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This Past Monday, Scientology Launched Its Own TV Network.

Reader this is.. interesting what yall think about it?(You Can Read It Here) The Church of Scientology has just launched its own television channel this past Monday night.  The old saying no once can tell your story better than you come to mind here.  A Twitter handle, website and app for Scientology TV appeared this past Sunday posting updates to hype the network's availability on DIRECTV, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, Chromecast, iTunes and Google Play. 

God Made Me Black On Purpose!

Reader, this is an interesting read about South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (You Can Read It Here). No matter his achievements or aspirations, Tim Scott is sentenced to exist in America’s collective political subconscious as a black man first and everything else second.

“Concerned about narrowing his brand, [Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.)] long has tried to downplay his ethnic exceptionalism and avoid the role of race-relations ambassador for the GOP. And yet Scott, now more than ever, cannot seem to escape being perceived as such. He is not just a generic black Republican in a generic period of history; he is the most powerful and prominent black elected official in America, serving at a time of heightened racial tension and widespread accusations of xenophobia against his own party and the president who leads it. This ensures that Scott wears a target on his back regardless of the issue or crisis at hand.”
It’s an insult to God when we don’t love who we are.

What Makes The Pope The Most Powerful Man In History??

Reader so ( You Can Read It Here ) CNN has aired a six part series on the Pope. What makes him the most powerful man in history? What's interesting is that they say that the Pope is the most powerful man in history, but obviously they are not talking about just one man, they are pointing to the office of the papacy. And that is exactly what Revelation 13 is pointing to, the office of the papacy, which has been fulfilled by many Popes who proclaimed to come in Jesus' name, who are antichrist.

In my opinion history as presented by TV & Hollywood is always incomplete. But we should not be afraid of the outrages committed in the name of the Church, or the corruption, abuses, & sins of the hierarchy & the members. Such things shouldn’t surprise or embarrass us, since folks like us make up the Church, such a company of sinners, yet called to be saints.

Get Out Of Here: How Is It That Gospel Singer And COGIC Bishop Rance Allen Named Gospel Artist Entertainment "Top Male Quartet Artist Of 2018"??

Reader sometimes I believe these folks in the music industrial be making this stuff up as they go. For instance this foolishness right here, Bishop Rance Allen make an appearance on Snoop Dogg's Gospel album, and all of a sudden he's named "Top Most Influential Male Quartet Artist of 2018.


Racist Paula White Finally To Speak About Abandoning The Black Church Community!!

Reader, who in the world cares about what racist Paula White thinks about the Black Christian community?  I for one sure don't. This woman built her brand and bank accounts on the backs of Black audiences. 

She's a false prophet who supports a racist president, bottom line.  She can't tell me anything. If she said the building was on fire, I would have to feel the heat on my backside before I would evacuate. Paula White...NOPE!! 

Anywayyyy, this Saturday at 6p to 8p she will be joining Cory Condrey live at 1190amWLIB to speak on how being a Spiritual Advisor to 45 has strained her relationship with African American Christians and many others.

Pastor John Gray And His wife Avanter Return To The Breakfast Club To Talk About Growing In Faith, Love And More.

Reader great interview, I will be following his work. Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer return to The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about leaving Lakewood Church, what they say to kids who don't believe in God, and much more. 

Check out the interview below. 

Well Known Scientist Stephen Hawking Has Passed Into, Eternity!

Reader, while the world mourns the loss of such a brilliant mind, there is even more to mourn today, as a man passed into eternity without knowledge of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Well known scientist Stephen Hawking has passed at 76. He was known for a lot of discoveries & received various accolades. Hawking was also known to be an Atheist believing that there is no god.  (You Can Read It Here)

Former Bad Boy Artist Craig Mack, Who Gave Up The Music Business To Follow God Has Died.

Reader, I saw a couple of posts yesterday saying someone named Craig Mack had died. Former Bad Boy artist, Craig Mack, who left the music industry in 2006, and moved his family to South Carolina, where he joined the controversial Overcomer Ministry in Walterboro has passed away according to reports, he was 46. 
I looked him up. It's very sad. I don't know if any of you reading this knew him personally, but there are two things I'd like to say about this sad death... 1) Jesus doesn't want us to hide away in a compound, nor a church building waiting for Him to return. He has commissioned us to preach the gospel to the world and make disciples. (In other words, this young man had joined a cult.) 2) If you want to avoid the doctor, eat healthy. Without eating healthy, you WILL need to see a doctor, and you WILL die.
 I'm glad he believed in God, but I wish he had known a better way so that he could have sought help for his diabetes and high blood pressure...( You Can Rea…

'National Geographic' Reckons With Its Past: 'For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist'!

Reader growing up in the deep south, National Geographic was a favorite magazine of mine. It's safe to say that it contributed to my curiosity about the world. However, as much as I enjoyed the magazine and it's beautiful photography, the images of people of color depicted as savages definitely had a psychological impact. Words, reinforced by images, are powerful instruments in the toolkit of institutionalized racism.

