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The Queen Of Soul Private Funeral Will Be Held At Greater Grace Temple!!

Good morning online congregation, now the media has been reporting for years that "The Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin was a very private person. If that is true then, why in the world are they holding her body out for 2 week?  I loved her like every other fan does I did not personally know her, her family is the most important people no need to hold her out for fan fair.  She will always be the QUEEN OF SOUL even if her services are private.

Anyhow, the Queen's funeral service will only be for family and friends. It's set for Friday, August 31st at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. Aretha Franklin sang at this church during a service honoring Rosa Parks. There will be two days of public viewing at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History before her funeral. (You Can Read It Here)

Dr. Juanita Bynum Say God Told Her To "Build It Again" Is Why She Built The Church In The Air.

Online congregation while many preacher/pastor/teachers of today are planting and building brick and mortar churches, Dr. Juanita Bynum is building studios and becoming the preacher/pastor/teacher of the church of the air. 

Shame On Willow Creek Church For Paying To Settle Lawsuits Over Child Sex Abuse!!

Online congregation, reading all the news stories about Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago this week is heartbreaking. Bill Hybels has been a big influence on modern Christianity. It is hard to understand how so much could go so wrong for so long. But I'm mindful that the Bible says we are to test everything we are taught against God's Word. (1 Thessalonians 5:21) It does not say that we are to test everyone. For God can surely use even broken people to accomplish His purposes. 

Aretha Franklin, The Queen Of Soul Has Transition From Time Into Eternity!

Good morning online congregation, according to Scripture, the last enemy that will be abolished is death" (1 Cor. 15:25-26). Here is  some sad news, according to Gwendolyn Quinn "The Queen Of Soul" representative, Aretha Franklin has transition from time into eternity at her home in Detroit. She was 76. Her representative Gwendolyn Quinn confirmed the death to the Associated Press and said the cause was pancreatic cancer.

Did Apostle Matthew Stevenson Use His Pulpit To Bully? Was His Comment Out Of Line??

Online congregation Apostle Matthew Stevenson has come under  fire for an online rant for checking another preacher who posted on  one his Instagram posts. Apostle Stevenson was celebrating a remodeled section in the church and the person who designed it posted that Dr. Stevenson was not an Apostle, but an entertainer. It went down hill from there. 

Church Announcement, #MeToo And The Bible,Conference!!

Online congregation here's a first of it kind women conference which has come about because of the #METOO movement. This workshop and conference is being presented by the Styberg Preaching Institute. 

Judge Lifts Veil Of Secrecy In Pastor’s Paternity Case.

Online congregation a ( You Can Read It Here )Toronto pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” can’t keep his identity secret in a paternity case just because the publicity could damage his reputation and hurt him financially, a judge ruled Tuesday. 

Jesus Take The Wheel,Priests’ Accused Of Sexually Abusing More Than 1,000 Children!!

Good morning online congregation according to a scathing grand jury report released Tuesday(You Can Read It Here)there were hundreds of “predator priests” sexually abusing more than 1,000 children in Pennsylvania for decades — all while being shielded by Roman Catholic Church leaders.  “The main thing was not to help children, but to avoid scandal,” the report states, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing: They hid it all.” The 900-page, partly redacted report looked at abuse allegations in six of the state’s eight dioceses that minister to more than half of its 3.2 million Catholics: Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Scranton, Erie and Greensburg. The report was the culmination of an 18-month probe led by Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Church Announcement, Take A Stand At The Table!

Online congregation Pastor Jamal Bryant post the following above picture and comment to Instagram: We must take a STAND.....all conscious Christians meet me in DC to let @realdonaldtrump know we will not be silent in the face of injustice. Organize to get there NOW! ...spread the word and repost!

Is There Not A Place For Social Justice Within White Evangelical Theology???

"Evangelicalism’s newfound obsession with the notion of “social justice” is a significant shift—and I’m convinced it’s a shift that is moving many people (including some key evangelical leaders) off message, and onto a trajectory that many other movements and denominations have taken before, always with spiritually disastrous results." - Dr. John MacArthur
Good morning online congregation, my problem with John MacArthur, one of my favorite preacher here ( You Can Read It Here ) is that he's part of the problem. He has forever condemned Christians getting political and falsely attributed the motive of doing it INSTEAD of the gospel. But as this social justice movement proves, people don't get saved then get smart on politics. 

Pastor Upset, Someone Put A Fake $100 Bill In The Collection Plate!

Online congregation(You Can Read It Here)it takes a special kind of individual to put a counterfeit bill in the offering plate. If I had unknowingly passed a counterfeit bill on to my church, I would want to know. What if I had more? Or what if I remember where I got it, which might help the police investigation? And if I am printing them, I would want to know that church isn't a safe place to pass them, anymore.

