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Is There Only One Way To God For All Of Man Kind? If So Who Determined That Way Is Correct?

For the Christian there's only one way to God, and it's through Jesus Christ alone. Religion is not the way to God. Morality is not the way to God. Goodness is not the way to God. And money is not the way to God. 

With that being said, for many years people have criticized Oprah Winfrey for the above quote, in saying that Oprah claims there are many paths to God for the Christian, but in all honesty that's not at all what she said.

Apostle Bryan Meadows, Where are the Apostles and Prophets?

Where are the Apostles and Prophets? Apostle Bryan Meadows is the first I've heard speak about this situation. Yet, everyone's an Apostle these days. Thank you. Thank you. We are in a crisis -- doctrinal and politically.

Church Announcement, Govern Yourself Accordingly, 2018 International Holy Convocation!

July 16-21 all roads leads to Dallas TX, were you don’t want to miss 6 days of anointed preaching, singing and testifying.  Save the date for the annual International Holy Convocation with host, Presiding Prelate Apostle Herman L. Murray, Jr., and the Full Gospel Holy Temple family for an unforgettable week. Services will be held at the headquarters church in Dallas at 10:30 a.m. & 7:30 p.m. daily. "HOLINESS IS STILL RIGHT"!

Shame On Bishop Elect Marvin L Winans For Still Begging The Sheeps For Money To Help Him Build His Megachurch!!!

Lord have mercy Bishop Elect Marvin Winans is known for his gospel music and Christian ministry. His Perfecting Church has a notable following and he’s been working to see it expand even further. However, Winans hasn’t succeeded in completing a megachurch project for his church, a project located in the poorest part of Detroit. The megachurch has been lying unfinished for more than a decade, but it now appears once again the pastor isn’t planning to let go of it, and is out to ensure that it’s completed. Now, the already rich artist is seeking donations once again to help him finish the project.( You Can Read About It Here )

On Sunday, September 30 Bishop Elect Marvin Winans is asking and believing that God will once again touch at least 1000 people to sow $1000.00 dollar seed to advance his cause as he endeavor to complete the church project once and for all.  His prayer is that you all reading this will commit and be a part of the miracle.

This Church's Controversial Sign Cost Them Their Meeting Space.

A small church in Indiana (You Can Read It Here) is being evicted from its building due to an outdoor sign that criticized homosexuality. Remnant Fellowship Church in Auburn, Ind., posted a message on its sign that read: “LGBTQ is a hate crime against God. Repent.” WPTA-TV ran a story about the sign on June 27, focusing on the sign and the pushback by some in the community against it. On July 8, WPTA reported that the congregation had been booted from building by the landlord. A church member confirmed the news. The pastor had told the television station that the sign was an attempt to “reach young people and steer them away from a lifestyle they believe is harmful to them.”

Should Erica Campbell Preach?

Please recognize your calling just because you're a good speaker does not mean you're call to preach; does being called by God no longer matter?

So Pastor Warryn Campbell ask his wife to co-preach along with him on an upcoming sermon and Erica doesn't think it's the best idea. Will his words of encouragement help give Erica the extra push she needs?

Do Brian Johnson of Bethel Church Need To Apologize?!?!?!?!

Brian Johnson son of Bethel Worship Church senior pastor Bill Johnson has come under fire from a now deleted social media post. Some are saying there is something terribly wrong at Bethel Church, Redding. 
Here's a brief summary of the last few hours: - Worship pastor Brian Johnson shares a meme comparing Planned Parenthood to the KKK WITH A NOOSE to illustrate the point. 

He deletes the post and eventually his entire Instagram account after pushback but remarks in private conversation that “for the most part, many of them live with a victim mentality and that is difficult to handle when you’re trying to work with them.”

Babies are not aborted because of planned parenthood. That’s a grossly misleading statement. Babies are aborted because of a decision made by the potential parents. While there are many plausible reasons why, systematic racism is a major contributor to heightened abortions in the black community. 

