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Friday, August 26, 2016

Attention: Food Stamps Can Not Be Used For Tithes.

Reader a religious group is currently in trouble for taking food stamp money from its members. Now yall need to take heed,  if your pastor requires this of you and others, he/she may be the next one in trouble. It's not a matter of religious freedom it is called breaking the law and greed.  Being required to pay tithe on food stamps is just wrong. As a taxpayer, I find that offensive. People who qualify for food stamps probably don't have enough income to pay taxes after they take the earned income credit and deductions for children, but in theory that would make money received from the government and then paid as a tax deduction.

 I love the following question by Elder Samuel Williams:

"If you visited a member of your church's home & you see obviously that they are struggling financially. They depend on food stamps, HUD, etc. to make ends meet. They depend on family members to help them until they're able to get stable. Their income is zero. They look actively for a real job so they can take care of their family. However, seeing all of that, your sorry tail tells them that they are cursed with a curse because they don't tithe. They showed you & you saw with your own eyes, that they are broke. They don't tithe because they are broke . So Sherlock, what do you tell folks who have shown you the truth, withholding nothing how they are to tithe and they owe everybody in Broke county?**** And to boot, when they get money, they DO tithe, then pay all of their bills, let's cut the religious phoney baloney out."

Source: SpiritualAbuse.org

Jesus Take The Wheel: Russell Wilson Accused Of ‘Brainwashing’ Wife With Christian Lifestyle!

Reader Luke 5 records Jesus calling his first disciples. In both instances, in the calling of Simon Peter and Levi the tax collector, Luke notes they “left everything and followed him.” In other words those who followed Christ got to give up something. That still hold true today! It will cost you something to follow Christ.
Anyhow,  Ciara doesn't hang out with Kim Kardashian anymore. Doesn't act slutty anymore, marries a God fearing man and they're blaming this on Christianity. At least that's what I'm getting out of this post.   Can somebody help me understand another point of view. Am I missing something here? God help us all.

Source Charismanews.com 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Timely Word From Deacon DMX: "Miracles Only Happen On The Platform Of Tragedy."

Reader Rapper DMX has always wanted to be a preacher and in a recent interview on Breakfast Club, he mentioned that he feels being a pastor will align perfectly with his message as an artist. On this past Sunday DMX may have stepped closer to the vision of becoming a pastor as a recent video posted on Facebook shows the New York rapper preaching in a Phoenix church.

 The Christian Post:

Church Announcement: All Nations Mass Deliverance Service!

Reader, what is your church's practice when it comes to Deliverance Services? Is it something that's practice at your church? Is this something we as a Church should openly be doing more of? Or, is it better off being something private between the leadership and the members? I appreciate your input, so please don't hesitate to chime in with your comments in the comment section.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jesus Take The Wheel: Female Pastor Teaches Single Christians To Sin??

Reader Ex-Ministries got an interesting post up that is going to step on some toes. Especially when he talks about it not being biblical for a Woman to pastor nor call herself a bishop, apostle and rev. He talks about how every New Aged movement ever established have been created by a woman. The bible tells us that women must have male authority over their heads while spiritually operating because of the influence of angelic beings! [1 Corinthians 11:10] When women pastor or take the authority of a man in the spirit realm, they are out of Gods realm of protection and easily influenced by false gods, false doctrines, and sensual beings.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Attack Against Apostle Dr. Matthew Stevenson lll???

Reader, recently a girl started a "Die Matthew Stevenson" campaign in where she calls on Christians to wish for the death of Dr. Stevenson. Why? Unlike the gullible Christians who support anybody just because he or she shout Jesus, Dr. Stevenson decided to be the few pastors to speak against Donald Trump. Once the girl saw this, she started a campaign in where she promotes Dr. Stevenson as false and grave bound by this September if he does not stop speaking against Trump. Why September? Well, Dr. Stevenson lost his Dad and Grandfather in the past Septembers who both share the same name as Dr. Stevenson 3. This has led people to consider the death a family curse and suggest that Dr. Stevenson 3 will die in the same month his fathers died if he does not stop speaking against Trump.

