My Son Is On His Way To Prision.

Hello blog family! Well this is what happen in court today. Nothing! I don't like how this thing is going. My son says that he was given a continue. The reason that I said that is, if he get himself into anything else that will be 3 felons. They are talking about giving him some kind of probation which I am against.

My son needs drug intervention. But he will not admit that he has a problem he says that I don't know what I am talking about. My son have a drug addiction and his drug of choice is Ecstasy and Marijuana. I know this because I have been watching him when he is high. Why coming down off of Ecstasy he starts to get psychotic and then depression. He is a very mild kind of person but when he is on that stuff he becomes very mean. When he was about 15 is when he started to experiment with drugs mostly marijuana. Then I stated to have problems with his school. Every day that I would drop him off at school he would run away.

I then had to get a probation officer that did not work. Then he would snick out of the house at night when we were gone to bed. That is how he got some charges as a Juvenile. I had him put in 3 different boot camps. That did not work either. He quite school when he was a senior. That was a hard to accept. I used to think it was the crowed he was running with. But after watching him I realize, he was his own worst enemy.

As a juvenile he was charge with attempted break in, possession of marijuana. Next he got caught with a Control Substance. Next he tried to break in to some one home and the people were there. He could have been killed. I don't up hold wrong but, I don't want him to hurt any one nor get hurt himself( that is that mother in me).

I don't know how the end is going to be so I will keep on praying for him . On each felon he could get 5 to 10 years. He is in denial about his drug problem. Will you all just keep him and me in prayer.


  1. I hope you don't see this as me being disrespectful but here is my take on your situation as a Black Man that works with youth in the Inner City.

    I take it that your Son and you are part of a single parent household so I will say this ..

    1. Your Son does not respect you. He may love you in his own way but his RESPECT for you does not exist. You need to explore at what point in his life he lost that respect and work from there.

    2. You cannot connect with your Son, you will have to re-connect with him through a third party. My suggestion, a Black man who is successful who will allow him to vent out his frustration and allow in some love for self. If his resistence to religion (which I can assume) its obvious when he needs to be with a Male figure that does what he enjoys. Boys like men when frustrated needs to walk away and run so they can come back home. There are so many Black Men who want to be mentors and so many single mothers that do not ask for their help, you have to ask.

    3. Praying is good, but its only good for you. A family that prays together, stays together BUT if that's not happening then you need to find someone who can help your Son define what he believes in and allow that to happen (especially if the faith is different from yours).

    4. When was the last time you hugged him? I mean REALLY HUGGED HIM. A hug so deep that it brought tears to your eyes and his. One of the things I find in Single parent homes with Sons is that the mother has raised the Son to be hard and masculine for so long that when the time comes to show emotion, he WON'T. Not that he can't, he just won't. And thus he will never learn humility, the one trait needed when dealing with the ability to handle failure and success.

    5. Drug usage is a two tier issue. The whys and hows are varied and I would not like to get into it in this medium BUT you need to seek out help from NA and get suggestions. He won't quit until he is ready. You can't do anything until HE decides. To force the issue will only push him away. 3rd party help from someone who knows and been there.

  2. Thank God Sis. Ann, you have a repreive and time to work on you. I know how much you have been praying to keep your son out of jail but please, think long and hard about what Bro. Shazza Nakim has said in his comments. You have to work on you being able to turn loose and be prepared for him to fall or fly. And a fall might not be too jail he may have a chance to face his demons, and you just need to fall in God's arms to help you get peace.
    My prayes continue to be with you and your son...I'm asking God to do what is best for your son, even if it is not what you want.

  3. Shazz thanks for your comment. I don't see it as being disrespectful and thanks for your advice. I'am not single. He was 2 years of age when my husband adopted him.
    I know that he do not respect me by his actions. I do no that he loves me.
    I never thought about reconnecting with my son, thanks for that advice.
    I believe in prayer my son can be help too.
    We have not hugged in a long time. Thanks for your comments, they were well received.

  4. Loveable thanks for your prayers and your comments. It is hard to watch my son hit rock bottom. I will continue to seek help for him.

  5. It's been a while since I stopped by, but I'm glad that I did. You and your son will be in my prayers. The problem of imprisonment and drug addiction is so prevelent in so many of our households. We'll just have to do what we can and stay on top of it with prayer. Take Care,


  6. Thank you Shelia for your kind words.


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