Kamiyah Mobley’s Mother Says She Wishes Kamiyah Never Came Back Into Her Life!!

Upset that Kamiyah has not acknowledged her for Mother's Day, Shanara said she wishes she never came back into her life. There are so many different layers to this story, is her mother wrong for feeling this way? It is really sad. I wish they would get counseling. I do agree that the mom needed to be the bigger person even though it’s painful. I’ve always wondered if the daughter’s perspective will change if/when she has her first child. Maybe she’ll imagine how devastated she’d be if someone took that child. 

( You Can Read About It Here )

Should A Preacher Received An Honorarium For Preaching??

I would like to know you all views on pastors or preachers receiving an honorarium.  What do you think about churches that invite guest speakers but fail to give them an honorarium? Do you think that churches exploit speakers or speakers exploit churches? If a church does not keep its word with the guest speaker, how should he handle such a situation? 

Gospel Singer Le'Andria Johnson's Pastor Tim Rogers Speaks Out On Her Behalf!!

Gospel singer Le'Andria Johnson's pastor, Tim Rogers, says her irreverent criticism of the Church was "misguided passion" and he hopes Christians don't "throw her away altogether" because there is a place for her in the Kingdom.

Is Abortion The Unforgivable Sin??

The answer to that question is a resounding no. Without a doubt the only unforgivable sin is rejecting Jesus Christ. All others are forgiven. Women that do have an abortion are still going to have natural consequences and even punishment here on earth, but not in hell. Hell is for the unbeliever, and you may show you are an unbeliever on earth by the choices you make, but if you follow Jesus, I don't think you could choose abortion without extreme results to you, psychologically, spiritually, or even physically. 

10 Reasons Not To Be A Gospel Artist!!!

Gospel recording artist Jonathan McReynolds has set the internet abuzz Monday with an awesome transparent truthful insight in a blog post he posted to social media.
( You Can Read It Here ) Not too many Artists would be so forthcoming and willing to express the real ups and downs of the gospel music industry. Thanks, Jonathan for being transparent, the scriptures says, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. I believe you may have freed many from having lofty expectations, deceived imaginations, and tainted aspirations. But the reality is God expects you to take your gift to the altar of sacrifice that he may sanctify it and you. That at on time, when he chooses the open doors for you that cannot be closed you will know that he’s sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Morehouse College Considering ‘Establishment Of A Transgender Policy’!

Morehouse is an all-male college. But what happens if you are male and while attending Morehouse, having paid thousands of dollars in tuition—you realize that you are transgender? Should the institution be allowed to kick you out? What if you are a transgender man, should you not be allowed to attend Morehouse? Is Morehouse only for a cisgender person, who is someone who identifies with the gender they are assigned at birth? Morehouse is grappling with these questions now. Yesterday, Morehouse sent out a six-question survey to alumni that read, “We at Morehouse College respect and support every individual’s right to self-identification as they pursue their education at our world-class institution. As an all men’s college, we know that the identity discussion can be a very complex topic to consider. But Morehouse has a history of leading the nation in difficult discussions that have paved the way for positive change and social justice for all Americans. Morehouse is considering the est…

Ex-UCLA Basketball Player Billy Knight Shares Tragic Goodbye Video, Asking God To Forgive Him.

Suffering is one of the consequences of living in a fallen world, so we shouldn't be surprised when we witness something like this. 

On July 8, former UCLA Player Billy Knight posted a video to YouTube titled "Billy Knight I am sorry Lord," which he began by saying, "This is probably my last message on earth. Y'all mental illness is a real thing". The black community is the most under served, not because it doesn't exist, but because of stigma and misinformation about what mental illness is.

Gospel At The "HARD ROCK" Cafe Honoring Byron Cage, The Prince of Praise And Neily Dickerson.