The magazine decided it had better take a good hard look at its own history So the April issue is devoted to the subject of race, including asking a professor of African history and the history of photography to dive through the magazine's archive. They found a long tradition of racism: in text, choice of subjects and photography. Here's what it found.( You Can Read It Here)

Stop Idolizing Christian Celebrities!

Reader as much as I hate to say it there's a lot of truth in this article, ( You Can Read It Here)about celebrity preachers and their followers. People today have lost sight of what a true Christian really is. Most of this is a result of false brethren brought in unawares. The above picture is so fitting for this it and tell me what you think.

Oh My, New York Life Is Now Suing Rev. Dr.Cynthia McCullough To Get Their Money Back.....Was She Caught Lying??

Reader, this doesn't look good. A North Carolina pastor who claims she’s suffering from a chronic pain condition is being sued by her insurer after she was spotted in photos playing Skee-Ball and gleefully going down an inflatable slide. 

( You Can Read It Here)

Black People Are The Most Religious People In America, But What Are They Getting Out Of It?

Reader, according to the( You Can Read It Here)Pew Research Center, Black people are the most religious group in the U.S., believing in God, and saying religion is an important part of their lives more than whites and Latinos. African-Americans are the most religious group in the United States, but what are they getting in return? 

Church Announcement: Choir Fest 2018 Return To Las Vegas NV, With Hezekiah Walker!

Reader, Las Vegas NV — Hezekiah Walker’s Choir Fest returns to Las Vegas, NV, next Friday night showcasing Community and Church Choirs from across the country. The Free concert will be held at Second Baptist Church were the special guests and hosts for the evening will include Jonathan Nelson, JJ Hairston, Kierra Sheard, and, Anthony Brown, of course, Bishop Hezekiah Walker and his featured guest performers.

Govern yourself accordingly

Get Out Of Here, Banning Child Marriage In America Is An Uphill Fight Against Evangelical Pressure.

Reader evangelical community groups are pushing for child marriages between girls in their “middle teens” and men in the mid-twenties or older. ( You Can Read It Here)According to these groups, younger girls make better spouses because they are blank slates and can be more easily “molded” to serve their future husbands better. What is even more troubling in these communities is that the predominant narrative is that it is the young girl who is pursuing the older man, which means that the pregnant 15-year-old is the one who “sinned” by overcoming the resistance of the adult man who had sex with her.”

Will Pastor John Gray Church Be The Church To Break The Back Of Racism???

Reader, I must say that I find the above picture kind of interesting, a picture can say a lot. It looks like some church folks are looking to and cheering for Pastor John Gray to do what his white counterparts have refused to do for many years and that is to take on systemic racism within the church. In my opinion, the megachurch phenom made big strides toward integrating "the most segregated hour in America" but it was always a superficial integration. Also in my opinion evangelicals never wanted to address systemic racism. They just wanted black faces in the church pews dropping green dollars.

Should Non-Christians Lead Worship?

Reader, when I was a part of the church, I had a serious issue with pastors having people who were not Christians being part of the worship team. It is seen most in the band with musicians. I agree with this ( You Can Read It Here)writer stance on not allowing non-Christians to play in a worship band. I have serious questions about whether or not a non-Christian can even worship Christ. Worship should consist of believers offering themselves up to Christ. Evangelism is extremely important, don’t get me wrong. But worship is for those that know Christ, to give back to Christ. What do you think? Do your church use none Christians to lead worship? 

Here We Go Again: Former Pastor Ronnie Gorton, of Atoka, Tennessee, Was Arrested Tuesday On 47 Charges Related To The Sexual Abuse Of Minors.

Reader this is sick, Pastor Ronnie Gorton was arrested Tuesday and charged with 47 counts relating to the sexual abuse of minors. (You Can Read It Here)Three accusers have come forward so far, one of whom is under the age of 13, but authorities believe it is possible there are more. From WREG Memphis: The allegations against Gorton first became public after deputies showed up at his home January 31 while responding to a report of a suicidal man. 

Jesus Take The Wheel, Pastor Michael A. Walrond Jr. Preaching That It's Insane To Believe JESUS Is The Only Way??

Reader stuff like this irritates me. Where are these church leaders taking today's church? This is the Rev. Michael Walrond, Jr., Senior Pastor of First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York. This pastor got me scratching my head this morning in that he is claiming it's insane to believe that Jesus is the only way to God.     Woe to the shepherds who deceive the people of God. Woe to the people of God who heap up teachers that will scratch their ears and tell them what they want to hear. 

Can One Truly Be Delivered From Homosexuality? Apostle John Eckhardt Newest Protege Says Yes!

Reader, good Saturday morning to everyone.  I've mentioned before in this space about Sophia Ruffin who's one of Apostle John Eckhardt newest protégé.....who has a voice to be reckoned with in Christendom.  Sophia posted the above pic to her Facebook page as a testimony to the power of God in the believer's life, and all hell has broken loose on her page. Some are saying that one cannot be delivered from homosexuality, Sophia Ruffin says that's not true.