic, Woods replied: "I've seen him speak. He's extremely articulate, very thoughtful."I'm just impressed at how well, basically all politicians really do, how well they think on their feet. Especially those debates. It's pretty phenomenal to see them get their point across."But I just think that he's really inspired a bunch of people in our country and we'll see what happens down the road." What do you think do this sound like an endorsement for Obama yes/no? If so is Tiger making a statement by doing so?