Who in Atlanta, GA, going to the Gospel at the Hard Rock Café, honoring Byron Cage “The Prince of Praise” and Neily Dickerson.  Featuring guests such as Earnest Pugh, DeWayne Woods, Geoffrey Golden, Tasha Page-Lockhart, Latice Crawford, Zaviel Janae, Restine Jackson, Danielle West, Marcus Carr, DA Shepherd Boy, and many more.  

So Has Pastor Deitrick Haddon Forgotten That He To Was Once Hurt By The Church? Oh How Quickly We Forget!

In my opinion, Deitrick Haddon is a prime example of what Le'Andria Johnson was talking about, he can have several seats, as far as I'm concerned with his nonsense. This is a man who embarrassed the church body by being in a shameful show that was on national television called the preachers of LA, now he's throwing shade at Le'Andria Johnson, get out of here with that mess.  In my humble opinion Pastor Deitrich is not dealing with what Leandria was talking about.  She said what she said, wasn't he the same one a few years ago talking about the church this, and the church that and how he was hurt by the church?  He's a prime example of what Le'Andria Johnson was talking about. 

Check out the clip below: 

Is Church Hurt REAL???

So this whole “church hurt” thing is really becoming an issue. How do you all personally feel about that? I’ve heard people say it doesn’t exist and I totally disagree with that idea.  Do I believe “church hurt” exist? Absolutely!  As someone who has been in church all my life and have seen it first hand, it do exist. Church hurt can be inflicted from the pulpit down to us hurting one another in the pews, choir, usher board, deacon board, greeters, and praise team ministry, etc. 
What do you all think?

So Queen Naija Straight Out Using John P. Kee Music Without Consent!!

One of Capitol Records’ newest signees, Queen Naija, an urban singer and YouTube star, has been accused of stealing the melody and music of one of Gospel’s most respected artist John P. Kee. When the 22-year-old released her newest single, “Karma,” some nosy folks noted that it sounded just like Pastor John P. Kee’s 2012 mega-hit “Life & Favor (You Don't Know My Story).” His song peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs charts and went on to spend 52 weeks on the charts. The discovery of the songs’ similarities was first made by a YouTube pair that goes by the name “TnK SQUAD.”

Business is Business...she's going to get sued. Somebody should have told her you can't do this. In court, they play the instrumental of both songs, if they sound enough alike it can be a copyright issue.

check out the two songs in the clip below:

Meet The Man Making Money Off Christianity In Africa!

Seriously y 'all, how can people be so darn gullible and stupid??!! Check out the rest of his “theology” which is also suspect. Obinim claims he can turn into anything, including animals and trees. He says he can retrieve passports from the spiritual world. He claims that he can change body parts. Obinim’s members now refer to him as Angel Obinim. He told them he was made an angel by his father, Jesus. He insists he can enter people’s dreams. And he recently told his church members that he went to Heaven, had a conversation with God and drew the jealousy of Satan.

Paula White Says There Is a Difference Between Jesus As A Refugee And Those Who Enter the US Illegally!!

Jesus broke religious man made laws all the time. He healed people on the Sabbath! Not that I really expect good exegesis from bobble head Paula White, but this really is scraping a new low in terms of trying to make a theological case against illegal immigration.  

The Heart Wrenching Testimony Of Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin!!

These videos are deeply moving and so liberating! I believe it will set many people free from bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness. I don't hold anything against my biological father even thou he was not in my life, I forgave him a long time ago. Bishop McLaughlin sir thank you for sharing this story of grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation. 

All 12 Boys And Soccer Coach Rescued From Flooded Thailand Cave!

Whatever sadness you face today, be encouraged, our God can exchange sadness for joy. Once in a while the attention of the whole world is focused on an act of salvation. That is what has been happening in these last couple of days when, in Thailand, 12 boys on a soccer team and their coach were being rescued from a deep dark place in the middle of a cave system. The story is captivating because of the severity of the dilemma. The 13 were stranded two-and-a-half miles inside the mountain where they were for more than a week before being found. The way out is flooded. Monsoon rains threaten to overwhelm the caves. The passageways are extremely tight in places. The rescue involves long swims through water clouded with mud, an extremely difficult task even for highly trained technical divers. Many thought their situation was hopeless. 
Source Here

The Autopsy Of A Dead Sunday School!!