So, if you believe in prayer please pray for this #MOG, also a prophet. I never came across a person who is anointed and the real deal like Dr. Stevenson. If you happen to come across the content this disturbed individual is sharing, please ignore and do not believe in her message. She is only mad that Dr. Stevenson called out the devil, and warned his followers to not join the Donald Trump hype. Apostle Matthew Stevenson posted a Facebook status early today addressing the attacks that have been leveled against he and his ministry.

 (Chi Anyanwu) Facebook!

Detroit Minister Is Suing Radio One For Saying She Threw Hot Grits On Pastor Al Green??

Reader a Detroit minister on Monday filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court saying the tale of R&B legend Al Green was retold inaccurately.  On a March 9, 2016, installment of "Inside Detroit With Mildred Gaddis."  Minister Laura Lee who once collaborated with Al Green feels no love and happiness after hearing on the radio that she supposedly threw scalding-hot grits on the R&B legend in 1974.

 Green's grits injury is a much-dissected event in the singer's biography. As summarized by the History Channel, the soul crooner had been in the bathtub on Oct. 18, 1974, when ex-girlfriend Mary Woodson burst in and showered him with scalding-hot grits.

 "As a direct and proximate result of defendants' on-air broadcast of the false statement that plaintiff threw hot grits on Al Green, plaintiff Laura Lee has suffered ... loss of relationship with family and those she ministers to, ... mortification and infamy as a woman of God," the complaint states.

DJ Under Fire for Reporting on Old Al Green Grits Attack

Church Announcement:All Roads Lead To Mt.Calvary Holy Church Of America, INC.

Reader you don't want to miss 3 days of anointed preaching, singing and testifying! It's our annual International Holy Convocation and you are certainly destined to experience a refreshing straight from Heaven.  Join our host, Archbishop Alfred A. Owens, JR, Presiding Prelate, Dr. Susie C. Owens, International First Lady and Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church family for an unforgettable three days.

Lord Have Mercy A Petition Has Been Drawn Up To Drive Out COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan?

Reader, Bishop Jonathan Bernard of Jesus Way International Ministries, have started a petition to run off community activist leader and COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan.

Bishop Talbert W. Swan, II is a fourth generation member of the Church Of God In Christ and follows in the steps of several generations of men and women in the Swan family serving in the ministry. A native of Springfield, MA, Bishop Swan is the son of the Fred Allen Swan, Sr. and Delois Fason Swan. Bishop Designate Swan first acknowledged and accepted his calling into the Gospel ministry at the age of fifteen and was subsequently ordained in 1991 by Bishop L.C. Young, prelate of the Massachusetts First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

 Rest Here:

Lord have mercy what's wrong with folk?  

Monday, August 22, 2016

Donald Trump's Surrogate Pastor Darrell Scott Caught Lying, Once Again.

Reader you could not print enough money and give it to me for me to sell myself out like this and make a fool of myself for the world to see.  Not sure who follows this guy but it's sad that Pastor Darrell Scott lied on national TV and Joy had to call him out - if you for Trump be for Trump but don't try to rewrite the facts that is already written as it is for the last 8 years - a so called man of God - we wonder why people are leaving the church - it's religious leaders like him.

 Anyhow over the weekend, AM Joy on MSNBC host Joy Reid wouldn't let Pastor Darrell Scott get away with telling lies that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, began the birther conspiracy theory against President Obama. She held his feet to the fire and it made for great television.

Reid kicked the show off by stating that Trump has been talking about getting black votes at predominantly white rallies, before she used a familiar philosophical question about a tree falling in a forest making a sound.

 “If Donald Trump makes a speech to black people when there are none around to hear it, did he make a sound?” Reid stated. Speaking with guest Pastor Darrell Scott, Reid asked the Trump-supporting cleric about candidate’s Friday night speech where he claimed the African-American community had “nothing to lose” by voting for him.