What you think?

When Did Tami Roman From Basketball Wives Become A Powerful Positive Black Woman??

Online congregation at first glance you would think this was a great idea, till you see Tami Roman from the reality show Basketball Wives is part of the lineup. That's a no for me!! Despite being on Basketball Wives and gaining a lot of exposure from that program, Tami Roman hasn’t been shown in the best light on the hit VH1 show. She’s been involved in some very ugly altercations and stuff that should disqualify her for anything positive like this.

It’s Our Time is a movement of powerful black women who are coming together to uplift with music, comedy, motivation and empowerment. I don't know which one of those categories Tami Roman fall into. I ask you…What happens when strong, positive and successful women come together for a common cause? Life changing moments! Sisters United: It’s Our Time is a one of a kind evening of entertainment starring some of the biggest entertainers in the industry.

Was Pastor Sharon Nesbitt Hiding From Her Church Members After Meeting With Trump?

Good morning online congregation, the fallout and backlash continue for those black pastors who meet with 45 a week or so ago. Pastor Sharon Nesbitt, senior pastor at Dominion Church in Marion, Arkansas, is one of many black church pastors who are facing backlash after her trip to the White House.  

Growing Fraud Sucks Billions From Churches Annually!!

Online congregation records on church finances are not routinely given to members. I wonder why not? At this present time church fraud adds up to billions a year. Since many churches can't be trusted to regulate themselves, some Christians are welcoming the transparency required by IRS Form 990. Our responsibility as the members of the body of Christ doesn't stop when we give money to the church. Our responsibility as members of Christ's body includes bringing biblical standards of accountability and transparency into our churches. 

1st Lady Of The Sanctuary at Mt. Calvary Omarosa Manigault Newman On Trump!

Online congregation watch how the First Lady of “The Sanctuary” at Mt. Calvary Church, Jacksonville Florida says she was "used by Donald Trump" and regrets that she was "complicit with this White House."  She claims that you don't know that you're in that kind of situation until it just keeps bubbling and bubbling. But didn’t she say that we would all bow down to Trump at one time?

Is Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Behind The Alledge Blackballing Of Le'Andria Johnson?

Online congregation, I heard the rumor the other day on Larry Reid Live that Le'Andria Johnson was allegedly being blackballed by Gospel Music Great Kim Burrell and some Gospel Music promoters, now I'm not 100% sure that I believe that or not. Larry seems to think that the gospel community is still cancelling Le'Andria left and right since her rant last month. 

Check out the flyer and clip below.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, The Man Who Built And Rebuilt Louisiana's Biggest Church.

Online congregation such an enlightening article( You Can Read It Here ). The Times-Picayune is marking the tricentennial of New Orleans with its ongoing 300 for 300 project, running through 2018 and highlighting 300 people who have made New Orleans New Orleans, featuring original artwork commissioned by The Times-Picayune with Where Y'Art gallery.

Bishop Demetrius Sinegal, With All Authority In Him, Said We Bloggers Are Like Trash Cans, And Don't Have The Authority To Rebuke Church Leadership!!

Online congregation those are the types of statements some in leadership use in order to get away with mess and control the pew sitters. Leadership is by example, and not manipulating others by fear.  We LOVE going to Scriptures [and using them out of context] such as "touch not mine anointed" and the story where God struck Miriam with Leprosy when someone has a legitimate QUESTION or concern about the actions of church leadership. 

Has The Black Church and Social Media "Lynched Pastor John Gray"??

Lord have mercy online congregation, so Pastor Travis Green and others in the Gospel music community has started a "#ISUPPORTJOHNGRAY" hashtag. So I'm thinking they started this campaign on Tuesday, so clearly it's for PR. In all honest and without any malicious in my heart what so ever, Pastor John and the other pastors just made a bad move.

Jesus Take The Wheel "Yoga" Has Come To The Potter House, Dallas TX.

Online congregation why would a Christian church allow the practice of Yoga in worship services? This is unbelievable, this can't be true? It's ridiculous! I'm asking was First Lady Jakes Instagram hacked? My Lord folks on the gram are asking why would any Christian church start this? And if a church is a bible teaching church, why do this?  There is no discernment in some churches today. They have lost their minds.

Does New Birth Church Need Someone Young Anointed With A Vision???

Online congregation, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is a megachurch in DeKalb County, Georgia, near Lithonia GA. The church was founded in 1939 in Scottdale as Travelers Rest Baptist Church.

Lord Have Mercy Is This Our Bishop??

Online congregation my blog is discovered because of all types of searches. But one of the most common search phrases is “why do black pastors cheat?"  Someone sent me the following link, I want you all to check the link out and tell me what you think:
I received pictures and information about this months ago. The hearing for this case will take place today at 1:30pm.

