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Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Remarks About Raising His Granddaughter As A Girl Spark LGBT Protest!!!

Good Thursday morning online congregation, so just because Jerry Falwell and his wife are raising their granddaughter as she was created by God the Creator, other people are offended that she isn’t given a choice to choose her gender so they protest....what in the world!! 😱

Some pro-LGBT Liberty University students protested on campus recently after the university's president and his wife said their granddaughter will be raised according to her God-given gender. The News & Advance reports Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his wife Becki, were speaking at a satellite CPAC event alongside Donald Trump, Jr. when the couple said they would raise their granddaughter as a female.

By The End Of 2019, LifeWay Will Have Closed Its Remaining 170 Stores!!!

Online congregation the Christian Retail industry has long lingered months to years behind experiencing secular mega-bookstore trends. Lifeway now finds itself in the midst of challenges similar to what Borders and Barnes & Noble experienced early this decade.

Edward Long Return To His Radio Career Following Dr. Jamal Bryant Becoming New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s Pastor!!

Online congregation, following the disappointment and rejection that he felt after not being chosen as New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s new pastor, Edward Long is carving out a career on his own terms according to the AJC’s article “Eddie Long’s Son Returns To First Passion: Radio.”

Gay Young Man Family Forced Him To Church To Have Spirit Of Homosexuality Burned Out Of Him!!!

Online congregation what y'all think about people who are forced to go through destructive practices like exorcism and conversion therapy to cure their sexuality?  Alot of Nigerian parent whom are very conservative in nature would do anything to stop their kids from being gay.  Some LGBTQ children sometime go through conversion therapy, some would have to be subjected to traumatizing experience such as being flogged, beaten, starved or at extreme cases disowned from their families.

This is heartbreaking and most outrageous and evil. A young man took to Facebook to share photos of how his family’s church assaulted him in a bid to cast the spirit of homosexuality out of him. The photos show him with a lit candle on his head, with the wax running down his face. Sharing the photos, the young man wrote;
“Last night my family took me to a church in an attempt to burn out the “spirit” of homosexuality from me.”

Black Millennials Skip Church As Early Adults More Than Whites, Survey Shows!!!

Good Wednesday morning online congregation, tell me what y'all think about this? According to a new survey which show that Black millennials are dropping out of attending church regularly at a higher rate than their white peers. They said it's because they're seeking a "church home."

More Black young adults than their white counterparts are dropping out of Protestant churches, according to a new study by a Nashville-based research company. Almost 75 percent of young Black adults told LifeWay Research that they took a break from attending church regularly for at least a year between the ages of 18 and 22, Religion News Service is reporting. That figure compares with 65 percent of white millennials who reported they’d dropped out of church during the same period of life, according to the report titled “Church Dropouts: Reasons Young Adults Stay or Go between ages 18-22.”

It Took 20 Years To Bring This Alabama Pastor To Justice!

Online congregation this crime happened in my home town some 20 years ago. A truck driving turn preacher through a DNA match has now been charged with killing two Alabama teenagers found shot to death execution style and stuff in the trunk of their car nearly 20 years ago. The preacher/pastor/teacher was tied to the killings through DNA  uncovered with genetic genealogy testing, authorities said Monday.

So Kanye West Is Actually Having His Own Version Of “Church”????

Online congregation tell me what y'all think about this the word is that Kanye has his own church? Is this of God and would you attend his service? In my opinion, DMX has always been kind of like a warrior for Christ in so many people eyes. This past Sunday Kanye West had yet another one of his epic Sunday Service which was well attended by family and fellow celebrities one of them being DMX who gave a touching prayer that has since lit up the internet and has gone viral. Kanye started “Sunday Service” at the beginning of the year, and has been hosting the gospel concerts, complete with a full choir, at his family home in California every Sunday since then. Check out below the powerful prayer given by DMX on this past Sunday.

Fox News Has Hired Former Interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile As A Contributor, The Network Announced Monday.

Good Tuesday morning online congregation, tell me what y'all think about this? Not long ago, Donna Brazile was the interim chairwoman of the Democratic Party and a strident critic of Fox News, accusing the network of bias and hyperbole. On Monday, Ms. Brazile announced that she had accepted a new job: on-air commentator on Fox News.

Ms. Brazile is certainly getting her share of criticism for joining Fox News. She has reacted saying: "My response is that, if we’ve learned anything from the 2016 election, it is that we can’t have a country where we don’t talk to those who disagree with our political views. There’s an audience on Fox News that doesn’t hear enough from Democrats. We have to engage that audience."

Former Harvest Bible Chapel Members Want $72,000 In Donations Refunded, After Pastor James MacDonald Fired!!

Good Monday morning online congregation tell me what y'all think about this? Can and should an unhappy church member, who has faithfully given of his/her tithes/offerings and time over the years to his church, ask for their money back? Now I all ways thought that church tithes and offerings come under the legal term of “charitable contributions.” I also thought that all charitable contributions were look at as gifts. By definition a gift is an “irrevocable transfer of the donor’s entire interest in the donated cash or property.” Simply put: once you put your money in the church offering plate or basket you can kiss it goodbye. It is no longer your money.

Anyhow Some devout believers who once donated more than $72,000 to Harvest Bible Chapel, under the leadership of Pastor James MacDonald are asking for their money back.

Jesus Take The Wheel, When The Church Be Doing Too Much.

Online congregation yes I’m laughing, we’re still doing this in 2019?!  Some folks think that they did the right thing by covering the young ladies up, what do y'all think? Now I didn’t get the point of waiting until they got up in the middle of dancing to cover them....butts was not out but you can definitely see the line of the leotard under the skirt.... there is a time and place for everything and there’s different ways you can handle things without embarrassing people.  I'm sure this could’ve been handled differently... like BEFORE they started dancing. I see the church is working on losing yet another generation. They wondered when the numbers started decreasing with Gen X but did nothing. They panicked at the mass exodus of millennials but still kept up with this fake piety foolishness. Gen Z gon’ be out the door as soon as they’re old enough to leave. They’re gonna be preaching at empty pews still refusing to evolve! I’m tired of this church!!😒