Scott attempted to dismiss charges of racism against Trump regarding the developer twice being cited by the Justice Department for refusing to rent to black tenants. But he went a step too far when he denied Trump had anything to do with encouraging the birther movement over President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

 “Don’t tell me you agree with the birtherism, sir,” Reid said as she cut him off. “Don’t tell me you agree with that.” “The birtherism issue came out of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008,” Scott replied. “No it didn’t,” Reid shot back, with Scott replying, “Yes it did.” “That’s wrong,” Reid said as she stopped him once again. “Even a pastor cannot make things up on this show,” she cautioned. Shutting down the conversation as he continued to protest, she told him, “I respect you as a pastor, but you’re not going to come on and make things up.”

Watch the video here from MSNBC:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why Did The Movie Ben-Hur BOMBED At The Box Office?

Reader according to my timeline another movie with white people playing the role of Africans bombs at the movie theaters on its opening weekend. The remake of Ben Hur bombed at the box office or so Internet says. Idiots should have known better than to try and redo Charleton Heston's Ben Hur. This movie cost Hollywood $100 million to make and only pulled in $11 million.

I saw the trailer for this movie for the first time yesterday. My first thought was, Why? Why make a remake of that movie. The original was fine as is, it didn’t need an update for a new audience.

"...analysts believe that 'Ben-Hur' relied too heavily on out-dated forms of outreach. In 2004, 'The Passion of the Christ' established a template for marketing to values audiences by earning the buy-in of mega-pastors. In the ensuing decade, however, that kind of endorsement may not be enough."

‘Ben-Hur’s’ Box Office Bomb: 5 Reasons Why it Flopped | Variety

Iyanla And The "Angry Black Woman" Stereotype!

Reader time for the world to get to fixing itself again. An all-new season of OWN's award-winning series "Iyanla: Fix My Life" will return with an emotional four-part, multi-week episode when spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant invites eight women to move into a "House of Healing" to dispel the myth of the "Angry Black Woman" and address the misperceptions sometimes associated with African American women, their behavior and ultimately their cultural identity.

 "Iyanla: Fix My Life" premieres on Saturday, September 10 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Frank Ocean Collaboration With Kim Burrell!

Reader here comes Frank Ocean latest project titled "Blonde," which has gotten the internet buzzing.  Frank Ocean came up with a thorough release plan for his follow-up to Channel Orange; according to social media.  Now, Me Myself and I like Frank Ocean voice, but this collaboration here with Kim Burrell, I don't get it? Just the vocal sound is unnecessary, and spiritually this song has no substance at all so I'm not really sure why he needed a "gospel" feature?  Anyhow, this project contains 17 tracks with 5 guest appearances featuring artiste such as Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Sebastian and Kim Burrell.

Congratulation: Travis Greene Is Latest Gospel Artist to Start A Church.

Reader Travis Greene is the latest gospel music singer who is taking his ministry one step further by starting his own church. Greene, 32, made the announcement on Instagram about his place of worship opening its doors August 21, 2016, in South Carolina. Congratulation to the Grammy-nominated singer known for hits like “Intentional and You Made A Way".

Saturday, August 20, 2016

COGIC Charities!

Reader Church of God in Christ (COGIC) churches devastated by the recent flooding in Louisiana will receive assistance from COGIC Charities. COGIC Charities has committed $50,000 to help COGIC churches in the Southern Louisiana area hit by the recent flooding. The funds will be distributed through local jurisdictions to assist churches with their immediate needs. Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. says, "The Church of God in Christ is committed to assisting our churches in the Southern Louisiana area that have been affected by the recent flooding. Our goal is to help as many of our churches with whatever they may need to help get their congregations back on their feet."

 Currently, the Church of God in Christ has over 200 churches in the state of Louisiana and approximately five of them were damaged by or completely destroyed by floodwaters. These COGIC Charities funds will help local churches remove water, repair structures, provide food, water, clothing and any other assistance that may be needed. Working in conjunction with COGIC Charities, the International Missions Department has dispatched a team of workers to the Baton Rouge, LA area to assist churches there with cleanup, water removal and any additional needs affected congregations may require.