Willow Creek Church’s Lead Pastor and Board of Elders Resign

Good morning online congregation ego, pride, elitism and superiority can haunt us all, but we contribute mightily to these vices when we automatically equate a growing church with integrity and honor. ( You Can Read About It Here )According to Laurie Goldstein writer at The New York Times.The lead pastor and the entire board of elders resigned on Wednesday night from Willow Creek Community Church, one of the nation’s most influential evangelical congregations, saying that they had made a mistake by failing to believe the women who accused the Rev. Bill Hybels, the church’s founding pastor, of sexual harassment.

Is There Anything Wrong With A Blackman Hugging Another Blackman??

Online congregation I swear the black church and black people are so darn homophobic. In today's climate there’s no room for the possibility that a man could mentor, father, and foster a loving non sexual relationship with a man in church. I’m annoyed by the Black Church and this whole vibe around men can't hug men.

Bishop Dale Bronner Threatens Critics of His Trump Visit!

Good morning online congregation, those of you, who are secretly putting your mouths on the M.O.G and W.O.G. STOP!!! STOP!!!! STOP!!! YOU are touching God's anointing with your imperfect selves. Repent quickly or you will find yourselves on the other side of the spot light that will expose your hidden sins.

Anyhow, on Sunday 8/5/18 at his metro Atlanta church, Bishop Dale C. Bronner issued from the pulpit this threat of God's judgment to critics of his recent visit to the White House with 45.

Court Rules That Trump Spiritual Adviser Pastor Paula White Must Pay $12,500 For 'Emotional Harm' From Bogus Copyright Lawsuit!!

Good morning online congregation, Televangelist Paula White, who is also one of Trump's spiritual advisers, recently said that Jesus's immigration to Egypt as a baby wasn't illegal, because if he had broken the law, that would make him sinful, and it would have precluded him from being "our Messiah."
Anyhow a YouTube was bullied by Paula White a few years ago when Paula had her channel removed for copyright infringement in which it was not.  
Paula sued the You Tuber with some over price lawyers and false accusations. Paula lost the case, with the You Tuber  acting as her own attorney. Then the You Tuber sued Paula for malicious prosecution and she won against Paula acting as her own attorney, taking on over 5 of Paula's over priced lawyers. 
( You Can Read It Here )

Was Jackie Hill Perry Acting A Bit Immature Here?!?!?!

Good morning online congregation, some are saying this was a bit immature of Jackie Hill Perry to write a post checking women who push up on her husband. People are so disrespectful. In the past I have dealt with this and so have some of my sisters that were in the ministry. It's disgusting. And many of the men do it as well to women in ministry. Anyhow, Jackie say stop making moves on her husband. It is disrespectful. she said the bible speaks about tempting or entertaining someone knowing you're with someone...the bible say you might as well jump in the sea and drown yourself. She went hard on the ladies. The mere fact that this is going on in churches is just disgusting and sickening. The sad part is they start thinking all women are that way....NOT!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for pastors and leaders...Everywhere church, work place, school etc. It's a shame how much disrespect is in the church today!! I agree with the scripture....drown yourself! 
What you all think?

Come On Pastor John Gray, Stop It!

Lord have mercy, Pastor John Gray please don't tell us you now trying to take credit for this when it was already decided months beforehand. This is the equivalent of 45 taking credit for the decrease in unemployment that actually took place during the Obama administration.

Now you have already been caught fibbing about the meeting on Wednesday and judging by the below picture, and what you told Don Lemons “When I was invited I actually said I don’t want to take pictures,” do this look like someone who don't want to take a picture? Stop it please, we in the community still love and respect you and your ministry, so go ahead and  accept the L and keep it moving.

Why Did Pastor Joel Osteen Allow Tyler Perry To Preached At Lakewood Church This Weekend?

Online congregation so this took place this weekend (every member wasn't happy about it) Tyler Perry was the preacher at Lakewood Church. It looks like the Lakewood Church family had mixed reviews about Tyler Perry being allowed to preach all the weekend services. Tyler Perry has inspired, encouraged, and motivated many around the world through his books, films, and many business endeavors. 

Facebook Comment:
I think the church leadership needs prayer since they’ve allowed Tyler Perry to speak at church knowing he is living with a woman who isn’t his wife. 

Church March Against Violence,Not Welcome.

Online congregation, I'm not the biggest fan of the Hebrew Israelites and their outreach tactics but they are unified and committed to their cause, got to give them their props for that. Apparently this march against street violence took place yesterday in Memphis TN, with little to no coverage by local news.   I just find it funny how every time the white nationalist comes to any town it's highlighted on every major news station but literal an army of 800 strong black men marching thru the city promoting nonviolence was barely mentioned.