This is an interesting conference. I'm thinking when hubby and I return to the church, we're going to find us a church that still believe in the concept of Sunday School. I love a good Sunday School class.

Who killed Sunday School? Who would benefit from its'death? Was it homicide or suicide? What was the murder weapon? Was there a cover-up? What do you do when the Pastor is the Prime Suspect? Has the church sabotaged the investigation? Has the investigator been paid off? Was Sunday School poisoned by the other departments?

Does Le'Andria Johnson Need To Move From Under The Label and Umbrella of Gospel Music??

All is seriously well with me and Le'Andria Johnson. Le'Andria have offered an apology to her fans and followers for her outspokenness this past weekend. I've posted in this space extensively about Le'Andria for many years....if you do a search (here and here) on this blog  you will find articles that go back years. I wrote the following in 2012 and I still stand by it today:

How In The World Did Bishop Iona Locke End Up On The Same Platform With Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan?

Y 'all respectfully this is some kind of foolishness. People still following and supporting these seed giving nonsense. These people insulting what little intelligence we the people have. They make God look so broke and needy. Nothing we need from God can be brought. He is insufficient of all things. He doesn't need our money, has no need of our money. He doesn't bank, buy food, drink, has bills etc.

How in the world did Bishop Iona Locke end up on the same platform with Archbishop Bernard Jordan? 

Church Announcement:

If anyone reading this desire to see and understand what excellence in ministry is all about....well the College of Bishop is a wonderful place to experience what God's plan for preparing leaders, help meets, adjutants, senior pastors, and bishops to sore as eagles in the spirit of perfecting faith. 

When A Picture Say It All, Congratulation To T.D. Jake's Ministries!

Y 'all not many Pastors appreciate the people that GOD send to them, that's not true when it comes to Bishop Jakes. God said I will give you Pastors after "MY OWN HEART" and truly this Man of God is surely one of them.   

It takes a special courage to join a church. You are joining a family and all it entails. So I don’t take it lightly when people make the decision to glean from the Word of this church. Thank you to all of you who joined @tphdallas today. My wife @seritajakes and I love you and hope you stay connected and stay growing. Source Facebook:

Is Betsy DeVos Family PROFITING Off Kidnapped Children?

Lord have mercy, 81 immigrant children forcibly separated from their parents have been sent to a conservative Christian adoption agency tied to the Betsy DeVos family. Betsy DeVos donated $300,000 to the group and her husband's cousin Brian DeVos was a Vice President. Most of children have had no contact with their parents. 
How is this legal??

Church Announcement: City of Praise Youth Fest 2018!

Thursday, July 12th at 7:30pm all roads leads to Jericho City Drive in Landover, MD, for Youth Fest 2018, with Pastor Travis Greene and Kierra Sheard. Then on Friday, July 20th at 7:30pm the doors will open again with Jonathan McReynolds and Willie Moore Jr. The After-Party with Canton Jones and Jor’Dan Armstrong. Sunday, July 22nd 8am service Old School meets New School service Featuring Jermaine Dolly Sunday, July 22nd 10am Service Intensified Youth Worship Experience Featuring Rich Tolbert Jr., Tim Reddick, Dante Bowe, Chandler Moore.

Prophet Todd Hall Claims That God Attached His Name To Satan and The Word Hallelujah Come From The Name Lucifer..

Yall it's ok to preach a regular text and let Jesus bring the glory. Everybody wants to be the talk of these conventions but instead, end up looking like the fool of the convention. Anyhoo, tell me what yall think about the comment made by Prophet Todd Hall on the last night of COGIC AIM 2018 Convention. He basically said that God took the devil's name and attach it to HIS own name to make a praise and that the word hallelujah is part of God's name mixed with Satan originally name.

Who agrees with that??