Jesus Fix It: With Open Arms, Israel Houghton Returns To Lakewood Church!

Reader, I am surprised at the foolishness of people who continue to support the Osteen/Lakewood show as even a remotely Christian enterprise, much less a church. Osteen's world-renowned "worship leader," Israel Houghton admitted to cheating on his wife, which finally led to a divorce. Houghton was put on leave from Lakewood until the divorce was final and Houghton quickly became engaged to one of the wildest, most godless women in Hollywood show business, even while insisting that she is a real woman of God. Now, Christian Post reports that Houghton is back at Lakewood. Anybody can search the endless details on Google and see that there is nothing remotely Christian about the lifestyles of these people. Nevertheless, fickle people will continue to give millions of dollars to them because they are brilliantly talented celebrities who can do no wrong. Poor, poor God. If He even has a seat in that 30,000 seat auditorium, it must be far up in the nosebleed section. No, I think it is stacked full of offering buckets.

Anyhow back in March, Adrienne Bailon‘s new boyfriend, Israel Houghton,was rumored to have been booted from his five-year position as a minister at Joel Osteen‘s Texas super-church amid cheating rumors; a few days ago Israel confirms he is engaged to Adrienne as he quietly returns to the Lakewood Church.

Source here:

Preachers Of LA Canceled!

Reader if you are a fan of the Oxygen reality show Preachers of L.A; I got  bad news for you. Looks like you are going to  have to find another guilty pleasure. Pastor Deitrick Haddon's wife Dominique Haddon broke the news of the show cancellation on Instagram yesterday.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Bishop Earl Carter: The Church Is Now Numb To The Sin Of Greed!

Reader, money is a significant motivator behind those who would compromise the truth, for the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil (I Timothy 6:10-11). Even in Paul's days, there were men who taught the gospel for the money that they could make from it (Titus 1:10-11). Recently ousted Church of God in Christ Pastor Dr. Earl Carter have uploaded yet another passionate video, in which he's trying to point out to the Christian community and to anyone that will listen; about the corruption surrounding the COGIC money.  In the video, Dr. Carter makes shocking claims that saints are numb and more loyal to tradition and to man than to Jesus.

Question do anybody care? 

Was It A TEST or Was It PUNISHMENT For The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins?

Reader, when a disaster happens and it's to someone or something the religious right doesn't agree with, it's punishment. But when that same something happens to those on the religious right it's a test.  We're used to the religious right blaming natural disasters on homosexuality and abortion. Which has raised an important question on social media:  What message was God trying to send Tony Perkins over the weekend? Because the Christian Right leader's Louisiana home was flooded to the point where his family had to evacuate by canoe. I am not happy he lost his home, but I will freely admit to smiling at the irony a little.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

I 100% Agree: If Your Pastor Says" Racism Isn't A Skin Problem, It's A Sin Problem" You Need To Find Another Church!

Reader I am not in this space advocating for racially segregating worship. Lawrence Ware addresses churches who are unwilling to speak on root causes of racism. "If you attend a Christian church that has little to say in support of the movement for Black lives, if your pastor has called for prayer in regard to unity but has not pushed the congregation to engage in social protests to address the systemic nature of racial injustice, then White supremacy, not Jesus, may be your god. If racism is, indeed, a sin problem and not a skin problem, then someone needs to repent. And by someone, I mean America."

I agree with the following comment:

A people who has lived on the underside of the American dream  because of their skin color is likely to understand the Bible differently from those who have reaped its benefits. In the same way that both the slave and the slave owner prayed to a divine being but their understanding of God differed radically from one another, Black churches and White churches have historically had very different understandings of what it means to be a Christian. Black churches have historically been on the cutting edge of social justice movements as it relates to race and economic inequality. (Many of them, however, are either woefully silent or sinfully oppressive on issues like patriarchy and homophobia.) It is this Black interpretive lens that explains why people like Nat Turner, Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, Richard Allen, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. felt so strongly about social injustice. Their understanding of God was of one who is not interested in merely having people of different ethnicities be nice to one another—Black Christians see God as a person who is interested in liberation.

