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Is This Event Like A Step Towards The One World Religion??

Reader thanks to Forerunner Chronicles Christopher Hudson for this post. What are your thoughts on this event? Forty plus speakers from around the world and across the streams of Christianity as they gather to seek the Lord for Unity and Revival as Jesus prayed in John 17, 'so the world will know him'.

"Prayerful" (Monday Question) Why have the Black Church adopted issues and causes dear to White Evangelicals?

The Black Church always has been the most significant institution in African-American life. Until recently, the concerns of the Black Church and those of the Black Community were indistinguishable. When residents put issues such as health care unemployment, education, crime and health insurance at the top of their agenda, the church concurred. One pastor, Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. is going around the nation with something he's calling a "Black Contract with America on moral values."[ negro please ] we have worst thing going on in our community to deal with. Abortion and same-sex marriage, we know what the Bible Say's about these two things. Some argue that the Black Church have bought into a phony white evangelical agenda that side steps reality. What about the young men going to jail/prison at a high rate? The Black Church was more than a place of worship. It was a school, community center meeting ground and restorer of hope. What have happen to the Black Church Agenda?


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