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Congratulations Stacey Abrams On Making History!

Congratulations to Stacey Abrams who has made history by being elected Georgia’s Democratic nominee for governor Primary season has been on for a while, but still — primary stories rarely get as big and dramatic as this one. Stacey Abrams is the daughter of a shipyard worker and a librarian from Mississippi. Her ancestors were born into slavery. Last night, she was elected as Georgia’s Democratic nominee, becoming the first black woman to win a major party’s nomination for governor in US history. She’s a bad sister and I wish her luck in November.

Top 5 Signs You Came Up In The Old School Church!

Y'all the woes of growing up in a black Baptist church. I remember these rules oh so well. We had a lot of rules back in the day but in my mind looking back the church was respected and had POWER in those days, now anything goes.

Did you grow up in a church that had a lot of unspoken rules?

Is It Easier To Acknowledge God Than It Is To Acknowledge Jesus??Janet Jackson Icon Billboard Music Awards Speech.

Interesting, millions of people watched the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night when Superstar and Billboard Icon Award recipient Janet Jackson said this and thanked God for her artistic career:
"Everything we lack God has in abundance"

On Pentecost Sunday Bishop Eddie L. Long "NAMESAKE" Return To New Birth!!

Y'all New Birth  Missionary Church in Lithonia, Georgia is in full recovery mode. It was rumored a couple of months ago that Bishop Stephen A. Davis, the church's senior pastor and successor to the late Bishop Eddie Long, had resigned after just a year on the job. We all know that that turned out to be not true, "Bishop Stephen Allen Davis has not resigned and is currently still the bishop and senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in both Birmingham, Alabama and Stonecrest, Georgia.

Breaking: Pastor Greg Locke Under Investigation by Tennessee Department of Children’s Services!

Y'all Pulpit & Pen has learned that embattled Tennessee Pastor and internet sensation Pastor Greg Locke of Mt. Juliet is under investigation by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (TDCS).

Pastor Greg Locke, a father of three, was accused by his estranged wife of spousal abuse earlier this year. After receiving multiple accounts from people local to Mt. Juliet, Pulpit & Pen reached out to the case worker in charge of Locke’s case and confirmed that Locke, who is currently going through a divorce, was indeed under investigation.

Should It Matter That Bishopp Michael Curry Is Pro-Gay Marriage??

In my humble opinion, Bishop Michael Curry delivered one the best GOSPEL sermon I have heard in some time. With that being said, the Royal Wedding Pastor Michael Curry Is Pro-Gay Marriage--Should it Matter? 

God's Not Through With Barack & Michelle Obama, They Have Partner With Netflix To Produce Movies And TV shows!!

The former first couple have teamed up with streaming giant Netflix to provide a "diverse mix of content".The Obamas just signed a multi-year production deal with Netflix!

Upcomig Young Leaders Conference 2018, Will Have Bishop Noel Teaching On The Topic When Ministry Becomes The Mistress!!

Y'all Bishop Noel Jones has often talked about preaching himself out of his marriage...they're bringing him to "YOUNG LEADERS CONFERENCE "2018to make sure upcoming pastors don’t do the same. They're calling every preacher, pastor, young minister, aspiring minister, preachers kid, church leader etc. that’s serious about ministry but also serious about family to sit under this wisdom!
In this life saving session, Bishop Jones will be teaching proven principles from both real world personal experience as well as scripture on how to make sure you don’t alienate your family in the pursuit of your call.

Lord Have Mercy, Is The Church By The Glades Promoting Their Upcoming Sermon Series??

☝Lord have mercy some of these pastors need to have several seats. I guess the Bible ain’t enough anymore now.👀 I can't believe that this is the name of an upcoming sermon series.