Why White Christians Must Do Everything in Their Power to Back Donald Trump!

Reader, the Religious right is sacrificing their core beliefs for power this election season.  "the Devil does not come to you bearing horns but instead appears as everything you ever wanted..." Trump, the reality-television star and real-estate mogul is the living, breathing embodiment of what many evangelicals have spent their careers warring against. Many evangelicals have advocated for abstinence education in public schools, lamenting premarital and extramarital sex. Trump has repeatedly bragged about his sexual encounters and multiple affairs with married women. Many evangelicals champion the “sanctity of marriage” and lament America’s high divorce rate. Trump has been divorced three times. Many evangelicals fear America is becoming too secular. Trump doesn’t regularly attend church. Evangelicals often oppose gambling. Trump has made much of his wealth from casinos.

I rather run through hell with kerosene drawers on than to give this hate monger my vote.
From the folks at Charisma magazine: 

Lord Have Mercy What Is Going On With Prophetess Juanita Bynum?

Reader despite the widely publicized lows in Prophetess Juanita Bynum ministry, there have been several anointed highs as well. If you frequent this space on a regular then you know that I have mad respect for Prophetess Juanita Bynum, I personally like her. Someone emailed me the above pic alone with a message asking about the prophetess appearance:

 "I wonder if she reviewed this video before releasing it. I would not have known who she was if her name was not written in the subject line."

In all honesty, I believe it's the camera and the lighting. Thoughts?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Church Announcement: Donnie McClurkin Has Announced He Is Not Getting Married!

Reader Pastor Donnie McClurkin took to periscope today to address the CHRISTIAN POST article that falsely stated and announced his engagement to Nicole C. Mullen.  Pastor Donnie confessed his love for Nicole but made it clear in his scope that without proper counseling, there would not be a wedding....and they both  agreed to this.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Church Announcement: Pentecostal Churches of Jesus Christ Holy Convocation 2016!

Reader join Bishop Hezekiah Walker & the Pentecostal Churches of Jesus Christ as they present their Holy Convocation 2016 "The Covenant Keepers Gathering" August 17th - 20th in Baltimore, Maryland. Make plans to join them for the "Radical Restoration"!

Get Out Of Here: God Told Pastor Creflo Dollar To Back Donald Trump???!!?!

Reader, I didn't know that Pastor Creflo Dollar is on the Donald Trump bandwagon. According to reports as recently as May, Pastor  Dollar announced that he had received a divine message telling him to get behind Trump. He says Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump maybe the harbinger of something even bigger.
 God came to me in a dream last night and said that Trump is his chosen candidate,” Dollar said. “God apologized for the mixed messages he was sending. I now know that Trump has been touched by the hand of God.
Trump, like most republicans, are promoting tax breaks for the rich, which is the reason the rich support him. The logic is that if you lessen their taxes, they will invest more, creating more wealth that will trickle down to the working class. That was the logic of Reaganomics. It doesn't work. There are no checks and balances to ensure that the money is used for re-investment, and the shortfall is filled by increased taxes on the working class............... It's all about the Benjamins Baby. Creflo Dollar, like most filthy rich pastors is all about the Benjamins..Source Here

Any reports stating that I have endorsed Donald Trump for President are false. At World Changers Church International, I nor the ministry endorse any political party or candidate; nor do we advise our members who to vote for. Any claims or statements claiming otherwise are false. This rumor originated on a satirical website and is 100% untrue.

 Pastor Creflo Dollar!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

How Come Women Are Told To Wait On The Lord For A Godly Man, But Men Are Praised For Doing The Opposite?

Reader,  I read a very interesting Facebook post by Dr. Alexis Carlion Maston. She makes a good argument about the double standard for men and women in the church. Christian women, are told to marry a Godly man but then you have these preachers, worship leaders out here, marrying entertainers who songs, movies, etc. don't represent a woman of Godly character. It does leave a lot of women feeling slighted because it's like you can't win even when you're doing the "right" thing.

I too was a little shocked when I found out Israel Houghton was dating Adrienne but didn't give it a whole lot of thought.  The point is most women in the church house are told to wait for a Godly man to find her but while they are in the church waiting, the men of God are looking at everyone but them.  As she said, it's like a slap in the face.

I honestly don't think the intent here was to be judgemental. I feel what she was saying and I have been wondering the same thing. And no, we don't know the whole story, but why does this seem to be happening more and more? Can we talk about it? This topic may only appeal to singles and that's really okay. Should Christian men be held to the same standard as Christian women when it comes to a mate? Is it different for them?

Periscope Here: https://www.periscope.tv/GodsdefPoet/1PlJQzpqglnxE

Saturday, August 13, 2016

If The Pastor Get Somebody Pregnant....Do The Church Pay His Child Support?

Reader this is not a good look at all for Pastor Bryant. He and his baby mama LaToya Odom is in nasty child support battle.  Someone on social media had suggested that maybe the church should pay the child support in order to keep this from being mention in the news.

Anyhow, Latoya Odom, the California woman who alleges that Pastor Jamal H. Bryant isn't paying child support for the son he fathered with her last summer. Latoya Odom came forward claiming Pastor Jamal Bryant got her pregnant and that he begged her to get an abortion. Ms. Odom claims Pastor Bryant has now stopped paying child support altogether.  In new legal documents, Pastor Bryant admits the child is his and he's withholding funds because the mother was badgering him for his financial information and he felt it prudent to cease all payments until the court system awarded a formal support order.

The Shocking Appearance Of Bishop Eddie Long!

Reader Bishop Eddie long's appearance is causing the public much concern. Posted below is a shocking video of  Bishop Eddie Long which clearly shows by appearance alone that the bishop is not well; according to social media:
"the bishop hasn't been well for a while, and people close to him known it. Yet, he's on this video to his fans, saying he lost so much weight through a "raw food diet". Bishop Long was a bodybuilder. He knows very well the right combination of foods and exercises to maintain energy and decent muscle mass. He clearly has something that could take him out. Not a fan of his, but troubling to see someone who appears to be knocking at death's door."

In my opinion, he just looks like he has lost a ton of weight and is getting older. Some people don't look better thinner. Thoughts!


Friday, August 12, 2016

Get Out Of Here: Five Christian Pastors In Illinois Are Challenging A State Law Banning ‘Conversion Therapy’ For Gay Youth!

Reader, what do you think?  Under a new law that went into effect in January were pastors could be held liable for consumer fraud under a section of a new law that says “no person or entity” may advertise or practice conversion therapy that “represents homosexuality as a mental disease, disorder or illness.” Five Christian pastors in Illinois are calling for a religious exemption to the law banning therapy for youth--even though data show it's ineffective and likely harmful. “These pastors teach that homosexual conduct is contrary to God’s purpose for humanity and a disorder of God’s creation which can be resisted or overcome by those who seek to be faithful to God and His Word. This is what they say to those who seek their counsel — including minors,” according to the lawsuit, posted online by the law firm representing the pastors.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Church Of God In Christ We Are Keeping The Convention In Charlotte!

Reader, Wednesday Charlotte Governor Pat McCrory had his folks draft up a statement praising The Church of God in Christ for keeping its convention in Charlotte next year. The governor, who has said there are, in fact, no losses due to HB2, says this convention will be a big gain. That is because the local ministers of that denomination held a press conference to announce that they are going to make up $30 million of the $100 million Charlotte lost from the NBA All-Star Game canceling because of HB2
 McCrory applauds Church of God in Christ for keeping 2017 convention in Charlotte